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The Lost Memories of Rozika

The Lost Memories
of Rozika
The Lost Memories of Rozika

Some of the words we will be using in this Book, you may not be
too familiar with so we have elected to create a section
specifically to clarify the pronunciations and meanings of our
native words.
Characters: Chief Scholar of the Divine Temple and Father of
Asarason and Olisa, Quamu-Saieman
High priestess of the Divine Temple and Mother of Asarason
and Olisa, Ovaiesha
Prince, Saieman-Sun-Asarison or Saiemasarason, Asarison
a.k.a Jerry Darnell McLeaurin
Princes, Priestess; Qavi-Olisa
Priest Council of elders
The Council of Scientific studies and exploration: The Sinsu.
“Cryon”, Humanoid civilization from Grima (The Moon)
Bwainu: Chief assistant to Ovaiesha
Jerry Darnell McLeaurin; The initiated spirit
Writer’s Notes
Greetings, I am Jerry Darnell McLeaurin; The Author of
“The Lost Memories of Rozika” and the mysteries thereof. It is
here where I pose the question of what could be considered real
beyond my own skepticism. I know that it is somewhat
impossible to initially become one’s own skeptic, though it is my
experience, as a person living in America, to doubt things that
appear to be alien, foreign or paranormal. So I will understand if
you are in doubt of the possibility that exists before you.
I have found myself asking; is this reality, to which I find
myself, real? Are my memories of this foreign place nothing
more than my imagination running a muck? At some time or
another I had no clue as to the difference between these strange
worlds. I can recall having a missing time experience which may
have been triggered by my lack of confidence in the nature of
this present day reality. I am not an expert on the sacred realm of
the astral world; however, I have had experiences that would
suggest that there is a planetary plain that exists beyond our
current understanding with respect to the nature of this reality.
I would say that in order for someone to believe that a
something is true, that something must be understood from
within their subconscious mind. We may agree that the inner
consciousness of the mind is capable of relating to concepts on a
metaphysical level whereby the conscious mind is in doubt. Let’s
take for example “dreams”, during this period the subconscious
mind transforms into the surface conscious self and experience
realms that are beyond its previous physical disposition, these
realms are referred to as “dreams”. The subconscious higher self
stores data of its experience just as the conscious self does in this
alternate reality. Strangely the concept of an alternate reality is
only relative to the disposition of the true self because and on
either side of this assumed reality, either known or otherwise is
considered an Alternate Reality that our conscious minds are
struggling to master.
I am quite sure that most if not all humans have, at least
once in their lives, experienced the activity of dreaming and
therefore can relate to the discrepancy of our everyday lives.
In my search for the understanding of this true reality, I
had to revert to concepts relating to a phenomenon known as
missing time. My understanding of this phenomenon is based on
an experience I had some time ago, since then I have been
researching blogs about people who have experienced missing
time and the post were interesting to say the least. I have read
where people would claim driving in one state and for some
unknown reason ending up many hundreds of miles off course
and all have claim 2 hours were missing but having little to no
memory of what transpired and there were many more such
incidences I have found during my Internet search. You see I
wanted to find something or someone who I could relate my
experience to without feeling as though I was the mad man in the
room. Funny thing is, unlike most people who have had these
experiences, I can fully remember what had happened to me,
where I had gone and about how long I was there with a little
help of course from my Spirit Guide.
After examining the parts of my missing time experience I have
found that my mind was split between the two regions of a
distorted reality. One of the two regions was the aspect of Alien
abduction because for a minute, I had thoughts that I was
abducted by Aliens and taken to some Nubian planet.
For a while I would have these strange dreams of being
abducted by some alien being but a voice from within my
subconscious would say otherwise. I would venture to claim that
my dreams played a role as well in this interesting chain of
events. I have had this reoccurring dream about a short white
Blond haired woman, with a ponytail, pursuing me, for what
reason I do not know. Strangely this little woman would follow
me wherever I went, from dream to dream. I would see her
riding in some of the most interesting crafts I have ever seen
during my quest to evade her.
This was not normal for me to have such dreams about
some short white lady with a ponytail, chasing me. The last time I
dreamt of seeing her, she had captured me and took me to her
mother ship, it was bound to happen for my curiosity was getting
the best of me and I would wonder about this mysterious woman
and why she was after me. From what I can remember, she had
taken me to a triangle shaped ship with three round light fixtures
at each angle of the ship. The ship had a glossy black look to
itself, almost like it radiated the color black. She and I said
nothing to each other, which was odd for I have been evading
this creature for months; I could only assume that if a person
pursues someone for any length of time they would at least have
something to say and this woman said nothing.
Her craft looked nothing like the massive ship hovering
above us, her craft was part circle and part square or like a square
with round edges. The craft levitated as if gravity had no effect
on it. Towards the rear was a propeller that made the vehicle
look as though it were a flying submarine, its silvery mold was so
intense that it had me stunned, I could not move, I guess I was
so overwhelmed by the experience that I was frozen in a state of
awe then the Blond white lady escorted my entranced body
inside of her craft and we ascended towards the triangular ship.
As we entered the ship I could not help but notice how advanced
its controls were. It would seem like every single aspect of the
ship was a dimension in on itself with technology that I found
tempting to take with me and study. The little blond lady then led
me to the ships control room. I knew that it was a control room
because I was able to see the earth through the viewing monitors.
Beneath the monitors were panels that extended towards
the center of the ships control room. There were no or light
fixtures, although everything could clearly be seen and I don’t
remember seeing any seats or a command chair like that in the
Star Trek series then again I was not on the Enterprise and the
little lady looked nothing like James T Kirk. Then it hit me, the
ship had changed positions, since I arrived. I guess during my
brief laps into the dimensions of the ship I was distracted.
Weirdly, I did not feel the ship move as I thought it would. I
expected some atmospheric resistance but to my knowledge
there was none.
As I walked around the control room I noticed a guy
standing reading a book, uninterested in me or the control room
around him, my first thought was he is a member of her crew, so
I walked over to the forward monitor to admire an up close view
of the earth. I noticed the surface of the earth was one large land
mass surrounded by water, from what I could see. I turned to the
guy reading the book and asked curiously “what are you
reading?” He said “the Inner Space Spectrum” and the closer I
got to him and this book I noticed that the book he was holding
was a copy of my own, I than asked him; “what are you doing
with a copy of my book and he said “this is not your book it is
mine” we went back and forth over this book because the book
had the same cover and title as mine and I had no memory of
ever publishing it or giving it away to anyone. All I can remember
is being annoyed by the situation and the next thing I noticed I
was waking up in my bed.
This I understood as a lucid dream therefore it carried no real
weight within my own conventional world so I excluded this
reality from my paranormal experience for there were still
questions I had that was not answered. For one thing I felt older,
not in the physical sense but in a mental sense. My mind was
conceiving time as a duality; a binary matrix between two worlds.
One being the earth and the other a place called Rozika on the
planet Pigojia.
I have often given thought of this external world;
however, in my dream vision it was the moon and on its surface
lived a brown skin people. These people believed I was one of
them and to some extent, I felt at home there. I will say that I
had a lucid experience with this place as well for I believed I was
from Earth without any possible explanation or means of travel,
at the time I knew nothing of Astral Projection or travel so I
could not give the people a coherent argument as to why or how
I arrived, so I decided to just enjoy the festivities and leave that
subject matter alone. As I looked around I saw these amazing
buildings with complex geometrical configurations that seemed
to defy conventional standards and there were brown people
What was strange about these people were their
celebratory nature, it was like they were just naturally
overwhelmed with life. Interestingly I do not remember seeing
any cars or transportation vehicles of any kind. I noticed the
surface supported an orange environment and in its sky was the
Earth. I tried to tell the people of the moon that “The earth is a
planet and there are people on it that live there that look like you,
and I am from that planet” but no one would believe me.
For years I would have visions of being in another
dimension and earth was my second home. It was not until I
began to see these dreams as pieces of a puzzle that only I had
the key to solve. The one thing I knew for certain was my mind
felt as if it was older then I originally thought, almost ancient
even. Soon after I began to have an overwhelming interest in
Ancient Egypt, as it is now called, a place where brown people
where the masters of science and engineering; however, in my
vision, there was something menacing about this place, It was
like I’ve been there before. I remember it as though it was a
mystery buried deep within my subconscious. These visions
became what I later called the Lost Memories of Rozika.
The Lost Memories of Rozika is an epic saga, which takes
place in the midst of my missing time experience, of a people
who lived on the planet earth some 34,571 years in the past, who
suffered an unfortunate catastrophe at the hands of an unknown
Alien invader from another planet. The catastrophe was a result
of their overwhelming quest for knowledge and technological
exploration which had led to an unfortunate end. These people
had to learn the hard way that the planet Pigojia (Present day
Earth), their home, is a jewel of the stars and that there were
beings from other Star systems that had an interest in the
resources of Pigojia’s mineral environments. Therefore it was
important for them to take into consideration the need to protect
their world; however, there were some who paid no attention to
the warnings and thus proceeded recklessly to interact with
beings without prior knowledge of their agenda….

Table of Contents
Poem: In the spring of the Tree ………………………………………………………….. 15
The Mystery of Rozika………………………………………………………………………… 19
Master Scholar Saieman’s Story …………………………………………………………… 29
The Rozikans………………………………………………………………………………………. 39
The Legend of Edon…………………………………………………………………………… 73
The De`ango Ascends…………………………………………………………………………. 93
Behold a Warrior Priestess Princes Olisa……………………………………………123
A Mother’s Love………………………………………………………………………………133
The Mystery of the Ankh …………………………………………………………………..139
The Mystery of De`beero …………………………………………………………………..149
The Mystery of Rejasilai……………………………………………………………………..161
The Demon Seeds of Evil and the Curse of the Multi Generational
Genetic Infection……………………………………………………………………………….169

Poem: In the spring of the Tree
I speak from the heart as my mind puts forth the
beginnings on Earth no south no north, no east, no beast, no
west, no flesh, no eyes that see, no guess that test, ole little Earth,
Pigojia was her name a place of birth where the first Ota came.
From those special “waters” so warm and fresh no attacking fish
no snakes at best.
These are very special waters all warm and free, in the
mist is a cave and in front of it is a tree. This tree is a special tree
with fruits that seed that fall into the water for the Taladites to
feed. Oh tree oh tree oh great great tree give us shade from the
sun and inner-chi to breed.
The light that shined brightly gave us limns to grow
webbed fingers and toes we swam to and fro. Down below we
fluttered, plundered and stumbled as we awaited ole great tree
and its fruit it so fumbled. From the fruit with its iron sweet and
bitter tasting the land outside we shall soon be facing.
Our lives orbit about in an opposite pair from we became
she and from she became he, we played and played till our
curiosity took form, for the waters around us were getting too
warm. We feared a new beginning of what we did see, a blurry
vision of our sun under the shade of a great tree.
Jerry McLeaurin
Ole blessed tree, oh how we longed for your stem the sap
you produced is good for she and him, and then one day a
mysterious wave came in and alongside it a strong wind washed
us ashore again and again. The air was as warm as our nesting
stew. The air was clean the skies were blue. We ate from the tree
with nowhere to stand and the webs had withdrawn from our
feet and our hands then a storm came and our eyes so shed and
hair started to grow on top of our heads.
Although time was racing without any hour we fled to the
cave to avoid the fire shower. This event greatly disturbed our
pond which left us in morning our stomachs were growling for
the food we were yearning. We traveled deep inside the cave and
found food not the same. We saw animals that speak who taught
us to sing, we explored a little deeper and arrived the other side
to a fantastic cliff, a most dangerous slide.
We wished to return but forgotten our way our first
invention was a leaf woven slay, we slid and slid for how long it
did not matter we arrived at a lake and around its banks we did
scatter and as time passed by others came sliding the hill some
learned to fish, some learned to kill but not each other though,
just the fish we caught through the waters we swam and the
waves we fought, we grew in numbers as our days seemed too,
and every Sunday were shouts of laughter and springs brings
Within this world there exist a special tree high up in a
mountain where no one can see, it stands in the center
surrounded by water which is the birth place of its sons and
daughters, as it stands alone outside a cave in order to find it, you
must be brave for the tree was never truly meant for you to find,
five million years for all mankind.
The Lost Memories of Rozika
Yes a five million year ole tree perhaps older it stands
alone with the world on its shoulders, surrounded by a lake of
the most civilized fish legend say if you caught one it may grant
you a wish, but don’t try to find the entrance to this tree, for the
entrance is blocked and only the sun will ever see; what’s alive in
the lake ever shadowed by this great tree, even if you fly above it
you will not be able to see, so stay away and you will live long
and ignore that whisper that will carry you home.
Jerry McLeaurin
The Lost Memories of Rozika
The Mystery of Rozika
This story starts of at the end of an Adventure set forth by
the Author; Jerry Darnell McLeaurin, a soldier serving in an
American army, this is where the history ends and My-Story
begins. These are the words of PFC McLeaurin, from His own
“Peace, I am Jerry Darnell McLeaurin, my friends call me
Jerry. This was the most interesting summer that I have ever had,
as usual I was on a secret quest to understand the limits of pure
meditation and the lucid concepts of astral traveling, it was all
good because, at that time, I was on my way out of the military
and on my way back into civilian life, so I really didn’t care about
the little things that didn’t really matter to me.
One day as I was experiencing the most supreme levels of
deep transitional meditation, something strange happened, and at
an instant everything in the room, including the room,
disappeared and what I saw amazed me to no end. I saw
Africans, Black folk, being sold into slavery and traded for
alcohol, Tobacco and firearms. This amazed me and thus gave
me a sense of spiritual awareness beyond that of which I could
fully comprehend at the time.
This began my journey of attaining enlightenment;
however, as I traveled back to my home town, free from the
demands put forth by Uncle Sam, I began a new life. The
experience I had while in the military changed me in a profound
way, it was like some form of death, a death that could only be
described as psychological, although I could remember my
Jerry McLeaurin
historical self as a member of the McLeaurin family; the
perception of my indoctrinated self, seemed to wither away.
I felt as though I had just awakened from some intense
dream that seemed so real and at the same time so distant. My
historical self, “jerry”, seemed like a dream; however, not
knowing how my people would respond to this change of self, I
decided that I might want to keep this to myself, but that came
with a price. People would look at me as though I had changed
significantly, in a way that would suggest that I was an Imposter
perpetrating the son, when in reality the concept was partially
true, I did become, in a sense, “different”.
My journey began in the summer of 1996, I was living
with a so called friend of mine and on this particular day I was
very sleepy, probably from boredom, so I slept for the most part
of the day, then around 12:00am my television show, “Strange
Universe”, was about to air so I went to the kitchen to get
something to drink. I grabbed a cup, some ice, poured me a cold
drink and I was on my way back to the sofa.
As I was sitting down I noticed a commercial was on, and
then it was on for about five minutes, which was odd for a
commercial to be on for such a long time, so I became upset; I
thought they had canceled the airing of my favorite show.
I then went to the kitchen because–oddly enough–my
drink had gone warm and the ice had melted, this was too
strange for me because; it would have taken a long time for that
ice to melt, and the ice melting instantaneously in a cold liquid
did not make any sense to me for the situation seemed
impossible, so I began thinking to myself saying; “wow, I know I
did not just fall asleep because I do not remember ever doing so
and the situation does not suggest it to be true”.
The Lost Memories of Rozika
In my denial, I went to the kitchen for some more ice and
that’s when it all happened, as I looked up at the fruity kitchen
clock, to my surprise, I found that it was 2:00 in the morning, I
thought; “this just cannot be possible” so I did a reality check
and called my mother and asked; “Ma, what time is it”, she
answered “baby, its 2:00 in the morning, what’s wrong” I told
her that “it had just been 12:00 no more than five minutes ago”
and she answered, typically, “you must have fallen asleep”.
That’s when it hit me, I had gone somewhere for some
time and returned. Two hours which seemed like five minutes
had just past me by and I was completely baffled by the situation.
I did not understand what was going on and or what had
happened to me, this feeling would haunt me for years after, in
my quest to fully understand the nature of this missing time
As the days and then years went by, I continually asked my
inner-self what had happened, only to receive little bits and
pieces that finally became clear to me. The ordeal slowly started
to manifest itself through my twelve years of searching and
researching my dreams along with my daily observations of life.
The truth of the matter is, “I had an enlightening
experience that was so powerful that my mind could not
completely bring it into reason”. Although I cannot explain how
it happened, I do have an inner-standing that I traveled back into
a time period many thousands of years into the past, between the
kitchen and the living room couch, it was like I receded back into
the dark region of my subconscious mind, by a trigger unknown
to me, only to be confronted by someone who I somehow knew
as my father, his name was Saieman.
Jerry McLeaurin
Saieman was wearing a red and white garment somewhat
like a dress suit fashioned with a hood, his face was strange, in a
since that he looked exactly like me minus his black and red
beard, I almost felt as though I was looking at myself. On his
head were two large locks in the shape of horns which protruded
out of his bald scalp. He had this concerned look on his face that
expressed joy and resentment. As I looked around I could not
see the sun for the area of the sky seemed blocked off for some
reason, it was like the sky was hiding itself behind some weird
Now I am starting to notice that Saieman had a few others
waiting with him like they were expecting me. I became anxious
because for some strange reason I knew these people like my
own family that I had not seen in years, there was a woman there,
she was my mother her name was Ovaiesha. Ovaiesha had to
have been the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Ovaiesha
had a reddish Brown complexion, similar to Saieman. She was
wearing a long white garment that looked like it was going to be a
dress but it phased into pants. Around her neck was a red cloth
that formed a braid that extended between hear full breast. The
garments worn by Saieman and Ovaiesha were similar in their
functional nature and structural design. You could almost tell
that they were companions because their garments were
complementary of each other. As I was slowly gaining my
composer I felt as though I had awakened in the middle of some
ritual and I was the subject.
I really cannot say too much about my own physical
appearance outside the fact that my hands were different. I was
never one to wear any rings or body decoration and I was
adorned with these strange rings, medallions and bracelets that
seemed to glow, as a matter of fact my whole body seemed as
The Lost Memories of Rozika
though it was glowing but I remained calm, because I heard
Ovaiesha’s voice instructing me to do so. At her side was a priest,
he had to be a priest because his garment had an unique
arrangement of colored stones that formed a cube, he and
Saieman were wearing the same type of outfit but the priests
outfit was fully decorated with fine jewels. In his hand he was
holding a marble tablet and writing on it using a laser type pen,
his name was Bwainu and he seem to be taking notes of the
event that was taking place.
Bwainu would not say anything at first as if his job had not
presented itself as of yet, suddenly Saieman turned to Ovaiesha
and asked was I ready, Ovaiesha said yes, then Saieman
introduced me to the priest, Bwainu. I had to play along for I had
already known this person as Bwainu. It would seem as though
Saieman was reintroducing me to a person I had already known
but this was a part of the ceremony so my curiosity to intrude
was suppressed as I was taken into a temple structure.
On the outside, the temple resembled a pyramid, huge and
majestic, and on the inside, was a huge chamber with openings
for the sun lit the four areas of the room in sequence. The floors
were covered with a colorful marble type design, a series of reds,
blues, greens and yellows. There were geometrical patterns
designed on this tapestry floor that amazed me. There was a rail
molding that flowed throughout the chamber that was smooth to
the touch.
There were no electrical devises of any kind; however,
there were mechanical drawings displayed along the walls. As I
proceeded, there were no instructions given to me other than to
drink, I was given a green tea like concoction, by the priest
Bwainu, which made me fill euphoric. The taste of this
Jerry McLeaurin
concoction was bitter yet naturally sweet, I will say that at first
the drink was bitter but with a sweet aftertaste like apples,
lemons and honey. After Bwainu handed me the cup to drink, he
stood there watching as though the importance of me drinking
this was of life and death.
The drink was very powerful, as the taste went from bitter
to sweet my mind seemed as though it wanted to change with it,
everything that I had saw began to glow and immediately;
Bwainu put on his hood as if he did not want me to see his face.
Bwainu then said “drink this once a day until you have
completed your journey after which I will meet with you when
you’re done”. Bwainu and I then proceeded towards the center
chamber of the temple.
As I entered the temple I was amazed by the number of
steps leading to a corridor, there were a series of glowing
illuminating fixtures that provided light as we walked through the
pathways. Along the paths were images of animal headed beings
that seemed to be directing us to the chamber. Interestingly I felt
a sense of calm even though I was having these weird sensations
of being outside of my body and interacting with drawn figures
on the walls. Amazingly throughout this initial experience I felt
comfortable as though I was a willing participant with a keen
inner-standing of what was about to happen. As I walked around
the temple I noticed this huge chamber, which was pretty empty,
the walls were covered with thousands of pictures and diagrams
of a mathematical nature. At each corner of the Chamber, there
were glass cups, four in total, and one for each corner of the
chamber. There was a cup of some sort of seed, a cup of water,
an empty cup and a cup of soil. I knew these cups had some type
of meaning; however, the art work fascinated me more.
The Lost Memories of Rozika
The scenes on the walls depicted a civilization of people
who lived and studied the nature of their world. The chamber
only allowed sun light to shine on a particular area on a different
day and every forth day the cycle was completed, I then noticed,
with every cycle, my knowledge of the “art work” increased as
well as my curiosity and inner-standing of the concepts displayed.
Thus I began this journey, first I did what the priest Bwainu
asked, I drunk the “tea”, ate what was sent to me and studied
what was on the walls.
Interestingly, I began to memorize everything in detail as
if the work was implanting itself into my mind and then an idea
came to me, while inside the chamber, I had nothing to write
with and I felt the urge to convey my experience with the priest,
so I took what was available, which was the cups in the corners
and held them in the light as I studied the Sun cycles. First I took
the empty cup which symbolized the “Earth” or the quest to fore
fill a need, second I added soil to the empty cup which, to me,
represented “the gathering of information”, and third I placed
the seeds inside the soil and added a small amount of water, I
mixed with the “tea”, for every other day of the Sun cycle, in my
mind the seeds represented the initial stage of attaining
knowledge. This went on for about ten Sun cycles, in addition to
the twelve Sun cycles I had spent there before hand, which
equaled 48 days, for a total of 88 days.
I do not remember ever sleeping and there were periods
where I would drift off because of the affects brought on by
drinking this strange “tea”, which had some psychedelic effects,
especially whenever I closed my eyes, that is why I do not
remember ever sleeping because when I closed my eyes; I would
have these strange experiences. I can vaguely remember seeing a
somewhat humanoid creature that was part goat, part man and
Jerry McLeaurin
part snake. Above its head and between its massive horns was a
sun disk, strangely everywhere the creature would move the sun
disk would follow. The creature had these metallic looking horns,
its eyes were blue and fluid like, its skin was a mixture of green
and yellow. It would not speak through its mouth but it would
show its teeth whenever I looked into its eyes, so I reframed
from doing so. This vision had no legs or feet, which made it
take on the partial form of a giant snake, it had to have been
about 60 feet long and 100 feet tall about 160 feet altogether. Its
snakelike body was metallic and to some extent seemed
mechanical, in a sense; this thing was part goat and part
mechanical snake. For a moment I thought it had built itself
because it did not look natural at all.
The vision of this creature communicated to me
psychically transmitting its name as Paronadon. I tried not to
stare at it for too long but it was the only light source I could see.
It was huge standing as tall as the trees, around its neck were gold
beads that seemed to radiate as they reflected the light atop
Paronadon’s head. At the center of the gold beaded necklace was
a gold medallion, round in shape with a red jewel at its center. I
noticed that whenever I stared at the jewel for too long, I would
have these sharp pains in my head.
The top portion of Paronadon had shoulders and arms
that spread as wide as a Seven foot man. His chest and arms was
covered with what looked like black fur. Paronadon’s hands both
had three large fingers, which it used to grab the branches of the
trees he was in. It was unsettling seeing Paronadon move from
tree to tree with its snake like body and powerful limbs.
Paronadon’s face had a long black beard that was plated and at
the end of it was a white jewel. To be honest, this vision was so
frightening to me that I had thoughts of not drinking any more
The Lost Memories of Rozika
of the concoction Bwainu brought to me, for the vision of
Paronadon was too much for my mind to comprehend and
accept. Even now I can see this entity flowing before me; the fear
is still a little strong. The fear is not that, this entity may consume
me or destroy my person but it was like; this vision was changing
me in some fantastic way and Paronadon was huge and
intimidating to look at. I felt as though this was a creature of the
underworld and that no one alive and conscious should ever see
its enraged face. I thought I was being disrespectful to
Paronadon just by looking at it but I could not help myself and I
had never seen such a creature before in my life. There were
other visions that I had during this period but none came close
to the vision of Paronadon.
During the later periods of my “conscious” experience,
while studying the “art work” and attending an experiment, I
witnessed the sprout of a flower growing within one of the cups,
I was observing. This flower had, what looked like, vanes of blue
material, while maintaining a green leaf like appearance. Then
Suddenly, I knew that was finished with what had to be done and
felt a sense of completion. By this time, after studying the
diagrams on the walls and attending to my experiment, I was
ready to show the priest Bwainu what I had done.
As I exited the chamber, for the first time in many days, I
felt excited for I had grown this interesting bluish green flower to
show Bwainu, who was standing outside waiting with my Father,
Saieman. I presented the flower to Bwainu and he said “you are
now a man my son” then my father Saieman and I went for a
long walk as he told me the most interesting story I have ever
Jerry McLeaurin
The Lost Memories of Rozika
Master Scholar Saieman’s Story
Everything that my father said to me I will recount for you…
“Darnell, for the duration of this message you shall be
known as Ra-son. I am glad to see that you have completed the
first stage of your awakening and based on the look you have on
your face I am quite sure, that you are amazed by this vision you
are now witnessing at this moment. You represent the incarnate
spirit that has manifested within the mind of my son,
Saiemasarason, as you awaken and regain focus within
Saiemasarason’s body you will know yourself as Ra-son, the
complexity of this reality is beyond my level of inner-standing;
however I will try my best to bring forth this message as clear as
I possibly can.
I must say that it is very strange speaking with you,
knowing that you are from a distant future and my son,
Saiemasarason, is your host. The fact of the matter is, beyond my
fascination of this process of incarnation, I must enlighten you of
an important message; a message our Great Council has advised
us to send to you. Ra-son, you are now in a time period many
thousands of years within your genetic past. To be exact 34,571
years into our present, our world is in a state of turmoil and as of
now I cannot describe to you what is fully going on in fear that it
may be disturbing to you. What I can say is you are on a planet
we call Pigojia, a previous name that proceeds Earth, so do not
fall in to the trap that you have gone to another world but
another time.
Jerry McLeaurin
The Truth of this reality; shall manifest as your journey
nears completion. My mission is to guide your mind to a state of
pure inner-standing; therefore, I am relating to you the events
that have led to your manifestation into our world. It is your
divine right to have this knowledge because you are my
descendent therefore you must know the truth. Ra-son your
nationality is Rozikan and your spiritual existence is Afon. This
city, on which you are standing, is called Rozika and the haze you
see above us is our protective shield that is why you can’t directly
see the sun.
Ra-son some of the words used in this message are relative
to the words you understand in your present day language,
English. The word Rozika is a relative term that relates to the
word Kemet or Egypt as your society now calls it. The word
Xojizir; represents our nation state Kabacia and Rozika
represents our city state. Within Xojizir are various cities and
country sides. We chose to use words you are connected with, so
that the message has a connection you can relate to.
Xojizir is the name given to the land that beholds our
people, the Serido and the Afon, who are both Rozikans. The
reason why you are receiving and understanding these words in
English is; I am in possession of a device created in part by an
alien species called the Cryon. The Cryon or Crayon, as we were
later informed, created this device in order to communicate with
our people and with beings from other planets. This translator
operates off of brainwave signals we call thought waves. When
we first encountered the device its function was a bit limited until
one of our Engineer Scientist upgraded it to enhance our
telepathic abilities. We have mastered this device to a degree that
we are able to communicate our story to you Ra-son.
The Lost Memories of Rozika
In Complete fairness to you, we will give you the proper
pronunciation of these fantastic words as we move along in our
journey. From the words translated in Kabetics our people gave
this land the name Kabacia and it is translated as Xojizir, which
means home of the Afon and Serido, who represent the greater
half of the population. The word Kabacian is translated as
Serido; this is a singular form of the word Serido. The word
Kemytia has a Kabetic translation of Rozika meaning; the city of
our divine master Rejasilai. The word Kemytian is translated as
Afon which is singular or Afon which is plural. However, Rason,
you may resume using the words of your world and at your
choosing translate them into our tongue.
The Serido and Afon scholars, along with the priest have
named this magnificent city, Rozika because; it is here where our
great deity chief Rejasilai first made his appearance many
thousands of years in our distant past. It is my hope that, in
memory you will, know the truth of our great city but for now I
must speak about our people.
Ra-son, the people of Rozika, the Serido and the Afon are
an intelligent people, who shared the knowledge of their
thoughts amongst themselves and with the other peoples of
Xojizir and neighboring Nations. Their everyday lives were spent
sharing, combining and developing new ideas and concepts to
solve life’s everyday Questions. You may be asking yourself, why
are the Serido and the Afon a separate race? And you have that
right; however, the two are one and the same.
The Afon are the holders of the sacred knowledge which
describes the disappearance of the people of Edonna, the
Edeota, of the ancient city of Edon. There are as many types of
Afon as there are Serido. The Afon, who were once referred to
Jerry McLeaurin
as Edeota, maintained their knowledge of the events that
occurred during the transitioning of Edeota through the portal
dimension which is the realm of our fore world, Anteeop.
The portal dimension is a transitional realm, which is like
space but an alternate demission of space, what we refer to it as
the Isogo, renaming the dimension “The Portal of the Isogo or
Isogo for short”. It is said that when a Rozikan transitions or in
your term dies, they travel to a fore world we call Anteeop
through the Isogo.
Our divine teacher and principal deity, Rejasilai, taught us
that in transition i.e. “death” the Bernapre (which are soul beings
that reside within our pineal glands), are transported to a fore
world called Anteeop, pronounced An-tee-ow, sometimes of
their choosing, but for the most part as an assignment or as a
means of continuing their afterlife.
Anteeop, Is a beautiful world scarred by the history of its
short comings and experiences. The guardians of the Isogo
taught us that Anteeop is Pigojia’s binary counterpart. This
binary counterpart has a time difference of a thousand years or
more, we really can’t say the absolute time difference because of
the multitude of worlds yet to discover and to some extent
completely understand. So the Anteeopeans are a possible
thousand years ahead of us at any time. This is what we know as
of now; however, there are multiple dimensions within the
Korika that are beyond our inner-standing.
Those who transition to Anteeop are guided by the
balance of their emotions and their place on Anteeop is governed
by the state of one’s emotion until after their journey is complete.
The more balance and control one has over his or her emotions
the greater his or her stature is as Begosi.
The Lost Memories of Rozika
Within the realm of the Isogo are cosmic schools of
thought, one could spend an eternity within this realm, for the
nature of the Isogo is enlightening. There are spiritual laws that
govern the passage through the Isogo; one such law is the
abstinence from fear. Fear is an imbalanced emotion based on
doubt and while inside the Isogo the first words you will ever
hear is; release yourself from all doubt and embrace the
knowledge of your path and accept the reality of your true
nature, one must be fully trained in the art of avoiding fear
however, it is important that one trains extensively before
volunteering to enter into the Isogo and those that do are
Initiated in to the highest levels of Spiritual consciousness.
Most Rozikans who are introduced to this level of being
must train for years to overcome fear and chaotic emotions.
Therefore one is able to exercise this ability when the time arises.
The Avoidance of fear is an important law, although there are
many laws that govern the Isogo, this law holds the greatest
significance. It is said by the great priestess that; the Isogo is a
dangerous place and it is offensive to the Entity Guides of the
Isogo to be feared for strange things happens when fear is
introduced into this realm, One should be fully aware that their
Guardian/ Spirit Guide may have a warped sense of humor and
not take lightly to rejections of any sort and fear is a form of
spiritual rejection.
Your first lesson, prior to your manifestation, here on
Pigojia, was to not go kicking and screaming, in other words,
maintain your sanity and disconnect yourself from fear and
chaotic emotions. This law must be learned prior to entry inside
of the Isogo, in the absence of this inner-standing of spiritual
law, fear creeps into the mind and you run the risk of offending
your spiritual guardian who serves as your guide. In our world we
Jerry McLeaurin
are taught just a fraction of these spiritual laws by our High
Priestess, otherwise known as the Mother Priestess. The position
of the High Priestess is to teach spiritual law to those seeking her
wisdom and the inner concepts of social enlightenment and in
truth, these laws are hard to master but are extremely beneficial
when completely inner-stood, some would say that the total
inner-standing of spiritual law opens the doors that lead to what
you would call Sacred magic. It is said that this form of magic is
so powerful that only the pure of heart can possess and control
it. There was a time when we had no such High Priestess to teach
us about the mysteries of spiritual inner-chi, we call this form of
spiritual inner-chi, the Ujeziro, which means the Law of the
Bernapre. Even though some of our ancient ancestors, like the
Edeota, possessed this great inner-standing, there have not been
many that have reached that level of perfection and those who
have are immediately initiated into the Priesthood.
There was a group of Edeota, Ota for short, who
witnessed the appearance of the great Rejasilai who first taught
them the Ujeziro. During this period, their civilization was
experiencing a state of mass transition which, in on itself, was
extremely disturbing to our ancestors, Those who witnessed the
event say; that there were bodies that stretched out as far as the
eye could see; however, the appearance of Rejasilai defused any
disturbed thought an Ota would have about this mass transition.
The all power full Rejasilai informed the Edeota that they had to
transition from this state of ignorance into a state of pure innerstanding.
Rejasilai spoke to the Ota who were watching in
amazement, An Ota priest by the name of Bedona who also
witnessed the appearance of the Great Rejasilai inscribed the
message brought forth by Rejasilai that said:
The Lost Memories of Rozika
“Children of Pigijia embrace the message of truth. Of the
Edeota who temporarily transitioned into the Isogo, you are the
few that I have chosen to speak with. You represent the few Ota
who have remained in this dimension and it is you who will serve
as guides to those who will return back into their forms, asking
questions about this event. I am Rejasilai the guardian Bernapre
of Pigojia. I am pleased to see such brave entities standing before
me, although I have been here since the birth of this world It is
unlawful for a Pigojian Bernapre such as me, to interfere with the
lives of Ota more than once every one hundred thousand years, it
just so happens that in cases of extreme need I am able to grant a
single request for appearance, these requests are rare and far in
between so it is of extreme importance that this event is
remembered by Ota and passed on to future generations so that
you can protect yourselves and experience the offerings of
Those of you who can hear my voice and envision my
presence shall be known as Afon; which means you have been
chosen as the teachers of the message of truth. Those Ota who
you see stretched out before you are in a transitioned state and
have been subconsciously teleported to another dimension to
become the Begosi of Anteeop; where they will experience a
future that lies ahead. I was summoned here to put these events
into motion. The Edeota who have transitioned to the other
dimension of Anteeop will be resurrected back into the
dimension in which you stand. These Ota shall be known as
Serido; which means the student of the divine messenger; this
they shall know rightfully as they return from the Isogo.
Those who are Serido must be guided in their innerstanding
of the Isogo and you shall inform them of their
slumber, for the Serido will have no knowledge that this event
Jerry McLeaurin
and or my manifestation has taken place, they will sense an
extreme case of time loss, that of which I cannot prevent. As
Afono, it is your duty to guide the Serido towards a state of
calmness; this may not be an easy task, for the vision that you see
before you will not be experienced by the Serido, just as the
experience of the Serido will not be seen by you in this form.
I will be contacting your minds from time to time my
children, and you as well can contact me and I will provide you
with the answers you seek, in a none visual manor, so that both
Afono and Serido can live together in harmony and inner-stand
the paths that lie ahead. I will activate your minds to inner-stand
the lessons taught to the Serido and you shall be the guardians of
this sacred knowledge. As Afon you must pay close attention to
the lessons brought forth by the Serido for they will have
changed significantly both in mind and in spirit.
As they return from Anteeop they will bring with them a
sacred knowledge that will serve as an aid for the future survival
of your kind. Expect the Serido to awaken within the next full
moon, by then you will have prepared a great feast for them. The
Serido will return disoriented and some will express a great
discomfort, those are the ones you should pay close attention to
for they are in possession of the Ujeziro. These Serido shall
become your counterparts; their conscious memories of the
experience will be intact and useful for practical exploration, they
shall be your Scholar Scientist and Engineers. Your mission will
be to recruit them into a Sacred Council and together exchange
what you have learned today. You may not find all of them with
particular gifts and knowledge and some will have to be
communicated to using advanced equipment. You have been
instructed so continue your lives and embrace your future”
The Lost Memories of Rozika
Ra-son these concepts, brought to us by the great Rejasilai
enriched the lives of the Serido civilization as a whole. These
ideas became the basics for agriculture and Spatial-theory, which
gave rise to the advanced forms of Serido technology. In our
time there were no schools, as the Serido living in America
attend; just constructive gatherings termed organized learning
groups. The name for this type of organized learning is called
Tegidu pronounced Che-gee-du.
The Tegidu gatherings were meant to elevate the minds of
the Serido and the Afon by offering solutions to their everyday
experiences and to give support to the sharing of their artistic
works. Everything that could be imagined was explored by the
Serido and the Afon. There were a number of Tegidu that varied
in age and in concept.
The facilitators of the Tegidu ran an efficient
operation. They managed the activities of research and cross
referencing Information. This was meant to promote unity and
social events which often times turned into complex clubs.
Jerry McLeaurin
The Lost Memories of Rozika
The Rozikans
The majority of the people of Rozika were Serido. The
Serido, were originally farmers, just as every other young nation
during this period of time, the difference between the Serido and
other socially conscious people was there creative drive towards
understanding the laws of Pigojia. This drive grew out from their
quest to improve their ability to fish, provide shelter from the
elements, and protect themselves from incidence with predators
in order for them to advance themselves within the higher states
of knowledge.
The most important aspect of Serido life is centered on
their nurturing and total support of new ideas brought forth by
the children of our land. Every concept that was ever thought of,
by a Serido or Afon both, young or old, was celebrated, and then
crossed referenced with other Serido and Afon alike. We used
this method of cross referencing to generate new concepts from
previous ideas.
The act of sharing and cross referencing information led
to the development of an organized central learning exchange
(The Tegidu), these information exchange groups were organized
by the divine priest and scholar cast; who were said to be inspired
by our Great Chief Rejasilai. The structural developments of
these Tegidu were based around the needs of the clans as a
whole. There where scholars who studied the art of geometry as
a means of inner-standing the Alchemical nature of stone and or
points within empty space.
Jerry McLeaurin
These scholars were great puzzle builders. They used these
puzzles as a way of driving idle minds into a state of structural
enlightenment. These puzzles, created by our Scholar cast, were
said to be magical in a sense that the concepts of the puzzle
generator resonated with a person’s connection with the universe
and the multi-dimensions of the minds involved in the operation.
As a learning tool, these puzzles worked great with little children
in a way that it teaches them how to concentrate by engaging
their imaginations in concentration exercises. These puzzles
served partially as an entertainment and educational outlet for
our people that helped in the advancement of new technologies.
Rason there was no such thing as an idea that was too
simple; such as the garments that we wore, which was climate
specific, to the little things like buckles and levers. The garments
worn by the Rozikans was a reflection of their social and climatic
way of life; that of which was celebrated by the various informed
groups. There were Serido clothing makers who studied the
structures of large spider webs; which were made use of as
concepts derived from nature. Through the ingenious
engineering of these magnificent insects, we have learned how to
construct fabric that of which was strong, durable and able to
withstand the elements of time and nature.
The average Rozikan, depending on his or her region,
would typically wear silk spun from the various insects and plant
fibers, which were woven together to create clothing, household
linen and seating utilities. Their clothing was functionally
accepted by everyone, the varieties range from a single one piece
garment for working in the fields to the traditional two part
garments for casual wear, there were garments for Lab techs, the
Tepeku and specialized garments for our Elders and members of
the various Councils. The field garments were designed to
The Lost Memories of Rozika
protect the Rozikan farm workers from biting insects because the
fibers were made out of plants that consume these insects. The
fragrance worn with these garments attracts insects that feed off
of other insect that we consider pest.
There were ceremonial garments that are worn to social
events or just used as everyday clothing. The clothing worn by
both the Serido and Afon; was not totally gender specific, we
wore what was comfortable for the time, the only gender
difference between the Rozikan men and woman’s attire was the
fact that; some women had specific designs that complement
their maternal need that celebrated their natural ability to have
children. You can easily tell a woman who wishes to be with
child from the ones who don’t, through the clothing they choose
to wear, for the everyday designed garment was created to satisfy
the function of a particular need.
The structural designs of the Afon and Serido garment
differed in the pattern; color and use of material. There are gems
that are sewn into garment that represent a particular school and
or the status of a divine priest and scholar, which are worn as
specialized decoration. The Afon garments stood out the most
because they would basically wear combinations of red and
white, the colors of the Great Rejasilai. The Serido had no use
for such sentiments; they wore whatever colors they liked for
their inner-standing of Rejasilai was of little significance to them.
It was the Afon who had a special reverence for the great deity.
Socially, the Serido lived in honor of their acceptance of
the spiritual laws they fail to inner-stand completely. These laws
dealt with the nature of their spiritual consciousness which
focuses on the divine social needs of the clan and the operations
of cross referencing information between the various clans and
Jerry McLeaurin
the initiation and education of individual members of these clans.
That is why we have the Facilitators of the tegidu priesthood
who serve as the organizers of these chaotic thoughts.
The Serido in their quest to better understand their
spiritual needs relied on the advice of the Scholar cast. These
Scholars are, in a sense, more like consultants then teachers, they
advise the Serido on the ramification of their constructive
appetites whether good or bad. The Scholar Cast were the
accomplished thinkers of Rozika who had an interest in the
cultivation and the assimilation of new information.
This cast of Scholar served as a part of a particular social
group that advised the Serido, and their leaders, on the particular
conceptual developments that were of major interest to the
custodial cast. These Scholar Consultants were of two major
groups; One was “The people of Spirit”, our Priest cast, these
Afon dealt with the energy and inner-chi of the unseen world.
Then, there are those Serido who were of the Scientific Scholar
cast “The people of Script”. The people of the Script were the
observers, of that which could be seen, interpreted and
transcribed in Kabetic Script.
The Serido, with their use of a self developed knowledge
of scriptural documentation, wrote technological scripts that
were taught to other Serido, Afon and neighboring civilizations,
as a means of trade. The Rozikans did not have your form of
currency, to use as a means of exchange; they used their
knowledge of nature; which represents the concepts of their
development, the Rozikans used these concepts as bartering tools
for the exchange of goods, technology and information.
The Serido script, that was used back then, was called
Evumep, Ae-vue-mae or kabetics as you so properly know. The
The Lost Memories of Rozika
Serido taught this form of writing to the neighboring civilizations
as a means of establishing trade relationships that aided in the
development of technological discoveries.
The knowledge that was shared amongst the Rozikans and
the neighboring civilizations led to the development of highly
efficient transportation systems and other devices such as
construction machinery and communication apparatuses, for
centuries, the complexity of our technology increased. As the
benefits of civil networking became fruitful; large factories and
laboratories were developed and there was an abundance of
skilled Serido who taught within the temples of Rozika and their
neighboring cities and states which transformed Rozika into a
mega empire as well as their neighboring countries.
Ra-son, the Serido Scholar cast was primarily interested in
exploring and developing trade relations with the extra planetary
civilizations of our known and unknown space. The idea was a
reaction spawned from an ancient experience their ancestors had
while on Anteeop. The first of our external planetary interest was
Grima, we in time call the Moon, our goal was to find out if in
fact there were any civilizations there to begin with. On ancient
tablets written by the Edeota, there were diagrams that suggested
a possibility of there being life on our solar neighbor. Our
scholar scientist, had suspicions that there was an abundance of
life on the surface of Grima but without proof we were left with
just pure speculation and we needed more. The prospect of life
on the surface of Grima was just a hunch and a more intricate
study was on way. Our goal was to establish contact with the life
forms in order to seek out valuable concepts for the benefit of
inter species cultural exchange.
Jerry McLeaurin
The curiosity of the Serido Thought Temples, in the areas
of Spatial Geometry, led to the science of multi density
propulsion systems or space distortion generators, the reason
behind such an interest was the question of how to safely
transport Serido to other worlds and return.
The Solutions to this “Academic” problem spread
throughout the Serido world which gave rise to the various forms
of experimental transportation and construction devices. Before
the advent of spatial transporters, there were the common local
transporters that varied based on terrain, these transporters were
similar to the hovercrafts’ of your time in a sense that they could
only levitate up to 6 feet and were wind propelled. The people of
Rozika used these devices as a means of personal travel and they
commuted from sector to sector collecting goods, attending
thought temples, instructing social gatherings and visiting other
There were millions of diverse aspects of Serido
technology used in everyday situations. The Serido were experts
in technological creativity and where very competitive. This
competitive drive was the fuel that advanced the parameters of
our great nation. While the Serido were developing diverse
technologies, the Afon were studying the art of sacred geometry
our spiritual mathematics. With the combination of creative
reason and constructional ingenuity, Our technicians were able
serviced the needs of our population who cooked, constructed
buildings, cared for the ill, entertained, studied safety and did
research; However, I must insist on speaking about the more
controversial aspect of Serido technology that spiraled out of
The Lost Memories of Rozika
This ambition to create sophisticated technology for
transportation through space was a great undertaking. The
research and development of the multi-atmospheric space device
took over a hundred years to test and implement for the drive
and commitment to discover new and existing technology was
great amongst the Serido cast, the Scholar cast, the Priest cast
and the Facilitator cast of the Rozikan Empire.
The Council Leaders, which were composed of Clan
Elders and divine priest of Rozika, grew worried over the shear
speed and complexity of Serido technological developments. The
machinery constructed by the Serido, were fascinating forms of
functioning art that strayed too close to that line that separates
Ota from machine. It would seem as though the devises all had a
life of their own; which influenced the personality of our nation
state, as time passed the Serido and their neighboring civilizations
would develop a propulsion device that allowed them to probe
and test the vast areas of Spatial-geometry.
This collaboration between nations produced the first
orbital space probe, at first there was vast criticism made by the
Afon scholars about the study of the Pigojian outer atmospheres,
ranging from the lack of confidence to the concerns of safety,
which after time, cross education and intense reasoning the
Scholar cast became more comfortable with the idea of exploring
the outer space.
After years of study and research the collaborating sectors
developed a prototype scanner to examine the nature of space
for the prospect of traveling to our nearby planet Grima. Our
scientist engineers were able to fabricate transportation devices
that functioned well within the atmosphere of Pigojia; however,
there was an academic problem with navigating through the zero
Jerry McLeaurin
density of empty space, so we had to developed a science that
theorized the nature of empty space and after extensive test and
research we were able to develop a somewhat clear hypotheses of
the nature and characteristics of empty space based on the
creation of a multifunctional space Probe, which we tested in the
various arenas of water and atmospheres. We reported what we
had learned during our research and presented it to the Council
of Scholars, A revered and respected branch of the Rozikan
empire who maintained a scholastic balance between science and
spirituality, they accepted our findings and gave us the
permission needed to move forward in our journey and the
probe mission began with our first test flight to the upper layers
of Pigojia and into space.
At first we noticed that the crafts would lose power as
they reached the outer layers of Pigojia, so we developed a
propulsion grid that generated its own internal force that
interacted with the Exosphere layer of our atmosphere. We
launched several probes with the system upgrades and our
theories of the spatial displacements held true and the test runs
of our first space probes were a big success; as a matter of fact,
their successes led to later organic tests for Ota transportation
into that domain.
The organic test described the reaction organic substances
had within the upper layers of Pigojias atmospheres; we observed
the temperature and weight density of our specimens and
developed a force field generator to protect the surface layer of
any future organic specimen along with the area surfaces of our
probes. With the aid of our great and intelligent neighbors, we
were able to orchestrate the actual organized collaborative
exploration with respect to the development of these space
The Lost Memories of Rozika
The project, in its infancy, lacked planetary protocol which
made the Council Priest, The custodial cast who where the Elder
Priest of the Temple of Rejasilai, very concerned for they had
foreseen the consequences of such actions, although there had
not been any major conflicts between the Afon, the Serido and
or our neighbors, the thought of visiting another world created a
bit of anxiety amongst the custodian cast, for there were no
checks and balances to prepare for such unknowns.
Our Engineering Technicians built and sent probes to the
outer most edge of the Solar system and discovered a reality of
worlds and a second sun which added yet another fantastic heap
of knowledge to the thought temples of Rozika, with this
knowledge, the Serido were able to inner-stand the multiple
dimensions of Spatial mechanics and the forces thereof.
“For the purpose of clarity we will add that the Thought
temples of Rozika had over a thousand concentrations of
specialty, one hundred of which were in the fields of spatial
geometry. The Spatial-theory of sacred geometry dealt with the
various aspects of “The Korika” or, as it is now referenced to as,
Space. The Rozikan Scholars inner-stood that; within space, there
exist geometrical materials that are both seen and unseen. These
materials exist in several states, one such state represents the
quantum relative distance of super micro-orbital’s.
The quantum relative distance of the super micro-orbital
describes the geometric relationship between elements that make
up spatial matter, and the other material factor represents the
micro elements which are geometrical forms of spatial material
and the complex motions thereof.” Displayed as functioning art,
spatial geometry is use as a tool for the complex inner-standing
Jerry McLeaurin
of cosmic phenomenon and how the mind interacts with cosmic
materials within space-time.
“Asara-son you are about to embark on a journey of epic
proportions, a journey very few have been honored to take. The
story of Rozika goes far deeper than one could ever imagine,
based on the chronicles of ancient Ota who have experienced the
magnificent appearance of Rejasilai, the story of our solar system
blossoms. This is a statement made by Rejasilai during his initial
encounter with the Ota Bedona. Bedona is one of a few Ota who
experienced the manifestation of Rejasilai, This is our preserved
translation of the Ota Bedona as he recounts this message given
to him by the great Rejasilai.
“The nature of our solar system blossoms as the vision of
our Bernapre council takes form. The Bernapree of planetary
worlds held council with the great chief and Chieftess Bernapree
to discuss the possibility of subordinate Bernapree being able to
experience the planetary systems outside of our binary solar
sphere, the names of our Royal Chief Bernapree are Shedah and
Sladosu, and they are the Bernapree of our two Suns Hahsid and
Our Chief Bernapree, Shedah and Sladosu, has offered us
their vision of our home solar system, for it is through their
divine eyes that we are able to see beyond this physical realm.
The solar sphere, in which we reside, is a solar membrane and
with respect to this solar membrane there are two distinct
dimensions of space which are; the inner-space which is inside
The Lost Memories of Rozika
the solar sphere and outer-space that of which exist outside of
the solar sphere.
These areas of space are different in every way, while
inside of the solar sphere, there are a series of spatial spheres,
which represents the internal layers of the solar sphere. Each
layer of the solar sphere has a series micro-orbital cell activity
ranging from greatest to least, with the inner-sphere having the
greatest amount of micro-orbital cell activity and the outersphere
having the least amount of micro-orbital cell activity.
Micro-Orbital cells are magnetic composites of anti-matter
composed within an orb/sphere. These Micro-Orbital cells are
opposed to other Micro-Orbital cells absolutely; the quantum
space within our solar sphere is composed of these micro-orbital
cells; the dictionary’s definition of quantum is the minimum amount
of any physical entity involved in an interaction. When two microorbital
cells are forced together they generate negative energy.
Negative energy is a force that moves in no particular
direction; however, this force is neither static nor stable. Within
the micro-orbital Cell are fourteen super-micro-orbital cells and
one super-nuclear-orbital, each super-micro-orbital cell has a
quantum distance that is constant and relative to the supernuclear
The super-nuclear-orbital serves as an absolute magnet
with a strange personality; the super-nuclear-orbital has both a
positive and negative force; however, its negative force is one
hundred times greater then it’s positive force that of which
maintains the distance between the super-nuclear-orbital and the
super-micro-orbital cell.
Jerry McLeaurin
The super-micro-orbital cells all possess these strange
forces, while being kept in place by a super-nuclear-orbital, the
super-micro-orbital cells interacts by way of these strange
magnetic forces and one of the forces is attracted to the supernuclear-
orbital, while the secondary force races away from the
The Micro-Orbital cells all have a single dominant
magnetic pole disposition which gives off a mono-pole magnetic
force that maintains stability throughout planetary space. To
describe the mono-pole magnetic force of these orbital cells a
diversion must be made. Imagine an interstate highway of a
north and south direction, the section of the highway pointing
north has five lanes of traffic while the highway pointing south
has only three lanes of traffic, the traffic traveling north leaves
the state and the traffic traveling south enters the state, in this
scenario more traffic leaves the state then entering the state. The
analogy describes the strange magnetic nature of the Microorbital
cell whereby the North Pole is much stronger then the
South Pole therefore having a northern magnetic dominance.
Our solar system has two Suns, Hahsid and Begosah, and
a duel set of planetary orbits that are subordinates of the pair.
This binary solar structure is a Binary Solar Sphere (Bisolarspere).
The bi-solarsphere is composed of two hemispheres,
the north and south. The southern hemisphere of the bisolarsphere
is composed of micro-orbital cells that have a
positive mono-polar magnetic force, while the southern
hemisphere of the bi-solarsphere has a negative mono-polar
magnetic force.
Within the region of the southern hemisphere of microorbital
cell activity, there exist micro-orbital cells that have inner
The Lost Memories of Rozika
super nuclear orbits that possess a super positive magnetic force
and a weak negative magnetic force. These opposing binary
forces of spatial material, the micro-orbital cells, give rise to the
rotational motion of the bi-solarsphere perpetuating the
movements of our planetary forms and the orbits of our solar
community as a whole.
The Orbits within the Micro-orbital cells are in part,
elements of youl and what could be known as star dust that of
which never combines but are distributed throughout space by
way of negative energy. The micro-orbital cells consume this
binary material and redirect its path through the negative energy
produced by the micro-orbital cell activity and the further one is
from the nucleus of our binary solar community the less youl and
star dust is available and therefore less micro-orbital cell activity,
these are the characteristic of the inner-spheres of the bisolarsphere.
There are micro-orbital cells outside of the bi-solarsphere
as well; however, there activities are neutral, it has been said that;
outside of the bi-solarsphere are membranes that are restrictive
to the motions of solid objects traveling beyond a particular
speed. The space within the bi-solarsphere is known as active
space it has an active current which allows conscious entities and
other objects to maneuver throughout its space.
Throughout our bi-solarsphere are living life forms that
scary about looking for food and force energy. These creatures
are not dangerous; they do not desire Ota as food; however, be
mind full of their presents and maintain your distance from them
these creatures devoir information as a means of learning.
Although the exterior of the bi-solarsphere is inactive; there are
Jerry McLeaurin
spatial creatures that manage to pass through even though the
region does not seem have and existing current.
There are in fact streams of dormant energy that expands
throughout the ever-verse outside of our bi-solarsphere.
Therefore there exist the possibility of enter spherical travel
between solar spheres. As a Pigojian Bernapre I have not the
eternal secrets to the knowledge of the exterior space that exists
beyond our bi-solarsphere; however there are those that do.
The Chief council of Bernapree has stated that, dense
objects are unable to maneuver outside the bi-solarsphere
because the area outside the bi-solarsphere is neutral space and
void of micro-orbital cell activity; however, the birth of our
binary system contradicts that reality. This is the law of Shedah
and Sladozu and as chief Bernapre council members of solar
Bernapre; they have instructed all of the planetary Bernapre to
influence the minds of our subordinate species so that they shall
have this burning desire to explore outside the bi-solarsphere and
transport with them the consciousness of Shedah and Sladozu.”
Ra-son, the findings of the spatial probes influenced the
Serido to build Thought temples dedicated to architecture,
agriculture, geometry, geography, bio-mechanics, social & civic
development, Spiritual Science, mathematics and Spatial-
Mechanics; A form of Alchemy dealing with the arrangement of
elemental materials and their complex geometry.
Along with the more scientific thought temples, there
were special temples reserved for the High Priestess that
specialized in the spiritual communication she has with the
Divine Emuqase of the Isogo and the transitory states of death
The Lost Memories of Rozika
and rebirth of the Afon and Serido Rozican. One must
understand that the High Priestess maintains that all Serido are
sleeping Afon. So do not be distracted by the assumed bias
towards the Serido for they are the masters of our engineering
technology and this message is primarily about them.
This advance temporal developmental cooperative did not
just happen overnight, and this took the Peoples of Rozika, the
Serido, along with their neighboring civilizations, like the Peaon,
roughly seven thousand years to understand and develop. The
reason behind the slow progression of this level of corroboration
was due to the slow process of an organized multi social
concentration with respect to this particular discipline. There was
a unique language barrier between the diverse groups, which led
to poor networking communications that slowed the process of
creative interaction down to a crawl.
It was rumored that, one hundred thousand years before
the gathering of the Afon and Serido peoples of Rozika, a
civilization had reached its zenith with respect to science and
technology and, to no clear reasonable understanding, it was
destroyed. The Afon priest and the Serido scholars had only bits
and pieces of the Ancient Story to go by; however, they did
possess enough information of the past to have major concerns
for the future of Rozika, for the unknown regions of science has
many dangerous and unpredictable apocalyptic consequences.
With this faint history of Ancient Edonna, the Serido
scholars moved ever closer in their quest for a theoretical
explanation of Spatial-geometry and its concept of material
function, for our culture was advancing in the domains of
technological discovery and our curiosity about space was
unstoppable. Like our Ancestors, we too discovered a technique
Jerry McLeaurin
for projecting and recording images thousands of miles within
our Pigojian sector, by constructing data streams structured in
zero cube four matrix composites.
The zero cube four matrixes is a data imaging program
that converts visual images into code for use in our data
projector devices. This form of technology is somewhat like the
computers of your time; however, our device is more like a
scanner then a data entry device. This form of technology was
derived from one of our thought temples of substation thirteen
that discovered a form of mathematics that described the
multiple layers of space i.e. spatial geometry. The zero cube four
matrixes gave us the ability to construct data streams by
converting the frequencies of spatial material, brought back from
the space probe mission and converting that information into
data pixels.
This information was cross referenced to other Thought
temples and constructed into a technology that converts energy
into data imagery, by way of the zero cube four matrixes called
the Ragijah. The Ragijah is a two way audio/visual transmitter
and receiver that allow the Afon and Serido to communicate
complex information through the various atmospheric mediums,
our Scholar priest, and scientist, have made use of the Ragijah to
interact with life outside Pigojia.
In particular, we were interested in the possibility of there
being life on the surface of Grimma, present day moon. There
have been many attempts to contact our spatial neighbors from
Grimma and after the long years of research discovery, we
managed to send a wide band signal to the surface of Grimma by
way of our spatial probe transmitter and after the countless hours
of scanning, we were able to decrypt a signal from the surface,
The Lost Memories of Rozika
we all rejoiced as we had made our first ever communication with
a being from another world. There was still a language barrier
that made the find hard to interpret. It soon became obvious that
neither one of us could understand the others language, so we
made a jester stating that we were Pigojian and the being
pronounced itself as Cryon. From what we were able to
understand about the initial communication, we all agreed that
the being who called itself Cryon was friendly. We continued
using pictures to express our interest and the being replied in a
similar manor. This fascinating discovery prompted our
engineering technicians to immediately work on constructing a
transportation vehicle to reach Grimma in order to better
communicate with the life form.
The journey to Grimma was a harsh undertaking, for the
mathematics needed to understand the nature of space eluded us
for years; it wasn’t until we explored the teachings of other
cultures and shared our works with them that we were able to
conceptualize our first prototype space Transporter.
The friendship of our nations is one of legends; one such
friendship was our relations with the Peaon which was based
around alien visitors from other worlds and the desire to
communicate with them. So it was not a hard sell to get our
neighbors; the Peaon, to collaborate with us, sense we shared the
same interest and from that shared interest we set in to motion a
concept that would allow us to explore space. Our collaborative
designed a concept which offered us the ability to maneuver
within space; this apparatus is called the spatial distortion
generator (The Uaedesa). It took many years to design and
perfect the mechanics of the Uaedesa and when the design was
complete we commissioned pilots to test the conceptual
equipment. Our test pilots proclaimed the system to be a safe,
Jerry McLeaurin
fast and an efficient means of traveling throughout the
atmosphere of Pigojia and that of outer space.
At last, the time came for us to put our cooperative efforts
into practice and make contact with the Grimma Civilization, a
series of spatial craft’s were built with the aid of our neighboring
cousins. Our cooperatively designed spatial transporters were a
combination of our personal transporters we used locally and our
spatial probes, we sent out to examine solar space; which gave us
a wealth of information about the composition of the spatial
We were fascinated at how our Peaon neighbors were able
to increase our ability to levitate and maneuver within the
atmosphere of Pigojia. The Peaon were also happy to receive the
information we retrieved from the spatial probe missions, which
helped them to grow as developing nations and to further
strengthen the friendships between our nation states.
The Spatial Transporters had successful test runs within
the environments of Air, Sea, Land and Space. There were a few
developmental casualties, in our quest for technological
advancement, one of which is the focus of this message I am
giving to you Ra-son. This magnificent quest for spatial
exploration suffered its first fatality, and the once organized
balance within the Rozikan Leadership had differences with
respect to the unseen aspect of spatial travel.
One half of the Council leadership believed there was a
metaphysical danger in interacting with external world
civilizations, and that without a clear inner-standing of spatial
peoples and their technology, we could be faced with an underconstructed,
unimaginable terror. A terror that we were not
prepared to deal with.
The Lost Memories of Rozika
On the other side of the Council leadership, the scholar
priest believed naively, that the presentation of destructive
technology would cause distrust and anxieties with respect to our
initial contact with the inhabitance of Grimma, and an
unnecessary conflict could arise. There was also an issue of
developing weapons to protect ourselves just in case we ran into
a hostile situation; however, we lacked the biological
understanding of the Cryon species and the textures of their
transporters, which was crucial information we needed to
develop the specific weaponry for counter measures.
Along with our ignorance of the technology and biology
of the Cryon people, we were also ignorant in the tactics of
spatial warfare in the absence of conflict. Whenever our nations
were in conflict with each other, which was mostly over
boundary disturbances, our Councils would use these conflicts as
opportunities for cultural exchange. We never truly had to resort
to war because conflicts where transformed into opportunities.
In other words, there was no real need for us or any nation to
destroy personnel or property for the prospect of conquest. In
our time we exist as a Global nation we were Pigojian.
The Afon priest brought forth their concerns to persuade
the Scholar priest that; even though we now possessed this great
ability to travel to other planets, there is still a large area of
missing information that could be useful; our probes were not
designed to examine complex biological structures and materials
of other civilizations. So as advisors, the Afon priest, with the aid
of Brekhsaieman, Supreme commander of our protector forces,
suggested that the Scholar priest hold off from going to Grimma;
at least until everybody was satisfied with the composition of
their technology, for how could we interact with them and not
Jerry McLeaurin
have the heads up on how to negotiate with them or at worse
how to destroy them if they are hostile.
We have an understanding of the ways and actions of
Pigojians with respect to the nations of our world but traveling to
another world is a bit invasive, we really do not know anything
about these people, what they are like or what is offensive to
them. As a precaution, we needed to take some initial steps in
securing our nations interest all we needed to do is get scans of
their equipment and personnel that will at least make things a
little more secure and safe for our spatial travelers. This way, if
something goes wrong we can effectively defend ourselves.
The Chief Scholar of the project, UmuShunue, stated that
“it is through peaceful discovery and exploration that we are to
be able to make those decisions as we will learn from our initial
contact with the Cryon”. UmuShunue went on to say that “it is
only through our physical study and observations of the peoples
and the technologies of Grimma that we would be able to better
understand our spatial neighbors, we are not about forcing our
initiatives on the Cryon; however, by gradually introducing our
perspective of Rozikan Technology it is our hope that the beings
from Grimma, the Cryon, aren’t hostile and if they are, our
transporters will serve as our escape, if we fail to communicate
successfully with them, then and only then can we make
preparation for hostile communication and defense”
Both sides of the leadership had expressed their concerns,
unfortunately the two sides could not come to a consensus about
the issue for neither side was interested in harming or offending
the Cryon, they just could not agree on how to examine them in
a safe environment without offending them in anyway prior to
any formal face to face communications. So, with differences
The Lost Memories of Rozika
expressed, the two sides of the Rozikan leadership went on with
their quest for spatial exploration and an equal quest for civil
As the Spatial project reached its zenith, a pilot training
regiment was formed, there were fifteen Scholar priests who
represented the nations involved in this project and after
extensive cross referencing and training an elite team of spatial
scientist was assembled to take part in this historic exploration.
These Scholar’s of spatial science specialized in the concepts of
Rozican technology and social interactive exchange; each
member of this expedition had to be a Spatial scientist, so that
not one person held the means of the crews’ survival. The
Temple Scholars were concerned that if someone was to get hurt
and or becomes incapacitated another could take his or her place
and our first collaborative mission to explore Grimma went off
Jerry McLeaurin
There were two spatial-ships involved in this project; the
spatial-ships were the Kaiebason and Raiebason. The Kaiebason
was operated by the scientific diplomat crew for the exploration
of Grimma and communications contact with the Cryons. The
Raiebason was operated by our mission’s observation and
conflict management crew, headed by Brekhsaieman. The
Raiebason was indeed our life line of safety and protection just in
case the unexpected happened. On our launch date there were
over a hundred thousand spectators and mission observers to see
us off.
The spatial expanse to Grimma took sixteen days to pilot
and the mission was to take another twenty four months to
complete. Our first objective was to navigate the spatial areas of
both Pigojia and Grimma and to take surveys of the areas to
make sure that there were no stray entities present that would
compromise our mission. Under the leadership of Brekhsaieman,
a separate team was assembled to oversee the mission.
The Lost Memories of Rozika
From the reports sent back to Brekhsaieman’s command
center at substation twelve, by the crew of the Raiebason, there
were some anomalies living within an area of space that were
slightly hidden and out of phase with the parameters of our
scanners, visually, we could barely make out what they were.
These life forms resembled jelly fish so we gave them the name
space-fish. They did not seem dangerous or even slightly
interested in us or our ship so we elected to avoid contact with
them until further studies could be made.
Brekhsaieman’s expedition was under strict orders to stay
completely out of sight, the Raiebason had a special piece of
technology that rendered the ship invisible and out of phase at a
particular distance. The Raiebason was equipped with a long
range visual image enhancer for monitoring purposes in order to
keep track of what was going on outside of the primary mission.
Their secondary objective was to serve as a backup just in case
the Kaiebason ran into problems.
Midway into the mission and prior to landing on the surface
of Grima, the crew of the Raiebason encountered a strange
looking ship, on board this ship were beings who called
themselves “Cryon”. The Cryon were the “so called” inhabitants
of Grima, a civilization there on the planet’s surface. While
remaining out of visual range of the Cryon ship, The Raiebason
sent a message to the Kaiebason forwarding the transmission of
the Cryon ship.
Jerry McLeaurin
Cryon Ship
The message from the Cryon ship gave us instructions to
follow them. The transmissions for the other ship at first seem
crud and a bit distorted; however, our translation specialist
decoded the message and we were on our way.
Once on Grima, we learned quickly that Cryon technology
as it relates to communications systems was far more advanced
than ours, they had a device which allowed them the ability to
communicate with us telepathically, and this same device enabled
both civilizations to understand each other’s language by
combining the two languages and creating a new language, that
of which we both understood verbally.
After the Cryon gave us a greeting, we responded and we
were then led to a service station on Grima’s surface. As we
landed the scene from on Grimma was spectacular, there were
huge mountains and lakes of this strange looking liquid, which
The Lost Memories of Rozika
was extremely clear almost to the point of being invisible
although you knew that it was there and that it was fluid. There
were some trees scattered around here and there that looked like
huge mushrooms with bright blue beads all over their hoods.
The Skies of Grimma were as clear as the lakes with a
twist; the clouds were of a grayish blue haze that seemed to flow
over the landscape like some giant clear obstruction of mass. We
did not meet with any species other than the Cryon who guided
us to their structural location, so we did not get a full scope of
the Grimma civilization. The Cryon stated that there were places
on Grimma that had weather patterns that were unstable and
unpredictable; therefore it would be of an extreme risk in
traveling to the exterior lands outside of their fortress.
The Cryon fortresses were huge, there was a circular
barrier surrounding the structures and most of the structures
were underground. The Cryon made use of the various forms of
artificial light that was similar to our own but more advanced.
The entrances to their forts were composed of revolving
membranes that maintained the atmospheric difference between
the inner chambers of the massive structure and the outer areas
of Grimma.
We were quite amazed at the fact that the air on Grimma
was breathable, the Cryon, in their appearance were not much
dissimilar to our own structural features, so we decided to take a
test sample of their atmosphere; however, those who were to
remain back with the Kaiebason maintained safe observation at
all times. Our Council of Elder priest decided that it would be a
good idea if some of us remained on the Kaiebason and do a
personnel and technology scan just in case something was to go
unexpected and we agreed. This was a great idea, for the Cryon’s
Jerry McLeaurin
were unaware of our scanning capabilities and we maintained that
We were led to some sort of Cryon committee where the
more formal introduction took place. The chamber resembled a
domed hall with remedial lights that circled the room creating a
visual effect. This dome chamber created the illusion of being in
another place and time, within the world of Grimma. This
technology made use of holographic images that generated the
appearance of an environment which was a bit comforting to the
visual eye. Within this environment were a series of artificial
landscapes that resemble some of Pigojia’s breath taking cliffs
and waterfalls. Interestingly these images were not of the Pigojian
world. In the midst of this imagery was a platform. This platform
served as our meeting area, it had what looked like a dome roof
and wooden chairs that were positioned around a huge table and
at the center of this table was a holographic Orb that possessed
its own imagery.
The Cryon were, in our opinion and on the surface,
friendly and trustworthy they described their civilization in a way
that suggests that they were miners and science explorers like us.
Their ambassadors all sat side by side and spoke individually.
Strangely the Cryon never looked directly at each other; it was
like they paid no real attention to one another’s existence. We
informed them that our goal was to establish a trading
relationship with the Cryon and in exchange, expand on our
cultural understandings of the ways and lives of Grimma’s
people. Our Ambassador Umu-Sharall spoke as our mediator.
Umu-Sharall stood up and addressed the Cryon panel,
“Greetings persons of Grimma, We are Rozikans from our
planet Pigojia your sister world. We greet you in the name of our
The Lost Memories of Rozika
most sacred ancestor Rejasilai. Our interests are quite simple and
that is the exploration of knowledge, for the advancement of our
Temples. We are also curious as to the knowledge of space
visitors who came to our planet many thousands of years in our
past and from where in which they came. You of course look
nothing like the pictures we have seen on tablets depicting these
strangers. Here are a few images of these beings, if any of them
are familiar to you please let us know for they are of major
interest to our cultural history.
Beyond our interest in these beings, we are quite
fascinated by your appearance, your customs and the structures
of your habitats. It would be great if you could somehow discuss
the parameters of your technology we are very much interested in
how this visual technology works for this environment looks and
feels real even though we are aware that it is an illusion.”
One of the Cryon spokesmen expressed knowledge of a
species of being who have been communicating with them for
some time, through a device that amplifies thought messages.
The Cryon spokesmen spoke in a slow and dragging voice as he
began to sell us this bit of Information. “Greetings visitors of
Pigojia, I am Carnaque, first ambassador of the Grimma
consortium. It is our greatest pleasure having you here in our
presence. This is our first encounter with beings from your world
so excuse my excitement.
For the past few hundred years we have been sending
messages to your world and have gotten very little response, our
communications experts believed our language was too abstract
for your ears to comprehend. The technology we have, that
demonstrates two way communications, has not yet been
introduced to your world and we would be interested in possibly
Jerry McLeaurin
sharing its construction information in exchange for something
of value to us. We have been working on ways to enhance our
transportation devices and our ships have not been able to
withstand the invisible energy from the sun and our shielding
technology is far from being advance.
We have decent space ferrying ships but we cannot spend
too much time in space without the invisible energy from the sun
destroying our bodies and our ships as well. So we do very little
traveling outside of our world unless it is for training purposes
and advanced testing of new equipment. As with the beings you
were speaking of, we have no such knowledge of their existence;
however, if we in time discover these beings or come across their
presence along the way we will surely share that information with
I can see that your people have developed a technology
that allows you to travel outside your world and seeing that you
have made it this far I can’t help but be curious as to the type of
technology you use to protect yourselves from the invisible
energy of the sun, you don’t seem to be experiencing structural
decay or space sickness. The distance from Grimma to Pigojia is
quite great yet your transporters have made it in tact which is
quite fascinating to say the least. Pigojians, if it’s possible maybe
we could exchange technology for the benefit of our new
relationship. Our scientists have developed a thought wave
amplifier to assist us in understanding the language and customs
of other planetary populations. Maybe we can use this as our
starting point.
We have been scanning your world and we are amazed at
the complexity of your thoughts, we have known about your
agenda many months before your arrival to Grimma, we have
The Lost Memories of Rozika
even tried to communicate with you and do to some
technological boundaries weren’t able to fully communicate with
your culture. It wasn’t until we tried to communicate with other
stars that an actual signal replied that we could fully understand.
Our Thought Wave Amplifier was only supposed to
interpret the cosmic wave frequencies of the ever-verse expanse.
We had designed the Thought Wave Amplifier, to translate wave
patterns into numbers and use these numbers to find a coherent
signal. It would seem our device works perfectly as we have
received what we believed to be information from a distant star,
we now know as Sparexia.
Sparexia is a duel star system with a series of planets. Our
Thought Wave Amplifier magnified the location of this system
and we were later able to construct an image. The Thought Wave
Amplifier, not only amplifies thought waves into readable code
but it also can amplify images many solar miles from our location
with pin point accuracy.
Here is an image of a world we call Serian. Serian is a very
large world much larger than Pigojia and Grimma put together.
Serian has two large moons, oceans, cities and a great forest
which is similar to those found on Pigojia. Based on the readings
of our Thought Wave Amplifier, we are certain that there are
intelligent life forms on Serian. We have even had our divine
listeners, with the aid of the thought wave amplifier, focus their
mental powers on Serian and communicate with its inhabitance.
The inhabitances of Serian who refer to themselves as
Seron are a very pleasant and respectable species and from our
Thought Wave Amplifier we can see that they pretty much want
the same as you, which is to exchange knowledge and expand
their interest. It is our hope that your leaders can assist us in
Jerry McLeaurin
discovering a new people, a new world and possibly some new
Our expedition crew was astonished at the visuals
displayed by the Cryon, their ability to transfer wave frequencies
into a holographic image was beyond what we were capable of
doing at this time and we believed this technology, they called the
thought wave amplifier, was a great point of exchange, so our
head ambassador Umu-Sharall made a request addressing the
Cryon panel…
“On behalf of our great Council, we are grateful for this
unique opportunity to meet with you. We appreciate your
humble disposition and your technological presentation. This
Thought Wave Amplifier is a wonderful piece of technological
ingenuity. On Pigojia we do not have such a technology and
possessing it would greatly advance our search for cultural
enrichment. We would like to make an offering in exchange for
the Thought Wave Amplifier, that magnificent environmental
holographic projector and we will also like to examine your
thought wave translator as well, for had it not been for your
communications technology this meeting would have been
We are also interested in the spatial system of Sporexia
and any information you may possess on that areas spatial
geometry. Any developments, with respect to Serian and the
Serons, you come across would be greatly appreciated as we
work towards developing a strong relationship. To answer your
question about our ships protective barrier, it works great in any
environment and as a force field it protects us from fast moving
projectiles and radiation from the sun. I think it would be a great
The Lost Memories of Rozika
idea if we could exchange the concepts of our technologies with
you for the betterment of our relationship.”
The Cryon were happy to hear that we were interested in
their technology as well as their findings about Serian. Our
meeting with the Cryon seemed to be going well; both
civilizations were fascinated about each other’s technology.
Carnaque then began to speak; “Pigojians we are very
pleased at your request for a technological exchange and we shall
honor your request. In exchange for our Thought wave
Amplifier, the Holographic environmental projector and
communications technology, we would like to examine your
ships propulsion mechanism and shielding devices. Although we
are somewhat space worthy, we lack the ability to travel to distant
worlds and with a keen understanding of your technology, we
would be able to safely visit other worlds in the future and if
possible visit Pigojia from time to time.
It may be in both of our interest if we work together to
find ways of traveling to other sun systems for the prospect of
visiting other planets like our own. We have Serian to start with. I
think we could possibly do a joint project and while we are
participating in this project we can learn a little more about each
other’s customs and cultures.”
Umu-Sharall our top representative replied “Yes, let’s
make it so”. The Cryon panel all nodded their heads in
compliance and we were on our way to learning and discovering
the concepts of their technology and the Cryon were more than
eager to learn about our propulsion and shielding technology as
well. Buy this time we had been setting and speaking with each
other for a while and it was time for refreshments and we needed
to take a break and talk amongst ourselves.
Jerry McLeaurin
The Cryon, with the use of their thought wave amplifier,
brought in food and drink samples they believed were similar to
what we consume on our planet. This was surprising for we
never expected the Cryon to be so accommodating and
hospitable; we had our own food but elected to accept their
offerings. We were given something that looked like fish but
taste like bird meat and to drink we had fresh Grimma water.
The water was strangely delightful and so was the meal, during
the intermission we discussed the many ways we could make use
of that Thought Wav Amplifier and Holographic Transmitter
while at the same time enjoying their food stuff.
Many of our Crew members were puzzled at the level of
complexity in their holographic imaging system in conjunction to
the Thought Wave Amplifier and they have continuously asked;
how is it possible for the Cryon to possess such advanced
technology and have spatial transporters that are way below
Then the Question was asked to one of the Cryon
representatives, “why, with the abilities you have at your disposal,
have you not visited our world, we are not too far for your ships
to travel” and the one who was an historian said “some time ago
as we were on an expedition to your world, halfway there, we
witnessed a massive explosion, our ship was in the beginning
stage of rapid decay which forced us to turn around, the
explosion was so massive and fearful that it led us to believe that
your world was a dangerous place far more dangerous than
traveling through space”. One of our technicians remembered,
from her studies, a great explosion that took place on our world
many thousands of years ago, the problem was the Cryon’s
concept of time which was as alien to us as ours was to them.
The Lost Memories of Rozika
As time progressed we managed to build a relationship
with the Cryon and learned that they too were searching for
other civilizations and possessed the technology to communicate
with them, the problem was, the civilization in which the Cryon
communicated with, was beyond our understanding with respect
to the external solar social systems and device mechanisms, and
neither Cryon nor Rozikan possessed the technology to make
such an investigative trip.
During our stay, we learned a great deal about their world
and wanted to continue communicating with them, so the Cryon
leaders shared with us their communications technology,
holographic projector components and thought wave amplifier;
in exchange for our ships propulsion power mechanism,
Shielding generator and control systems that of which, they had
an alternative use for in conjunction to their local planetary
travels. We also made arrangements for them to visit our great
Council of Elders so that our worlds can become official solar
After the meetings were over, we made a peaceful
departure and we were now on our way back to Pigojia. The
representatives of our neighboring civilization were curious as to
our joint success, in our first interplanetary collaboration with an
external civilization. Upon our arrival at Substation 12, we were
greeted by a large reception composed of our neighbors; The
Peaon, and the cooperative councils of the land, as we shared in
the celebration of this fantastic achievement the crews of the
Raiebason and the Kaiebason was given honors of appreciation.
At the conclusion of our spatial meeting with the Cryon
and later homecoming, the spatial explorers of the Kaiebason
and Raiebason reviewed their findings of the Cryon peoples to
Jerry McLeaurin
the Council and discussed the background reason why their
peoples never made initial contact with us, even though they
possessed the technology to do so. The Cryons explanations
prompt an Afon Historian to speak. Your sister, the mid
priestess, Qavi-Olisa, relayed an ancient story of a people who
vanished of the face of Pigojia, we in time know as Earth.
This Story was assumed to be an Afon legend and only a
small group of Council priest had an inner-standing of the reality
of this ancient event. That is why Afon time is offset from that
of the Serido and there is an assumed difference between the
Afon and the Serido Rozikans; who are one and the same. The
Historical Sequence, relayed by the Priestess, went something like
The Legend of Edon
“As a keeper of the sacred knowledge of The Edeota, Our
ancient ancestors who lived some 45,450 completions ago or
12,889 years into our past, I have been given permission from
our Great Council to speak. As legend states; there existed a
highly advanced global Empire that of which the Nation of Edon
held chair. Within this territory, there exists a city called Edonna,
the eye of dawn, where the divine Priest held Council. An Edon
Priest named Bedona-Qavi, foretold of a massive firestorm; that
would wipe out the entire conscious existence of Ota, if they did
not heed his warnings.
The Edon Priest sent word out to all of the Otas that; a
cataclysm of great proportion is heading our way as a result of
our over advancements in the spatial arts, for several years no
one would listen, despite his title. The Priest even confined in his
family and they too felt it hard to inner-stand, for the story was
beyond fantastic to believe. The Priest inner stood that; the
mystery behind the missing children was directly linked to the
visitors who arrived from another world and as a result of this
visit; our knowledge in the areas of spatial geo-matrix will
tremendously increase. Such an increase will lead to our down fall
if we are not careful.
Bedona-Qavi believed that the curiosity the Edeota had in
the existence of intelligent life on other worlds had the potential
to influence them to create technology that was capable of
traveling outside of our planet. And there was no rational
explanation to stop them from achieving this feat. The Ota were
Jerry McLeaurin
technologically advanced for their time and the products of their
creativity new no bounds. Some would say that the more
advanced the Ota became the more dangerous they will become
to themselves by attracting species of beings from other planets
who may be curious as to the direction of their developments.
The Priest expressed a deep concern that; “if the Aliens
were to learn of our sacred knowledge they could use it against
us, if they prove to be hostile we will be facing an Invasion which
will lead us into war with an Alien species we have very little
knowledge of. I must say, that it is highly uncommon for
children to be missing like this, which did not happen until those
creatures arrived from beyond.”
Even though the elder Priest of the divine Chief had the
support of the Edon Council of Elder Priest, who also shared in
his vision, the idea was a very hard sale for the Edeotas to
internalize. One horrible over sight of the Edeaotas was their
over confidence in the spatial arts. The Ota could not inner-stand
how having intelligence in such a concept was dangerous, and
that there were beings outside of their world who would exploit
them for it. For the most part, the Ota could not force his or
herself to become more primitive that feat is impossible if not
It was not until Pigojia, in some extremely rare account,
sent Rejasilai to bring forth the proper persuasion. During this
great and extremely rare manifestation of our principle Deity, the
great Rejasilai, the greater half of our planets population was put
under a spell of sleep and when this mass event took place those
who were still conscious, at that time, saw a divine mist, a mist
that encircled the planet and caused the inhabitance to fall into a
deep state of unconsciousness.
The Lost Memories of Rozika
This Strange mist changed colors from green to orange
and from orange to blue and then a combination as though being
played with by some exotic frequency. This was our planet’s last
resort in communicating directly with its inhabitance, for the
people had a headstrong misunderstanding of the difference
between the interests of beings who are native to Pigojia verses
the nature of beings from outer worlds, which had led to a very
unpleasant disposition.
The Edeotas failed to grasp the inner standing that; within
the domains of solar space there exist spatial beings with an
agenda of their own that contradicts the nature of our world.
That is to say that the world of spatial arts ignores the probability
of an intrinsic evil and the ways in which to combat its structural
existence. So, the Edeota who were viewed as some of the most
intelligent people living on Pigojia ignored the possibility of an
intrinsic nature of these unknown spatial beings and focused
primarily on the ideals of their own exploratory agenda.
The Edeota also failed to inner stand the true nature of
Eya, our great mother and the High Priestess of Edonna, who
was to serve as the voice of the Edonnean people to the Great
Council of the Isogo. The Edeotas, who were masters at
understanding the natural forces that governed the reality of the
Pigojian world, paid little to no attention to the powers of their
supreme resource. Instead of seeking the advice of their
Priestess, they became overly mystified by the loss of their
The Edeota had never experienced visitations of this kind
by beings from other planets and prior to the visitations, the
Edeota had absolutely no knowledge whatsoever of the existence
of beings from other worlds. There was not even a slightest
Jerry McLeaurin
notion, thought or theory that would suggest that life existed on
other worlds besides their own, not in a way they could
Bedona-Qavi himself was also mystified by the experience
and ignorant as well. So he spoke with Eya-Qavi and asked for
her guidance. Outside of being an High Priestess, Eya-Qavi was
the Life Companion to Bedona-Qavi, who had a powerful
influence over the Isogo High Council. Eya-Qavi was responsible
for healing the mental deformities born in some children;
however, the Ota of Edonna lacked the inner-standing of the
situation so they knew not what to ask of their Great Mother, for
the question just could not be “How to reverse their intelligence”
because that was just not possible and that would leave them in a
worst off situation.
As a solution, Eya-Qavi decided meet with the Council of
the Isogo and requested that the Ota be given access to Anteeop,
so that they can be prepared for the inevitable and the Council
agreed granting Eya-Qavi permission to proceed with the ritual
of summoning the great Rejasilai. So with the consent of The
Isogo High Council, Eya-Qavi sent a telepathic message to the
Great Rejasilai, to place all of Pigojia’s children under a spell of
While the Edeota were under the Spell of Rejasilai; they
will transition to the fore world of Anteeop, so they could
witness the future Bedona-Qavi spoke about. The only Edeota
who remained awake were the ones who heard the voice of the
great Rejasilai telling them to “hold down the fort while the
others were being initiated into the Isogo”.
Within the Isogo there exists a fore world called Anteeop;
in this world the Ota are considered Begosie, which meant that
The Lost Memories of Rozika
the Ota inhabited inner-chi systems within an alternate reality.
The journey through the Isogo was said to have been an
unnerving experience. The visions reported by those who
traveled through the Isogo were fascinating. They reported
seeing ships with hollow centers, where a huge bubble sat, while
inside the bubble a misty glow emanated but never quite
penetrated the barrier of the ships protective shield. Some
reported seeing other Ota floating inside of countless bubbles. It
would seem as though the journey through the Isogo was
governed by two distinct paths. One path led to a series of ships
and the other path, which was most disturbing, led into the
mouth of an enormous serpent, one of many.
The serpent’s name is Raqiz and from the accounts of the
Ota who experienced this journey there were many such
serpents. Imagine finding yourself floating, within solar space,
inside of a bubble and seeing others get eaten by these giant
serpents, at some point you may find the event disturbing, for
the fate of your own journey is unknown.
The Priestess, Eya-Qavi, was taught that the mysteries of
the Isogo are hidden deep within the society of the Great
Council of Elders. Such mysteries were only taught to the
Initiated few, therefore she alone knew of the Space-Serpents.
These magnificent creatures represent the gateway to the world
of Anteeop.
It is said that when you are swallowed up by Raqiz you
are transported into the body of a Bigosi, an inhabitant of
Anteeop. At both ends of Raqiz is a head, one that consumes
you and the other that spits you out. The Priestess knew nothing
of the menacing creatures until she made the request to the High
Council and they informed her of what was to be expected by
Jerry McLeaurin
taking this rout. The Danger in this journey was that most
travelers are blinded by fright and become lost and unable to
make their way to the destination.
The ships within the Isogo were quite menacing
themselves, for the glowing mist at the center of the ships’ haul
consumed the bubbles carrying Ota as well. The operators of
these ships were not Ota like us for they were a combination of
the various life forms on Pigojia. These mysterious beings would
transport Ota to the surface of Anteeop by way of tiny ships.
These Ota were not given host to inhabit, their job was that of
the watcher, while those who were consumed by the serpents
were there for the experience as Begosi.
Within the world of Anteeop, the Otas where made to live
out a great disaster as a means of learning the truth of Bedona-
Qavi prediction. The Ota witnessed a menacing alien invasion
filled with death and destruction, they experienced both the highs
and the extreme lows of technological advancements and the
enslavement of a once great people.
In this reality the Invaders of Anteeop were the
conquerors of Anteeop and many generations after the event a
mysterious light, rained fire across Anteeop and the transition
process kicked in reverse. This was a very dangerous journey and
the mentally weak Ota would never make it back, for they had
lost their minds during the journey through the Isogo as Begosi,
for the terrors they had witnessed was far too much for their
minds to handle so they remained lost in the Isogo.
Those who made it through the Isogo had re-awakened
and were taught to accept the fact that there had been a five day
loss of time even though they claimed to have experience death,
resurrection and rebirth that expanded perhaps over a thousand
The Lost Memories of Rozika
years; this experience forced them to put forth a plan to preserve
their way of life in order to protect the future generations yet to
come. Those who remained conscious of the Deity Rejasilai
became the Council of the Divine Chief, Rejasilai. Of the Otas
who returned, some became super intelligent, like all of their
senses were fined tuned, making them take on the conscious
state of a super Ota.
Everything that the Edeotas knew was magnified one
hundred folds as they became Serido. For example, let’s say that
you were able to produce clay pots, as a trade, now after you’ve
gone through this initiation sequence you’re quite able to create
advanced mechanical locking systems using clay and other
advanced materials. That is what happened to most of the
initiated Ota; they became smarter, and thus after countless
generations their descendents became the Facilitators of the
thought temples of Rozika.
The remaining Ota, who did not travel through the Isogo,
maintained a direct connection with the great Rejasilai and as a
result became Priest, an advancement of their previously stated
assignment. In the case of Edonna, its cities became centers for
the advanced studies in theoretical technological science. Their
centers studied the effects of combining magnets and various
materials such as titanium, copper, zinc, gold and a host of other
metals in order to fuel the power needs of their construction
Interesting enough, with all the advancements underway
there still remained an underlining conclusion, held by a select
group of Temple Priests called the Sinsu, who stated that if the
technology, created by the Serido, was to ever escape their
control they would destroy all evidence of the technological
Jerry McLeaurin
development. This group was to remain the final solution to any
over baring situation i.e. global invasion.
For the prospect of preserving their way of life for future
generations, there were a series of agricultural architects who had
developed a writing system based on pictures in order to simplify
the techniques of agriculture and social dynamics so that if their
civilization was ever destroyed, like in the vision of the Begosi of
Anteeop, their great children could rebuild their civilization based
on the drawings left behind.
The children of the Ota learned the art of stone alchemy;
this particular practice spawned the development of analytical
research and application in the construction material
manipulation of solid objects and the placements thereof. The
concept of stone alchemy was a process of changing stone into
It is the understanding of our present day Priest; that the
period of missing time encountered by the Serido as Edeotas
traveling through the Isogo as Begosi, was a bit longer then first
translated. The reason behind the mistranslation of the Serido
belief lays in the discovery of an Old tablet with odd ancient
writing that suggests an ancient alternate reality. This is why we
have these magnificent structures scattered through our world,
our ancestors wanted to protect us from our own ignorance.”
“After the Priestess concluded her historical speech, a
committee was assembled to welcome the Cryon people. The
meeting between the UmuSerido and the Cryon representatives;
focused on the established communication between the Cryon
The Lost Memories of Rozika
and the distant area of the ever-verse, outside our known
planetary system, called Sporexia.
The Cryon spoke of this planetary system which lies
beyond the Geometric Matrix of what you call Orion. Within this
system, the Cryon claimed to have discovered a binary solar
system. Within this binary system was a series of planets. The
Cryon were particularly interested in the planet called Serian and
its Humanoid race of inhabitance called the Seron. These beings,
as professed by the Cryon, possessed a technology that of which
allowed humanoid species from different worlds to communicate
with one another.
The Cryon expressed that, they encountered these beings
through one of their divine seers; who constructed a device
based on the instruction given to her by a Seron; during a
channeling session with the being. So the Council was under the
impression that the Cryon were contacted by these beings from
Serian and that the Seron were peaceful, intelligent and wanted to
find other worlds in which they could share their knowledge
with, but who where these beings anyway, and what is their
agenda, asked one Scholar Priest, Qavi-Shinu?
The Cryon gave us as much information as they could; however,
through our communication with the Cryon, it was understood
by the Temple Priests that: the amount of information the Cryon
had about the distant civilization of Serian was incomplete. The
Temple Priests were even more concerned, for they believed it
would be a disaster for an expedition to travel to another world
and interact with its civilization without the proper provisions.
The provisions the Temple Priests spoke of were;
weaponry for enemy transportation systems and personnel.
Advanced frequency transmission jamming devices, for
Jerry McLeaurin
perspective battles we may encounter during our missions. And
an assortment of battle ready personnel skilled in the art of zero
gravity flight maneuvers.
A large debate ensued between the Temple Priests and the
Scholar Priest, our Scientific Technicians; who believed over
provisions may lead to a spatial conflict and yet again the Scholar
Priest was able to convince the Serido that their way was safer.
The Scholar Priest proposed generating a force field that will
eliminate any projectile weaponry or rogue frequency
transmission that threatens the safety of our explorers. Along
with the protection of our shields, we will be able to avoid any
and all types of enter spatial conflict without having to fire any
such weapons. The Scholar Priest concluded that “we are
explorers, not petty merchants or war lords”.
The truth of the matter is; you never know what to expect
when encountering a strange new world and its alien
environment, and it was hard for the Temple Priests to hold a
strong case because the Scholar Priest made the case that; had
they approached the Cryon with the weaponry and war tactics,
proposed by the Temple Priests, a war between our worlds may
have been the consequence.
Secondly, as stated by an Umu-Serido, “there was very
little research done by our Scholar Priest which would suggest
that; the technology, we have conceived, was capable of having
the desired affect needed to protect our crew from an enemy
attack. Another important factor was the fact that our species is
quite new at the concept of traveling through solar space, so how
could we develop a highly trained Spatial Fighter if we are still
dealing with the basics of traveling through Solar Space. We
don’t even know what to expect out there within the solar
The Lost Memories of Rozika
environment, so how could we protect ourselves from something
we know very little about?”
Unfortunately these technological mysteries were left
undiscovered. We never quite got over the fact that we were
theoretically out classed by the Umu-Serido. Although he
professed an outstanding argument, our Temple Priests were
certain that; if we are not prepared for this journey, our future
will become radically affected. The Scholar Priest believed so
confidently in the strength of their technological discoveries that
they overlooked the possibility of a failing protective shield.
I must say, that I am impressed with the advancements of
our time; however, though we believed that the shields were
impregnable, our science was strictly Pigojian. The dangerous
truth of the matter is, there was nothing here on planet Pigojia
that was able to penetrate our shield technology and as Ota we
are prone to subtle tricks and our faults of being overconfident.
Just because your technology works well on Pigojia does not
mean that it will work on some other planet with different rules
of natural law.
For, it was the overconfidence in the sacred knowledge
that led to the downfall of the Edeota. Even though the advent
of spatial technology brought forth growth and prosperity,
amongst the Rozikan people and our neighbors; the prophecy
still held true. We were doomed by our overconfidence in the
machine world we have created and for the first time, our state
rested in the midst of an impending catastrophe, one in which we
had foreknowledge of. I guess knowing the future and
attempting to change it, is an impossible feat. Ironically, the more
we tried to avoid the prophecy of our ancestors, the closer we
were to fore filling it.
Jerry McLeaurin
We knew that there were continuing communications
between the Cryon and the Scholar Priests, which maintained a
peaceful accord; however, the true communication between the
Cryon and the mystery civilization was unknown to the Temple
Priests and as time passed the relationship between the Scholar
Priest and the Cryon scientist was ever increasing, they managed
to design and build a spatial teleportation device that generated a
spatial slip stream. In theory the spatial slip streams, prior to their
activation, represents spatial currents that, when synchronized,
can propel a craft many solar distances in a manner of moments.
From the reports written by the scholar technicians, the
UmuQavije; the spatial slip stream generator was a device that
allowed a craft to bypass the Solar sphere of neutral space and
escape the immense pressure of our Binary solar system, for it
was believed that it was an impossible feat, escaping the
boundaries of our planetary system.
In theory, the Scholar Priests understood, through their
use of the spatial probe that; the planetary system in which we
lived was an enclosed domain and that it was impossible for
them to escape the pressure forces that they understood kept
these large planets in orbit. The Scholar Priest who professed this
understanding did so under the initial practice of spatial geometry
which gave an accurate description of the planetary system in
which we live.
The problem with this spatial concept was its inability to
examine the quantum aspect of the solar sphere, our range within
the quantum spectrum of the Solar Sphere was juvenile, at best,
until we met with the Cryon who assisted in merging our ideas. I
guess with further activities, research and a closer observation of
the sub-sectors of the solar spectrum, we could have explored
this region on our own.
The Lost Memories of Rozika
Our resolve produce the first teleportation device which
offered us the possibility of reaching nearby stars in a short
amount of time but this Teleportation device, so named the
Killactive Cell, was not originally conceived by the Scholar
Priests, but in part by the Cryon and it was assumed, by the
Temple Priest, that the Technology was alien even to the Cryon.
The Cryon technicians engineered a geometric grid which
resembled a mechanical spiral; however, the spiral lacked any
structural foundation which could explain the reason why this
Jerry McLeaurin
type of system would offer us the solution we needed to escape
the Solar Sphere.
The Cryon explained that the mechanical spiral “served as
a resembling function of our solar system”; however, the Cryon
never professed a complete understanding of how this planetary
system worked. The Scholar Priests, with information retrieved
from our previous probe mission, possessed the missing piece of
this mechanical puzzle. Based on the probes findings, our binary
solar system revolved around a bridge that connects the
quadrispheres of the Solar Sphere.
One of our Scholar Priests, Umu-Delaipah, explained that
our suns revolved around opposing ends of an event horizon.
These stars orbited two intersecting whirl pools of immense
energy. The concept of Spatial Geometrics describes the origin
of our solar system in a way that suggest; our binary suns were
originally massive solids called Koris which existed in orbital
positions billions of solar miles into the past.
These orbiting Koris material, over time, began to develop
an increased attraction towards each other. As the seemingly
moments passed, the attraction between the binary Koris
material became greater until the attraction became so great that
the energy caused the pair to accelerate towards each other in a
head on collision that took over a billion years to impact.
This journey took about a million solar years for the pair
of Koris material to unite in what could be known as a mega
fusion. The fusion of the Koris material created a gigantic
explosion of fused magnetic particles some of which formed into
the binary suns we have in our solar orbit today. The impact of
these Koris materials created a powerful collapsing force which
was the result of the total mass of the Koris material colliding at
The Lost Memories of Rozika
a million times the speed of light, which was about a 18 billion
miles per second. This Unifying event created a tangential
displacement of whirling materials of super energy, while at the
same time ejecting portions of radiated debris throughout the
event. These materials soon after began to orbit the pair of suns
as the magnetically fused debris which soon became planets and
the remaining Koris materials became moons.
The Union of the Koris materials generated a super
magnetic whirl pool. The binary ends of the whirl pool energized
the Koris elements and transformed them in to the brilliant lights
we see today shooting across our skies. The energy of this event
transformed the smaller debris into roaming satellites, asteroids.
The names given for this anomaly is binary magnetic spiral. The
force from this binary spiral generates an energy stream that
ejects material towards the outer edge of the Solar Sphere before
recycling that same material back into the nucleus of the
mechanical centrifuge.
There is a device within your time period that almost does
the same thing it is called the Large Hadron Collider. That device
could go a long way in describing the developments of juvenile
solar structures along with the paths that lead to slip stream
This concept, as articulated by one of our chief Scholar
Priests; laid the foundation to the Cryon’s mechanical problem.
In addition to expanding Cryon Geometry; with the physics of
our Binary solar system models, our Scholar Priest completed the
Cryon’s mechanical spiral adding a polar component that
generated a binary spiral configuration which solved the problem
of the missing piece of this mechanical situation.
Jerry McLeaurin
Although the Cryon lacked the experience to generate a
complete an accurate solar model, they spoke highly about their
advanced communications system that converts language into
thought patterns and vice versa, it was through this piece of
Cryon technology that our communication was made possible.
A Scholar Priest, Umu-Shinua suggested that we
reproduce the Cryon technology and or use it to study this outer
world civilization, but strangely enough, the Cryon could not
completely get it to work within our atmosphere and the Scholar
Priests believed it to be based on a difference in thought
projection, with respect to the Afon and Serido mental anatomy.
Now, the Scholar Priests had ways of testing and retesting
technology; in order to find ways to make it better or to change
its purpose. A Scholar Priest; by the name of Umu-Shinue,
developed a two way transmitter which allowed an exploration
team to communicate between galactic distances using a
modified thought wave projection amplifier. Umu-Shinue
developed the system with the aid of the concepts used to design
the teleportation Cell and it worked famously.
With our communication systems in tact the Scholar
Priests and Cryon technicians had soon completed the joint
planetary developmental prototype project, and it was time to
remote test the device. The Spatial test had amazing results; with
the aid of our robotic technology, we were able to construct an
artificial test pilot for the purpose of recording images thousands
of solar distances away. The Temple Priests advised the Scholar
Priest to not send any Rozikans on this test run until the safety
protocols are met with respect to slip stream travel beyond the
Solar Sphere, so we used a psychic cybernetic organism to test
the capabilities of our equipment.
The Lost Memories of Rozika
Umu-Shinue was a brilliant Scholar Priest, he and his team
reconstructed the Cryon Thought wave Amplifier and integrated
it into a cybernetic organism creating a psychic link between the
hard drive of the android and the brain wave frequencies of the
Ota mind and it worked perfectly. There were not many of these
machines created but the technology was highly useful.
The images taken by our android pilot displayed a vast
emptiness and at times one could imagine strange illuminating
objects coming to life as if observing us from a distance. Our
scanners did detect a series of living entities that should not have
been able survive the cold empty space outside of the Solar
Sphere; however we did not want to become distracted by any
side investigations, although the images where spectacular. There
are colors of light that were never seen before by Rozikan eyes
and just as interesting were these strange Solar Fish.
From our tests and experiments we were able to devise a
concept of measuring the solar distance which was based on the
recorded distance traveled by our probe towards the outer edge
of the Solar Sphere, the time it took for a complete journey and
the temperature along the path, from this observation we were
able to construct a distance measurement formula based on the
ratio of sound wave frequencies between our sun and the
opposing away star.
In our time we did not have what you would call light
years, although we use the term loosely in this message; however,
we did possess an understanding of the functions of time, Koris
energy, density and Sound displacements which aided in our
mapping technology. Our concept of time was somewhat similar
to the clocks used by the peoples of your era; however, the
mathematics used to describe our time; was based on the change
Jerry McLeaurin
of temperature, the position of a particular geometrical pattern of
Star formations and the phases of Grima. The Ancient Serido of
the Edeota used this time formula to lead them in their everyday
There was a devise which displayed accurately the
temporal disposition of elements that made up the Solar Space
and it was used to study the temperature within the slipstream
and the spatial time difference to determine distance, direction
and position of the Spatial Distortion device. The testing took
several years to complete.
Neither Serido nor Afon had ever left this solar system
before and, in addition, was still in the infant stage in our
discovery of nearby worlds. This frustrated the Temple Priests
greatly and even more frustrating to the Temple Priest was the
excitement the Serido had towards the project, it would seem
impossible to derail this current position and a harsh lesson was
to be learned.
Meanwhile back at the Council meeting at substation 8,
the Afon and Serido Temple Priests discussed the activities and
findings of the Scholar Priest and, based on these discussions,
were convinced that the Scholar Priests were advancing much
too quickly and the peoples of Rozika were too distracted by
these accomplishments to listen to any opposing statements
made by the Temple priests of the Council of Elders, which was
very odd, for these Temple Priests were highly revered amongst
the Serido of Rozika.
There were some Scholar Priests who followed the
suggestions of the Temple Priests, for a precautionary strategy
for navigating Solar Space and visiting alien planets, they
discussed the many possible ways in which the project could go
The Lost Memories of Rozika
completely wrong, for it was foretold by the Ancient Edeota that
their memory would be forever lost if they did not heed the
warnings of the Temple Priests.
The Temple Priests relayed the message over and over for
the Serido Scholar Priest to; remember the Begosi within the
Isogo and their experience on Anteeop and all the Scholar Priest
could do is become better at their particular skill, it was like all
they could only remember and or chose to remember the
technology and science of the experience and not the reasons
behind the horrific situation they found themselves in. It then
became understood that the Temple Priests may have miss read
the events that took place with the ancient Edeota and their
journey inside the Isogo.
An Afon Temple Priest who professed this concept was
my wife, the High Priestess; Qavi-Ovaiesha, who stated that “the
Edeota were taught how to survive the cataclysm and were given
instructions on how to deal with the inevitable. The Edeota knew
that there was no way they could escape this impeding danger so
they had to learn the techniques of multidimensional reasoning in
order to inner-stand the solutions to their alien problem on a
subconscious level.”
Many of us believed that the Serido Temple Priests had
misunderstood the mass prophecy as just a warning and
neglected its true message, which was the absolute survival of the
Ota species. We failed to understand the true course of their
actions and the ways of the eternal states of life and the
conscious state of cosmic reason. So, just as the exploratory
projects were making progress there where two other projects on
way, they were both designed as a last resort just in case the
prophecy manifested itself as it was.
Jerry McLeaurin
Of the two additional projects designed, in conjunction to
the exploratory project, was the deconstruction project and the
other was the eternal preservation project. The deconstruction
project was to be done in secret; which was a necessary evil
because if the Serido knew; we were planning on dismantling our
great cities and country side, we run the possibility of starting a
civil war along with any other insane situation undiscovered and
we just could not have that, neither could we risk surrendering
our sacred knowledge that may be used against us. There were
unpublished concepts that we must preserve for our own
This brings us to the eternal preservation project; it was
the inner-standing of our Council of Elders that all Afon and
Serido works of interest be inscribed in kabetics and sealed
within a biological vault; with encryption codes scattered
throughout our genetic matrix for the prospect of future
reference and resurrection.”
The De`ango Ascends
“The Cryon and Rozikan scientist began the first stage of
the exploratory project which served as a joint cooperative effort
between the Serido, our neighbors the Peaon and the Cryon
Representatives of Grimma. Our initiative was to design a spatial
crafts that can operate within the multi arenas of fluids, air, fire
and the various areas of the Solar Sphere, preferably outside of
the Solar Sphere. The advanced problem that riddled our
cooperative was how to escape the layers of the Dark barrier, the
external aspect of the Solar Sphere.
The Dark Barrier represents the difference between the
spatial region of the inner Solar Sphere and the expansive region
outside of the Solar Sphere, the dark barrier. The Scholar Priest
believed knowledge was a composition of dark and light koris
material, within their studies. The Scholar Priest learned that
there are billions of aspects of dark Koris material and when
these aspects are combined they generate the light aspect of the
Koris material. The interaction of dark and light koris materials
creates a cell like structure with an inner layer of dark Koris
material a layer of light koris materials and an outer layer of
purely dark Koris material; we call this interaction of Koris
materials, the dark Barrier.
It was believed that nothing could pass through this dark
barrier, for no one clearly understood its composition; however,
if the Cryon were right, and a frequency was able to pass through
the dark barrier then it may be possible for us to teleport through
the dark barrier using a technique of density decomposition or
Jerry McLeaurin
frequency projection and projectile reemerging. To study this
anomaly we created a transference test to measure the accuracy
of our hypothesis.
The Transference test worked through the use of a
specialized probe. The probe was designed to record the reaction
the shield had towards the Koris materials of the dark barrier.
The question was, could the shield maintain its integrity and
protect the haul of the probe as it travels through the barrier at
multidimensional speeds? An inertial scanner component of the
test gave us an understanding with respect to the dimensions of
the Solar Sphere beyond the dark barrier and we were amazed.
Our test showed a slight increase of Koris material
transference through the probes external shield as the device
accelerated towards the third phase of dimensional velocity. The
test showed that the shield of the device needed to be of a higher
density in order to withstand the resistance of Koris materials
traveling against the probe’s shield. After several attempts and
modifications, we were able to maneuver through the dark
barrier with minimal transference of Koris materials passing
through the probe’s shield. The Koris material that managed to
bypass the shield was diverted into a containment field for
further studies.
That is to say, the Koris materials that was still able to
transfer through the probes haul had little to no effect on the
probes vital components. However, our test revealed, as our
probe passed through the dark barrier, that over time the vital
components of the probe had to be replaced. For one, the initial
power unit becomes totally depleted over time and needs to be
replaced after about five thousand jumps. This does not affect
the crafts ability to travel at multidimensional speeds, it is just
The Lost Memories of Rozika
that if the craft is disabled or needs to regenerate, it would not be
able to because its power source will be depleted.
The transference tests were a great success and we were
now able to pass through the outer layer of the dark barrier using
a modified probe and the development of this spatial technology
helped us in future exploratory projects.
Our cooperative effort created the first teleportation
device ever conceived by our life form, the device was known as
“The Killactive Cell” and in future reference “A Star Gate”. The
Killactive Cell is a multidimensional, density reducing, power
generator, and when activated, produces a wormhole slip stream;
that transfers information from opposing ends of its mechanical
spiral configuration.
This mechanical spiral interacts with the spaghetti streams
of the ever-verse in this manner; within the ever-verse are strands
of stream energy with a velocity of over a million times the speed
of light. There are multiple strands of this spaghetti like streams
of super currents that flows throughout the ever-verse, within
and beyond the Solar Sphere extending into the ever-verse in
multiple directions. These spaghetti streams never seem to flow
in straight lines but through curves, loops and complex angles
lending itself to the term spaghetti.
Our devise enables us to travel through the strands of
looped streams and cover enormous areas in an incredibly short
period of time. In order for this transmission to take place a slip
stream must be activated, the function of the killactive cell is to
distort the space around the ship by reducing the density of the
ship creating a bubble effect, when this happens the ship
becomes lighter, almost to a point where it becomes out of phase
with normal space. During our testing of the device we noticed
Jerry McLeaurin
that a single Rozikan could take a block of stone that weighed a
few tons and lift it effortlessly in the air, for the density of the
stone was reduced beyond its physical parameters thus making it
as light as a feather.
The shielding technology works in a similar manner by
reducing the density of the koris element of the ships core
creating a bubble type shield that possessed the previous
hardness and density of the Koris element. When the density of
the koris elements is reduced and the density of the ship is then
redirected away from our point of destination, the craft then
becomes in phased with the spaghetti stream. When the ship is in
phase, the spaghetti stream is activated and thus we are allowed
to slip through the fibers of the hyper koris material at almost
instantaneous speeds.
After the successful runs of the Killactive transference
test, the opposing end of the Killactive Cell was projected into
solar space and beyond the Dark Barrier outside of our Solar
Sphere, with the aid of the De`ango, a spatial transportation
Craft designed by Umu-Sheanzu. In conjunction with the ships
shielding technology the rings of the binary killactive cells assist
in the activation of the spaghetti streams by channeling their
position to match the opposing ends of the strands. It may be
possible for us to send information to a third location; however,
without a third ring that information will be forever lost or
Umu-Sheanzu was a Scholar Priest of the Thought
Temple of spatial science. Umu-Sheanzu argued that instead of
just generating a slip stream from our end of the ever-verse to
the other end, which is in the constellation of Sporexia, we could
use this same concept as a propulsion device; his opposition
The Lost Memories of Rozika
stated “if we are stranded due to technological difficulties then;
how do we return? The Idea of using this system as a propulsion
apparatus is fine but we must make use of the teleport as well
just in case.”
So Umu-Sheanzu and a team of specialist designed a craft
that generated a slip-stream sphere within the spaghetti stream
and named it the De`ango which means the inner sphere.
The De`ango
The De`ango was design with a slip stream power
distributer as its functioning core. The Power Distributer
channeled the density of a Koris element and redirected it’s
density beyond the external Haul of the ship, as a force, allowing
the ship to maneuver in any channeled direction. In this case the
Jerry McLeaurin
De`ango was able to transport the massive unit of the Killactive
cell while at the same time controlling its position within the
transport portal.
The De`ango had a primary propulsion apparatus as well
which was its multidirectional spinning wind splitters; located
between the mid sections of the De`ango’s center fuselage. The
wind splitters allowed the De`ango to make its way into space
from Pigojia’s surface. Both the De`ango and its pilot are
controlled using a telekinetic Amplification Device that is tuned
to the brain wave frequencies of remote operators. The test runs
were a complete success.
The report from the Scholar Priest involved with the
project stated that; “the mechanics of the De`ango held fast to all
known safety precautions. The mechanized system performed
well within the zero gravity atmosphere of the Solar Space and
the structural integrity of the Haul remained static beyond the
Dark Barrier, as it traveled through the spaghetti streams of the
The next thing was to transport the opposing end of the
teleportation Cell to its rightful position, within the spatial layer
of Pigogia’s Atmosphere and project its counterpart to the
second location, through the spaghetti stream to the destination
of passage, where the complete system could be fully activated
and functional. The process of studying the functional aspect of
the Killactive cell along with safety protocols and emergency
abort specs took an amazing 10 years to test to completion and
the next stage in the joint exploratory project began to sequence.
The Scholar Priest as well as the cooperative parties;
rejoiced in their accomplishment and where on their way to
establishing direct communications with the external civilized
The Lost Memories of Rozika
world of the Seron. A modified probe was sent ahead of the
De`ango through the Killactive cell in order to gather
information on the Solar Region of Sporexia prior to the
emerging of our pioneering vessel. The information transmitted
back from Sporexia, via the De`ango’s secondary position,
described a world similar to Pigojia with vast cities and advanced
transportation vehicles just as the Cryon had described. This was
great news for the Scholar Priests involved with the project, for
they were witnessing, for the first time in our known history, a
world beyond the dark barrier which possessed the potential for
future trade and technological exploration.
However, during the emerging of the De`ango within the
Serian territory of Sporexia, something mechanical had
pinpointed and tagged the outer haul of the De`ango’s fuselage,
during photographing of Serian. The photographs captured by
the De`ango were amazing; Serian was a huge planet with a
greenish yellow atmosphere and spiraling blue clouds, the
De`ango sent in an atmospheric probe to take a closer look at the
surface, then all of the sudden the camera ceased to function and
tiny robotic spheres started surrounding the De`ango as if they
were trying to capture it. These robotic spheres shot tiny bits of
light at the De`ango’s haul, our sensors could not determine if
the bits of light were dangerous or not, because the bits of light
never seem to penetrate through the De`ango’s haul, this
interaction set off some major alarms within the Temple Priest
community and the De`ango was given the command to return
back to Pigojian space. The early return of the De`ango was
disturbing to the Temple Priest and misunderstood by the
Scholar Priests, the Peaon scientist and participating technicians;
who believed the return of the De`ango to Pigojian space was
Jerry McLeaurin
The Scholar Priests wrote the incident off as an interaction
of unknown material interface and declared that we restart our
mission and continue with our studies of Serian. The Scholar
Priest believed; these mechanical spheres where a byproduct of
some unknown spatial communication device belonging to the
Seron of Serian. The Temple Priest, on the other hand, believed
the craft may have been under some type of attack but could not
define its origin or its purpose; therefore we had no choice but to
retrieve the technology and postpone further mission until the
proper investigations are completed. This unexpected catalyst
was explored in greater detail by the Sinsu, who were a sub order
of Temple Priest who studied a technique called the expressions
of Debeero. The Sinsu were activated to spear head the
The expressions of Debeero is a concept of extreme
negativity which, when used properly, can expose any agenda
contrary to the Rozikan way of life; this technique was mastered
by the Afon Priests of a sacred order who were the direct
followers of Rejasilai, the Sinsu. As the team explored the outer
haul of the De`ango’s fuselage; they noticed a series of spherical
anomalies, small in scope in a relative geometric position. These
anomalies resembled small pods with tiny machines that
generated a pulse, these tiny machines were situated in a
geometric pattern resembling a cube; the team concluded that it
was some type of tracer probe.
This interested the Temple Priests greatly and soon after,
the De`ango was completely disassembled pending the
investigation of the invasive pods. The Scholar Priest argued in
front of the Council Board for access to the De`ango in order to
study the anomalies a little closer but the Council refused their
request stating “the project has been reassigned to the Sinsu for
The Lost Memories of Rozika
further analysis because these alien attachments seem to be
giving off a strange signal and it is not towards us”. I concluded
that we allow the Sinsu to take a closer look just in case we need
to destroy them. At the time I thought that this could just be the
Serons way of saying hello and with all things being observed,
your thoughts will be taken into consideration, just give us a
chance to rule out any suspicious activity.
The Temple Priest knew that this was trouble so they
confronted the Council of Elders and they all agreed to put into
motion the maggaston de gravitizing devise, a device that
fragments and reprograms the killactive slip stream rings, built in
secret by the Sinsu, as a global defense mechanism.
The Council of Elders is the primary advisor group to the
binary priest hood and top authority in the areas of disaster
preparation; with respect to cataclysmic events such as quakes,
floods, food shortages and extreme weather patterns, this group
of Elders are considered to be the most righteous teachers of
divine knowledge and masters in the art of conflict resolutions
even those that dealt with the improper exchange and cross
referencing of Ideas. They are the keepers of the court of
technological science.
The reason the Elders were so important to the Rozikans
dates back to our first encounter with the great Rejasilai and the
message he put forth to the Edeota. Rejasilai informed our
ancestors that “with age there is wisdom and the desire to
maintain tradition. The Elders are given this task, as they
represent the undying spirit of progress and evolution.”
The Council of Elders is not completely an elder based
organization with respect to the age of an Afon or Serido. The
Council of Elders is Elder because; it was the first organized
Jerry McLeaurin
Council dedicated to the preservation of Rozikan people. Within
The Council of Elders Seats; the High Priestess, Qavi-Ovaiesha
of the Great temple of Rejasilai. Her position deals with inquiries
pertaining to the science of the Isoto, the progression of the
Bernapre through the Isogo, along with the science of cosmic
My position as Quamusume or Master Scholar is to
observe the daily operations of the Thought Temples of Rozika
and to serve as a guide to the inner-standing of Rozika and its
place within Pigojia and as the divine records keeper; I am in
charge of maintaining the records of our natural progression
whether good or bad. Ra-son, I must inform you that Kabetics
has an inner-spirit as well as a supernatural consciousness,
whereby the mastery of Kabetics allows one to enter into that
sacred realm of Rejasilai. It has been said, and inner-stood, that
Kabetics has the power to activate the brain to a point of perfect
clarity; however, one must study and become its loyal student.
Ra-son our culture does have an organized form of
Government. We call our setting government a Uaufi. Our Uaufi
is composed of 12 Councils that maintains the balance and
composer of our customs and scientific discoveries. The Council
of Elders represents the Oldest of the 12 Councils or shall I say
the first of the twelve Councils who were originally composed of
Serido Priest who completed their journey through the Isogo.
The Great Temple of Rejasilai is a secondary Council to
the Council of Elders, for it is said that our Elder Council is
under the influenced of our Elder Bernapree, Shedah and
Sladozu which supersedes the Light of Rejasilai. The Council of
Elders all live in strict observation of the experience projected to
them by The Great Rejasilai, of the Legend of Anteeop. This
The Lost Memories of Rozika
gave the Council powers to inner-stand the events as they unfold.
Those who are the students of Rejasilai set forth the creative
aspect of conflict solutions that are geared towards dealing with
constructive situations that could exist beyond our control.
Within the Council of Elders are fifteen; Elder Priest,
fifteen Scholar Priest, thirty supportive Thought Temples and
Facilitators, a Divine High Priestess and a Divine Master Scholar,
who are the official guardians of our most sacred communities
and It is the responsibility of these Elders to put forth necessary
counter measures for addressing aggravating situations. In the
case of Rozika our Divine Council of Elder were faced with an
important decision. We have been, for the past three hundred
years, preparing for this day that we knew would come.
Each of the 12 Community Councils shall make a spiritual
offering to the Council of Elder Priest; this offering shall
represent the spiritual laws of that Council. As Master Scholar I
will recite our sacred spiritual Law; Each Council member serves
within the limits of his or her life span Whenever a Council of
Elder member transitions, his or her seat is vacant until the
proper replacement is ready for the announcement. A chosen
Elder is selected during his or her teenage years and observed to
see if he or she has the capability of maintaining that seat.
Each Council of Elder member has a divine right to step
down from any position, so long as there is five years of
preparation done prior to the announcement and a successor is
properly screened. The Serido and Afon are always observing
each other’s skills and leadership capabilities for the prospect of
Council selection, therefore it is through the power of the
peoples of Xojizir that our Council of Elders is formed and
maintained. I would also like to say that almost anybody could be
Jerry McLeaurin
a Council of Elder member; it all depends on your dedication and
skill level that initiates council observation.
Our Councils even have, within their ranks, a junior
council of special children. These children possess a unique
capability to see beyond the leaf, they are selected to serve as our
junior priest. These are very special children whose knowledge
can be traced back through generations. They are not exposed to
the public as selectees out of fear of social corruption. Our
remaining Councils are not to be revered as insignificant, for they
are the head temple scholars and facilitators of our Thought
Ra-son as time permits we shall speak a little more in
depth about the parameters of our sacred Councils; However,
this is not the time for specifics of this kind and we have not
been able to get full discloser of our Council activities as of yet. I
will redirect my focus back to the situation at hand. The Council
of Elders held court within the Substation Twelve Temple to
discuss the future of Rozika and Qavi-Ovaiesha was given the
floor to speak.
“Priests, Priestesses, Master Scholar, Scholar Priests,
Temple Priest and Facilitators of this great council, we have a
major development blossoming within our state, our
technological resolve has constructed a phantom. This potential
menace has the capability of disrupting our way of life. Unlike
my fellows, I understand the importance of this type of
discovery. Traveling through our Solar Sphere is an admirable
feat; we have seen images of our external world that were
unparallel to the visions of our most extreme and creative artist.
The Lost Memories of Rozika
This world of Serian, in the Sporexian Constellation, is
quite beautiful in its appearance which is why it saddens me to
say that the Councils of Anteeop have perceived this mission to
be extremely dangerous and life threatening. The beings of Serian
must be classified as a potential threat to the world we live in.
Therefore A harsh decision must be made or we risk losing
everything we have worked so hard to keep and maintain. Our
Temple Priests have been opposing this mission for years; there
is even a legend that speaks of our world suffering from the
affects of an invasion.
Our Temple Priests were not, as most Scholar Priests
would say, against the development of spatial technology, our
problems came in the form of chaotic mismanagement and
disagreements between the Temple Priests and the Scholar
Priests. For hundreds of years we have been asking ourselves this
question, with respect to; how do we manage our world under
the chaos of a hostile predator?
The question was asked by the members of our Council
that; what if we have not the proper equipment to defend
ourselves against such destructive technologies. What do we do?
If we must, we shall go to war with these beings and vanquish
the Cryon from our boarders until a thorough investigation can
be made. We shall not accuse these Cryon of orchestrating a
galactic war; however, careful consideration must be taken into
account before this accusation is fully pronounced. As of now
the implementation of slip stream technology has offered some
disturbing results and up to this point we have no Idea of what
our future will become!
These creatures could be friendly or they could be hostile.
We just do not know. What we do know is that these beings have
Jerry McLeaurin
not presented themselves in a peace full nor cooperative manner
and the Council of Elder Priests believes these are the beings
Bedona-Qavi warned us about. This could all just be a huge
misunderstanding; an overreaction on the part of our Divine
Council, though we must consider all of our options just in case.
In my opinion I think the evidence brought forth by the Sinsu
suggests the worst case scenario and we may be facing an
invasion on a grand scale or even perhaps a visitation therefore
we must be prepared either way. The sad thing is; we know
nothing about them or their technology. We may be in the midst
of a divine lesson that we are surely going to learn a great deal
Ra-son, after Ovaiesha spoke, Umu-Sewremoe-Qavi of
the Sinsu gave his report “Oh Great members of this divine
Council. I would like to present to you our findings with respect
to the De`ango mission. The probes that were attached to the
haul of the De`ango represents the topic of our discussion. We
have spent the last two days trying to destroy these things and we
can now say that we have successfully destroyed all of the
remaining probes.
We have tried fire, which did very little, we tried to smash
the objects but they were too small and durable, we placed them
in water and boiled them. Yet, they still seem to be in a state of
transmission. We even tried submerging them in liquid magma
and that seemed to work but we cannot harness the power of
this magma to destroy anything on a much larger scale.
As we were in the process of destroying these anomalies, it
was observed that when submerged in liquid magma probes
stopped transmitting. That is how we are able to say that we had
successfully destroyed them. Unfortunately we were unable to
The Lost Memories of Rozika
trace the origin of the signal or descramble its message therefore
we are proclaiming the Seron to be uncooperative and hostile.
We do know for certain that these are tracer and it is our belief
that another signal similar to the tracers is on its way here
traveling through the Slip stream of our Technology.
We are aware of the fact that the technology of the Serons
is unknown to our Priest Scholars; however, we are taking steps
to eradicate this entity at the command of this most Great and
Divine Council. Our understanding is; these crafts must be made
of a solid material similar to our own and of less density then
Koris elements. We will know this hypothesis to be true if they
are able to withstand the trip to our system, so in conjunction
with our reasoning we have decided that it will be in our best
interest to destroy the Killactive cell. This act will have some
major consequences that I hope our Great Council is prepared to
overcome and I believe we will.
We have run some killactive inverse tests and found that,
in reverse, the killactive cell collapse in onto itself and becomes a
fusion device. Once we activated the inverse force, of the
laboratory scale model, of the Killactive cell, everything within a
ten foot radius vanished into particles and fused into a tiny dense
sphere; afterwards a blinding light flashed from within the sphere
and the next thing our Scholar Priests knew was parts of their
memory was somehow erased and the lab was totally destroyed.
We really had no idea of the potential dangers of this type of
fusion, we even went as far as to conduct the experiment from
behind a secure wall and some of us were still affected by the
frequencies of the blinding light. All of our measuring
equipment, anything metal or manmade possessing metals was
consumed into a sphere then afterwards the sphere would
experience fission and a series of light explosions would be the
Jerry McLeaurin
final result. The good thing is, even though the experiment
destroyed most of our lab equipment and our laboratory as well,
we were able to totally annihilate those invasive probes once and
for all. Now, with the Councils permission, we would like to use
this device to reverse our temporal problem.
Now there is a dark side to our studies. We do not possess
a complete understanding of this process to reverse the effects of
the technology with respect to complete memory loss; however,
if we use it correctly our invasion problem will be solved but our
memories shall be lost. The positive side is the memories of our
invaders will be erased as well. We have developed a device that
could be sent to the Killactive Cell to inverse its polarity, the
device is called the meggaston but I must caution this Council
that if we put this plan into motion, everything created that is
made of metal or manmade will dissipate into a sphere and
explode. This will also consume any alien craft within a five
hundred mile radius; however, there is a down fall in this
The effects of this device will be felt for thousands of
miles from the point of the event. This is what we have to work
with as a weapon and if these beings prove to be hostile and their
technology partially indestructible we must be prepared to use it
at all cost.”
An Elder from the Scholar Priest sector of Achilla, Qua-
Daieman stood up for the first time, having not spoken in weeks,
he was very anxious to deliver his concerns, Qua-Daieman told
the Council that; “the meggaston device is a doomsday weapon
and if we elect to initiate it, in response to this impending
invasion, we will not survive the affects of memory loss, even if
some of us do survive the blinding lights, could we survive the
The Lost Memories of Rozika
tremendous explosion described by the Sinsu and can we live
with the consequences of our actions.
As I was listening to the presentation, brought forth by the
Sinsu, I could not help but see this device as being potentially
dangerous, scaled up by one hundred percent, we may not inner
stand the potential destruction we may be faced with if this
device got out of hand. We have not tested this device on a scale
of this magnitude so how could we be sure that the range is only
five hundred miles? Surely the Peaon are developing a similar
device for it is well known that the Sinsu are spread throughout
Pigojia and they are always in strict communication with each
other, so who knows how many meggaston devices there are. I
am sure other countries and our neighbors are equipped with this
device as well. I must say that I am just as fearful of this decision
as I am with the invasion scenario.
We must ask ourselves this; are we ready to employ the
meggaston and when the time comes and we are faced with
having to deploy the meggaston will we have enough time to
make the right decision? Will we elect to fight them to the death
if they are hostile? The Afon and Serido would fight us to the
death for even speaking of this possible potential. My dear
council, we risk having our memories obliterated for the prospect
of saving our state and defending our people from dangers
unseen. So let’s not jump too quickly to activate the meggaston.
Our military commander Brekhsaieman and his protector
regiments have been grown to handle this impeding emergency
and they are A million strong and well trained. I think with the
technology of our military we can overcome this possible disaster
without going to the extreme of activating the meggaston.”
Jerry McLeaurin
I replied to Qua-Daieman saying “what we risk is of major
importance; however, we cannot just simply ignore the fact that,
if we do not use this device, we may be facing annihilation at the
hands of this potential invader. Imagine us losing our knowledge
of farming, building homes and stone alchemy; especially the art
of stone alchemy, as well as our science in propulsion
technology. If we do not use this weapon the totality of what we
know will vanish anyway, our invaders will capture and
interrogate our Scholar Priests and Facilitators for the knowledge
they possess. It is my inner standing that these beings are after
our sacred knowledge and technological discoveries which, if
they find, could be used against us and or other peoples of
neighboring worlds and civilizations and thus we will be enslaved
by our own ambition.
That is why we have been constructing our divine thought
temples in the hopes that we are able to preserve our knowledge
for our future generation to discover. We have built temples that
are able to withstand the energy blast of the meggaston while at
the same time protecting some of us from memory loss, though
it saddens me that these volts are not big enough for everyone.
Within these temple chambers are security volts that will protect
our way of life for eternity. We already have, at our disposal; a
sacred spiritual science that will allow our memories to be
transported into the minds of our descendents if all else fails.
Our descendents will be equipped with the inner standing to
resurrect the secrets of our state. Qua-Daieman, our Council has
thoroughly explored all other options and has decided to use
every idea at our disposal to protect the state of Xojizir and the
city of Rozika.
To all those present at this Council, I would like us to pass
a vote of confidence, to move onward in our quest to preserve
The Lost Memories of Rozika
our state and as a last resort use the meggaston to rid our state of
this potential menace. Sadly our ancestors warned us about this
day but the curiosity of the Rozikan mind is strong. I will say that
although we have built these fortresses it does not guarantee that
our minds will be safe and or protected from the aftermath. No
matter what, those who survive and remain mentally conscious
will have to endure a fate worse than death and that is the total
memory of whom and what we were, what a horrible gift we
have in self preservation. It is said, by those who experienced life
on Anteeop, that “the experience of death and destruction was
maddening to say the least. The survivors often took their own
lives in order to escape the horrific visions of a land that had
become lost. Therefore I do not favor being erased in order to
save us from oblivion but if erasing the minds of our potential
invaders buys us the time we need to study them then it is a
chance we must all be prepared to take. If all agree please clap
All those within the Council clapped in solidarity for the Council
inner-stood that if we are unable to defend our world against this
potential menace that, this last resort must be considered. I have
a lot of confidence in our military commander Brekhsaieman but
he is just one aspect of our defense system.
Ra-son, this day shall live on for eternity, never before in
our current history have we ever had to make such a decision.
The Elders were furious at the fact that our last resort had such a
drastic ending and let the truth be known that the meggaston
device, in theory, has only a five hundred mile radius and
anything beyond five hundred miles is virtually safe from the
Jerry McLeaurin
blast. To avoid panic we have made suggestions for our locals to
leave and travel to our boarder states as a precaution. Ra-son,
this event was planned thousands of years ago surrounding the
legend of Edonna. The Council of Elders did not just meet for a
week and came up with this conclusion.
This event was looked upon as a category Five emergency.
The Council of Elders have developed this system of categorical
phases for the prospect of determining the right course of action
with respect to the level of control we had within any given
situation. Most of us reserved the right to assume that these
beings were still friendly but misunderstood and the Scholar
Priests are right, we could be over exaggerating the situation a bit
but it is unlikely.
During this period we was emotionally concerned with
maintaining our consciousness so within the Council of Elders a
balance was always maintained, the Elders all maintained the
practice of spiritual Law; each Elder was assigned a Scholar who
kept records on the various events and thoughts of the Elder
Priests so that in the case of an emergency our stored knowledge
could be resurrected.
When the Serido and Afon found out what was going on
they protested the act. The Scholar Priests were said to have
been much too preoccupied with their findings to fully
understand the gravity of the situation; we had just sent a vessel
to the other side of the galaxy and then brought it back with
attachments to its haul! The find was looked upon with aw and
amazement; however the Scholar Priests could not foresee the
dangers that lay AHEAD.
Just as were bringing our Council meeting to a close, the
city’s unified emergency alarm system started to sound, than
The Lost Memories of Rozika
there were reports of violent kidnappings of young persons,
preferably children, airing over all channels and frequencies. Our
telepathic imaging devices showed huge explosions that seem to
been happening throughout the city. Each Rozikan is in
possession of a piece of technology that is activated whenever
the city alarm goes off. This technology transmits visual images
of all those who are in possession of the device to a central
location and that information is organized and redistributed back
to the population in the form of visual and audio reports, this
device also serves as a transmitter and receiver for person to
person communications between the Rozikans and their
There where sightings of strange looking humanoid type
beings running through our cities causing havoc and murdering
Rozikans. From the population report, these beasts were over six
feet in height and had a very bad odor. The Rozikans had
complaints of becoming ill from the horrible odor that of which
was beyond description; however, many of the Rozikans, after
being in the presence of these strange monsters began having
symptoms of vomiting a green slimy fluid while others became
unconscious. A visual close up of one of the beings showed a
gruesome black face with red eyes and huge black teeth, the beast
looked as if it was diseased. Its eyes were oozing a milky colored
substance and its mouth leaked the same substance. I felt sorry
for the Rozikan who had made this close up of one of the beasts.
These monsters were covered with a nasty oily looking
coat of black fur with horns protruding out of their backs. From
the ground reports, the beast appeared to be wearing an elastic
suit and carrying some strange weapon. The beasts where fast on
their feet and hard to catch our civilian population resisted as
some were prepared for their arrival, weather good or bad. These
Jerry McLeaurin
beasts were different in over all features as they looked nothing
like either Cryon or Serido, or any other race or creature
encountered on our world.
These beings carried some type of weapon that rendered
its victims unconscious for the preparation of kidnap. My
brother the great commander Brekhsaieman recruited warriors,
from across the nation to join up with his warriors in the
extermination of the invading beasts. Commander Brekhsaieman
has been recruiting warriors for years at the request of our
Council who have been anticipating the event. The great thing
about Brekh is he did not need to be at any meeting to know
what was going on for he had spent the last 30 years continuing
the legacy of Council Commanders who are always at the ready. I
guess this was the initial distraction, for no one knew where these
beasts had came from or where they had taken the missing
children. Brekhsaieman’s warriors managed to kill a great deal of
those beasts but the mystery still remained as to their origin.
There were also reports of warriors falling ill from the
confrontation with these nasty smelly beasts.
After careful examining of one of the beasts, captured and
killed by one of Brekh’s regiments, it was concluded that these
beings where from another world. Their anatomy and outer
appearance suggested these beings were alien but were they
Seron? All we knew was they appeared from nowhere and were
invading our territory and kidnapping our children! The Scholar
Priest who studied the corpse of the dead beasts concluded that
the odor from these beasts was intended as a bio-weapon aimed
at destroying our warriors on the frontlines by making them sick
and delusional. Soon after the regiments were in full combat with
the beasts, we began receiving reports of strange machinery with
explosive firepower destroying everything in their path. The
The Lost Memories of Rozika
Serido and Afon alike, died in their thousands as these strange
machines attacked our cities, villages and country sides.
As the machines marched across our territories, they
destroyed shops and fortresses belonging to the Council of
substation 12, we fought them with everything we had at our
disposal, however, our weapons were nothing more than
equipment degeneration pulse projectors, we used them to
manage equipment malfunctions; which seldom happens, in
laboratory experiments. We had pulse electronic repellents that
did the work of stopping the machinery which, in some cases,
was only temporary. And we could not use the devise for
multiple targets; this left us without the ability to protect
ourselves with anything other than that.
Within the Council, the Elders have all ready made
preparations for information containment; our people were dying
buy the thousands from diseases caught from the interaction
with the hairy beasts. Our population suffered a heavy blow.
The Scholar Priests communicated that; “the teleport we had
built created a portal that ejected enemy combatants”, our
warriors held their ground well as they gave all they had to
protect the people of Rozika.
I was informed to speak at a secure location by the Divine
Elders who believed our security had been compromised. There
were rumors that some of our Scholar Priests who have been
taken have somehow been replaced with aliens in Rozikan
clothing. Everything down to the skin was somehow copied. A
resident of Achilla reported a transporter accident where one of
these copies was badly wounded and green blood lay everywhere
then after examinations it was concluded that this being was not
Rozikan or Pigojian so we have been secretly taking blood
Jerry McLeaurin
samples just to make sure that our leaders spoke the truth. The
Council said that it was time we spoke to the people and I
addressed them as ordered.
“Greetings to all Serido and Afon alike, I know you are all
aware of the mass invasion of our world and it saddens me to say
that we are left with no other option, we must activate the
magnetosphere degeneration bomb otherwise known as the
Our military forces are dying from diseases brought forth
by the handling and transporting these beasts who I believe was
put here for that purpose. Most of our Scholar Priests are either
dead or missing. Our healing facilities are over run with sick and
dying Rozikans and other military personnel. Our ancestors
forewarned us of this impeding danger but the information was
difficult to understand and therefore misinterpreted, it conveyed
a message that we were not to trust the Crayon! This
mistranslation led to an enormous miscalculation, on our behalf
so we could not see the answers as to why we shouldn’t trust the
Cryon, we where friends, we shared our knowledge with them
and traded goods and technology.
This disturbing information will affect the peoples of
Rozika for years to come. However, we have had various sub
projects which involved, underground building construction, to
protect as many Rozicans as we can, from the initial blast from
the Meggaston Bomb. Your transmitters will guide you to a
safety facility closest to you; there is plenty of food, seed and
water to last you for months. Citizens of Rozika do not approach
any of the invading beasts for the odor they give off will make
you sick and for the most part stay out of sight and travel in
The Lost Memories of Rozika
small groups. Reframe from any loud talking and set your
communicators to telepathic voice.
My beloved Rozikans we are prepared to destroy our
temporal problem. One of Our sub projects, so named shaweb,
was activated and has generated a force field surrounding our
cities, but it will not protect us for long, most of our operators
are either dead or missing, therefore we may not be able to
maintain the shields integrity for very long. So pay close attention
to your communicators for directions to the nearest available
safety facility and please do not panic, our survival depends on us
being able to maintain a level of calmness. This will be my last
transmission and your communication devices shall remain
functional until the activation of the meggaston. Stay close to
your families and friends, take note to stay away from Sub
Station Nine at any and all cost.
Ovaiesha bring in Saiemasarason; prepare him for
insertion, is he ready? Ok Saiemasarason, Scholar Priest-Rason,
just as we have spoken before, this is something we must do, you
will be placed in a transitory state and shall be reawakened on
your thirty fifth birth day 34,571years into the future, but before
you go we will bestow on to you the gift of remembrance and it
will serve as your guidance back to our rational state, we will
serve as your body guards and sacred protectors, you will serve as
our avatar for the reawakening.”
Qavi-Ovaiesha walked over and spoke to Saiemasarason,
AKA Rason, saying “Our Chi-a, has given us the blessings to
proceed. Beloved one, I will always be by your side, close your
Jerry McLeaurin
eyes”. Umuqua-Saieman turned to the operators and gave the
command; to set off the weapon within the coming moon, he
then placed his self on the ceremony table prepared for the
operation that was to come.
We had at least 24 days of shield protection before it
dysfunctions and collapse from the blast, which was just enough
time to finish the transitory operation. The shield that protects
our city is composed of a matrix that slows down the inertia of
any fast moving object; however the operators, who were in
charged of the maintenance of the generators that powers the
shield, are either dead or missing so our time is limited, without
the operators we cannot stabilized the fluctuating field
frequencies so they begin to deteriorate overtime. We knew that
it would have been impossible for our ancestors to predict the
space needed for the safety facilities and the shield over our city
won’t last for too long. So we had to ride this out and fight to the
bitter end. There was mass panic in our streets, cities and towns,
as the lives of fellow Rozikans lay wasted amongst the burning
On the 23rd day after the announcement and the
Transition Ceremony, Umuqua-Saieman in his final words stated
“Its time, let there be the understanding that the Blast wave will
wipe out our nation’s infrastructure, leaving us in a state of total
blindness which will shave off any memory of our existence, our
forts will be protected, but our great cities will forever be lost, it
is our hope that the Transition Ceremony and The blessings
from the Council of Anteeop will lead us true”.
Before anybody could look up, a massive ship was
hovering over our great city preparing for its final attack, the
Serido & Afon Councils embraced and the meggaston device was
The Lost Memories of Rozika
activated. The meggaston device shall forever be our most
guarded piece of technology because of its destructive nature,
therefore the specification shall not be addressed in this message;
however, when this device is fully activated, the transportation
teleport will summon the device to its nucleus and absorb it into
its core, when this happens everything that is manmade and or
consumes an electric current will be consumed by the teleport.
The meggaston devise will set the teleportation device into
reverse causing it to collapse. The danger in this sequential
collapse lays in the fact that when certain objects are fused they
explode in some strange way; the explosion will manifested itself
as a programmed carrier wave whose purpose is to disrupt all
conscious brain wave signals. The pulse bomb will wipe out the
portal along with anything metallic or mechanical, devouring
everything within its radius.
We have constructed temples that will survive the blast;
these temples will house all of our cultural information within
their protective volts. These temples are precondition for the
frequency of the maggaston device, so that when the device is
activated all that is technological will be absorbed tripping the
locks that secures our nation histories and achievements, this way
we can protect the secrets of our world and shield them from the
affects of time, complete darkness shall secure its existence until
our eyes reopen.
There shall be persons who will remain inside of the
temples; they are our recruits for the replacement of Council
members. These recruits have been well trained for this purpose
as described by Council Spiritual Law. These recruits shall not be
affected by the light of the meggaston and shall serve as the new
protectors of our way. Our Council knew that we could not
Jerry McLeaurin
protect everybody so we have elected to survive the best way
possible but outside of the great temple. Those survivors will
possess the keys to the resurrection of our state. Upon the
reawakening of our people these recruits will decipher the lessons
encrypted on the walls and as Council members they will serve as
guidance towards a higher state of conscious reasoning. It is our
hope that these lessons are learned and never repeated.
The Bomb went off and since then we have been in
complete silence, we have managed to deactivate the Killactive
portal and our world became a waste land of scattered debris and
mindless walking bodies, for the weapon in its final stage
zombifies the living for the purpose displacing the trauma of the
event. Sadly, Most of the Rozikans went mad from the horrific
scene of their lost countrymen.
Ra-son, understand that the Edeota; who were affected by
the lost of time with in the Isogo, where actually transported to
this time to live out this catastrophe, and we are here to preserve
our memory and continue our Legacy as information explorers.
You and 35 others are all that is left of this Great Council.
We will exist within your either verse as advisors and
guardians. Ra-son, there are many areas of this story that has not
been explored, however, your mother the High Priestess, Qavi-
Ovaiesha, has some additional information to inform you about
so pay close attention to her memory. Your sister, Qavi-Olisa,
will be contacting you as well, so pay close attention for new
developments and maintain your sanity. Obey the spiritual laws
that govern our way of life and embrace both sides of the Afon /
Serido Council and learn our true lesson.
Be aware that hidden within this truth is the reality that we
will once again return to this plane, just be ready when the time
The Lost Memories of Rozika
comes to receive the instructions and displace all fear, and until
we meet again always remember who you are, where you are
from and your position in life as an Afon Scholar Priest. GO

Behold a Warrior Priestess Princes Olisa
“This is not the time for you to morn for me my brother;
our paths will once again cross in this eternity of life. What I
have to say to you is from my own experience in the city of
Ahshilla; the birthplace of fine musical instruments that will
forever be lost. I am speaking to you through a piece of
technology developed within this Spiritual realm by the scholar
priest it is called the thought wave amplifier. This realm is sort of
like the Isogo, the Ancient Edeota experienced without the
experience of Raqiz.
Our mother, Qavi-Ovaiesha gave the Sacred Spiritual
Guardian of Pigojia, Rejasilai our names so that we could access
each other when the time came. It is said that in order for life to
maintain stable consciousness, within the environment of the
Isogo, and between ourselves, permission must be granted By the
High Council of the Isogo.
The Average Priest does not possess the mental
capabilities to appear within this realm and remain sane; it is only
through a chosen heir that this procession is possible.
Our mother, Qavi-Ovaiesha, was chosen by a transitioning
High Priestess named Marinia-Qavi; who shouted the name
“Ovaiesha” while in transition. The Council of Elders confirmed
the child’s name and observed her actions in silence. They
noticed Ovaiesha’s uncanny ability to remember information
from her Tran’s experiences that spoke of names belonging to
Jerry McLeaurin
the Begosi Anteeon who reside within the High Council of the
What prompted the interest of the Great Council of
Elders was Ovaiesha’s request to view the body of the Great-
Marina-Qavi, she asked for her by name, a name not given to her
by any conventional method. The Council of Elders inner-stood
that the message given to Ovaiesha was directly from the Great-
Marinia-Qavi and that Marinia-Qavi was speaking to them
through the mind of Qavi-Ovaiesha which initiated her training,
which in turn set her on the path to the Seat of The High
There are not many who possess this ability and those
who do are not considered Serido. It was believed that The High
Priestess to the Divine Temple of Ojasilai; Qavi-Ovaiesha, was
half alive and half transitioned. She had an eye that was blue and
another that was a deep brown almost black. Never in life did she
ever want for anything, and as our mother, she has entrusted us
to speak.
Qavi-Ovaiesha, upon her knowledge of my arrival to
Pigojia through the portal of her womb, spoke with me, and
informed me of my physical quest and initiation into her realm,
that is why I am able to speak with you about my pain. Ra-Zefa,
while visiting the city of Ahshilla, during the initial attack, I
witnessed something emanating from the sky, it appeared a little
after the return of the De`ango and burst into tiny specks of
light. These tiny balls of light fell unnoticed for about an hour,
only I and a few others could actually see them.
From what I saw, the balls of light looked like seeds with
hair protruding out of them. These “invisible” hairy seeds all
seem to pass through objects and into Rozikans. I was also
The Lost Memories of Rozika
struck by these invading hairy seeds, but felt nothing and to my
knowledge and suffered none of the affects. Others, who were
infected, became sick, there were those who became blind and
others whose eyes began to glow a bright red.
A friend of mine name Sheanna (she-aw-nah) was also
struck by the strange seeds, she became ill and these long spiky
hairs began to protrude through her clothing. She and I tried to
cut them off but to no avail and the spiked hair continued to
After a while her skin became a yellowish brown, it
freaked me out because she is a very dark skinned person. I
looked down at her shivering hands and saw that her nails had
grown as if they were turning into claws. Sheanna’s screams and
rants were disturbing to me, there was nothing I could do but
feel sorry for my friend and I could not summon any help. Our
communicators where not functioning for reasons unknown to
me, so I had to call for help with the aid of my thought
projection technique.
Sheanna looked as though she really needed to be
separated from the clan and contained somewhere, but she was
not alone there were screams of women, men and children
throughout the streets. As I looked back at Sheanna, I became
concerned by her groans which turned into growls, so I shut the
door leading to her home and locked it from outside, so she
could not get out.
As I ran towards my transporter, I noticed a horrible odor,
this odor was so sickening that it made me dizzy and a bit
disoriented; instinctively I began to wrap my face with a damp
cloth to shield me from the horrific odor. As I rushed home, I
saw these strange looking beast with spiked hairs growing out of
Jerry McLeaurin
their skin; they sort of resembled a combination of creatures like
that of a wild dog, an ape and certain species of horned insects I
had once observed laying in the mud pits and shallow waters. It
would seem as though these creatures were created to look and
smell like they did.
These beasts resembled some type humanoid Gorilla but
with spikes all over their bodies. Something within me said that
some of these beasts where the inhabitants of the city, so that I
could report what I found about them to the council, I kept my
distance from them. I did not see the total transformation of my
dear friend Sheanna, out of fear that she may have turned into
one of those monsters, had it not been for my experience with
my dear friend Sheanna I could not really say that these beasts
were infected Rozikans.
A little while later I noticed, some of these beasts had
weapons that were not of Afon or Serido technology. These
weapons delivered a blast wave that displaced the consciousness
of the Rozikans they captured. After the Rozikan was rendered
unconscious they were then taken aboard a ship, this ship was
round and yellow like the color of the sun. The ship had eight
legs in which it could walk on and it made a terrifying noise,
these ships looked a little like giant spiders or eight legged sea
The beings within the strange ships where short and
brown with a flat face and no eyes in which I could see, I then
noticed it had on some type of silvery space suit with a head
piece which may have shielded its eyes, that is what I saw when
the hatch of the craft briefly opened. I did everything I could to
get back to my transporter undetected and as quickly and quietly
as I possibly could. There were Rozikan warriors battling these
The Lost Memories of Rozika
machines, but as protectors of our forts, they were only trained
to defend our territory against pigojian invaders, not the types
from external worlds and from what I could see; our weapons
were not powerful enough to destroy the ships collecting
These ships had a special crab like arm that grabbed the
fleeing Rozikan and tossed them inside of the ships belly. I
noticed the ships where only gathering women and children and
possibly those who were not affected by the evil seeds. These
brutal machines were cruel and terrifying, I wanted to get
involved in the fight against these machines but I had to get to
Substation 12 to report what I had seen in the ruined city of
This was indeed the saddest day of my life for I felt
defeated and powerless to do anything the protectors of our land
had to modify our construction equipment to use in battle which
was all our protectors could use to defend our forts, but its
effectiveness was meek at best against the armaments of these
invasive machines. One piece of equipment, known as the
De`lenger, was a robot giant that was used to left heavy objects
for displacement. We never imagined them being used to defend
our territory against these types of invaders and to some extent
they did the job mostly in the areas of hunting those smelly beast.
The De`lengers’ were created as tools to aid in building
Construction projects not as destructive war machines. The
De`lengers were equipped with a sonic cutting device called the
spweu, after the sound it made when fired; this tool was used to
cut through solid structures, but the spweu had an unknown
disadvantage; it would overheat and become none functional
after long periods of use and must be recharged. We never had to
use the tool in this capacity and we didn’t have enough of them
Jerry McLeaurin
to wage any large scale defense and worst of all; the De`lenger
lacked armor for some were not yet equipped with shielding
The De`lengers were powerful machines but these
invading ships had explosive devices that they launched at us,
destroying everything in their path. I saw a once beautiful
Ahshilla reduced to rubble in a manner of minutes, we managed
to kill a great deal of those spiky beasts but a terror still haunts
me; a part of me believes some of the beast are actually infected
Rozikans. Last time I saw Sheanna she was beginning to look like
those beast, so I guess I put the two together and that’s my
I soon met with Brehksaieman. Brehksaieman is our
Fathers Brother. They were the sons of Shezama and Saiema,
born in the small town of Snowtonzu. These brothers were
opposite of each other. Saieman was born with the gift to innerstand
the lessons of life. Brehksaieman possessed the gift of
strength and defensive intelligence. Brehksaieman grew to
become a great military commander while Saieman became a
great consultant and Temple Priest.
Our form of military was conceived by our ancestors who
experienced the prophecy of Anteeop first hand, the Serido. The
Serido were the Edeota who had the experience of temporal
transition through the Isogo many completions ago. The
accounts of their experience led to the formation of a protective
force. Our military was not designed to invade on others soil, our
ancestors knew that we would be facing an enemy whose
intensions were to destroy us. We really had no idea of the type
of enemy we will face; however, we knew enough to form a
military. Those who traveled through the Isogo, so many
The Lost Memories of Rozika
completions ago, never quite understood the concept of
defensive weaponry needed to defend against alien machinery so
they created a secret defensive agenda.
The Agenda focused on the acceleration of organizational
creativity and the means of disposing of it if the need presented
itself. Our ancestors knew that the lure their technology had on
alien species was great, so they decided to groom a secret military
to see over the advancements of our country men and to protect
us from the dangers prophesized by the Edeota.
Our Council of Elders selected Brehksaieman to be the
Commander of our protective forces. His inner-standing of the
practical necessities of tactical defense was observed through his
training at the Thought Temple of military defense and his
service as an Afon Warrior.
Brehksaieman; Commander of the Protectors of substation
twelve, stated in these words “No matter how many of these
beast we kill there were still more and where are they coming
from; our sky observers said that they could only see yellow
lights before we lost contact with them”. Brehksaiemans’
regiment used a miniature version of the spweu to take on these
invaders. Brehksaieman used this tool while leading a group of
protectors to the far side of Ahshilla to engage those mysterious
The Spweu did its handy work; however, it would
continuously over heat and force our protective forces to retreat
while their weapons cooled. Commander Brehksaieman, also
reported that “while engaging the ships in the west end of
Ahshilla we noticed that whenever we were able to destroy just
one of them they would explode, but the explosion was this icy
cold liquid that froze some of the fighting protectors where they
Jerry McLeaurin
stood, within the area of the explosion. So even in the act of
destroying these crafts we were again hurting ourselves, even if
you weren’t touched by the icy liquid explosion you were still
affected by its fumes that deprived you of your consciousness.
We had to use our water suits to protect us, but they were a bit
too clumsy to use and a lot of us died from this lack of
protection. I believe we may have no choice but to retreat back
to the city but we must protect the forts at all costs.”
Brehksaieman asked if I wanted to join him in his
campaign against the alien machines unfortunately I had to
decline, for I had an important job to do. Before leaving
Brehksaieman, I asked him what he thought about these strange
beasts he had to destroy and he said “this was the most terrifying
thing in which I had to do, the beasts were not all just nasty
smelling aliens some of these creatures were wearing our
traditional garments while others had similar hair styles to the
Rozikans we knew.
Now there was some beast that wore some other type of
costume. These Beasts all seem to have a conscious ability to
communicate between them; we observed two of them, by the
Shay River, speaking to each other in some type of language but
the beast who had on clothing similar to the Rozikans were mad
with rage. It was the enraged beast I had the most problems
killing, for they seem to have some qualities that slightly
resembled our own. You may want to include that in your report
Qavi-Olisa. For now we have to move towards substation nine to
regroup. Inform Umuqua-Saieman that we are headed to the
Great City.”
The Lost Memories of Rozika
As I made my way back to the fortresses of the High
Council substation 12, I was notified of your manifestation into
our realm and that they were awaiting my arrival. When I arrived
at Substation Twelve you where lying on a ceremony table in
preparation of the operation that was at hand. The table was
made of red wood with gold rails and next to you was our
Father, Umuqua Saieman, and the High Priestess, Qavi-
Ovaiesha, was speaking to you in your ear.
This is where I have to stop, for I am not the High
Priestess to whom I have to turn you over to. My dear Brother
whenever you think of me; try to remember how we use to play
and experiment with things, remember our Thought Temple,
remember our toys and the games we used to play using them,
remember our friends and never ever forget how much we are
one of the two offspring of Saieman and Ovaiesha.”

A Mother’s Love…
“Good morning Ra-son I am glad to see that you are
awake. I have tried very hard to maintain contact with you while
you were in the fore world of the future, ever so humbly and
gently, never being overbearing or disturbing to you in any way. I
want you to be as comfortable as a feather floating in the wind. I
am the divine elder of this Council; they call me the high
Priestess, Qavi-Ovaiesha. I am mother to you and your sister
Qavi-Olisa and life companion to the UmuQua-Saieman, your
UmuQua-Saieman received his Title as the UmuQua,
Divine Master Scholar through his ability to transcribe the
Kabetic Script, as a young Scholar, while being secretly observed
by the Elder Council and later recruited to the junior Council.
The Kabetic script was given to us by an Ancient Scholar Priest,
named Bedona-Qavi, who once had a vision of the Isogo many
completions ago. Within the kabetic script was a message that
warned the Rozikans of an impending catastrophe.
The secret of the script was inner-stood by Saieman in his
youth and confirmed by the High Council of the Isogo. There
were many Junior Scholars who also received the script; however,
they could not fully interpret its meaning and or decipher its true
message, at least to the satisfaction of the High Council of the
Isogo. Therefore, the Scholar was not granted access to the
Divine-Temple as the Divine Master Scholar of the Kabetic Law.
The Scholars who did not reach this state became Scholar Priest
under the advisement of the Divine Master Scholar.
Jerry McLeaurin
Of the Scholars who received the script; there were those
who could not inner-stand the laws that govern the kabetic script
and they were named Serido by the Isogo High Council as well as
by the Afon Scholars of the Council of Elders who serve as
mediators to the Divine Temple of Rejasilai.
Ra-son you must inner-stand that the Divine Temple
serves as the link between our world and world of the Isogo,
Anteeop. The halls of the Divine Temple produce a resin that is
toxic to those who are not granted access; that is why you were
told to drink the Pherawine. The pherawine is an elixir that
allows the mind and body to be immune to any and all forms of
The Pherawine also has an effect on the subconscious
mind bringing that which lays beneath to the surface. All who
possess certain abilities; that are beyond the thresholds of
conscious inner-standing, are given the Pherawine during their
training within the Isogo, for it has been confirmed that their
inner-consciousness can control the affects.
Those who drink the Pherawine and are not in possession
of these inner-abilities become mad, for their minds are not
powerful enough to maintain control within the Isogo. Olisa had
to drink the Pherawine while she was in training; that is why she
did not get sick from the invaders poison.
Ra-son you are Afon, the Elders of Anteeop confirmed
your existance; however, do not look down upon our beloved
Serido, for Although the Serido of Rozika lack the inner-standing
of the Isogo, they do understand the laws that govern the reality
of the Isogo, so they are accepting of the positions of the Divine
Temple through the mid priests and scholars, who are the
facilitators and observers of the Thought Temples of Xojizir.
The Lost Memories of Rozika
It is you, Ra-son, who possesses those same traits as your
Great Father, the Divine Master Scholar of the Kabetic Script,
Saieman and the High Council, confirms your birthright, thus we
are allowed to meet within the Isogo. Ra-son you have a Divine
Birthright as professed by our Council that is why you were
summoned here to our time 34,571 years into your linier past.
The Temple Priest to my left is Qavi-Bwainu he will be guiding
you through the land of Stovolcoraie (a place of enchantment
and mental elevation).
My job is to help you to inner-stand your place within this
world. You inner-stand the words we speak in English, the
language of your “conscious” reality, so we have spoken to you
using those words. Our parent language you will inner-stand, the
latter you will write. You have been given the task of the kabetic
scribe; we refer to these Rozikans as Priest Scholars. Your goal
will be to transcribe these words into kabetic thought as a means
of manifesting the words from our thoughts. UmuQua Saieman,
or what I like to call him, Saie, and I felt it was necessary to
transport you forward in time, this way, we can do our part as the
protectors of the Kabetic Law; by implanting our knowledge into
the Youl of your Bernapre.
This was not an easy task; the initial process has been
studied for the past 250 years. We were not sure of how effective
the result would be, but the situation demanded that we at least
Ra-son you are not alone, there are others who are going
through this process as well, you’re writing this script confirms
the fact that it worked. Ra-son, I met with our great ancestors
inside a vessel, within the Isogo and asked them for permission
to allow us to project your conscious Bernapre into the future.
Jerry McLeaurin
This can be done with the aid of their advanced technology. The
High Council of Anteeop will allow you safe passage through the
Isogo. This will come at a heavy price, for your conscious state
will forever be part Begosi, which is not an evil thing, you will
just have a heighten sense of “spiritual” awareness, that of which
will be hard for you to explain to the physical world that knows
nothing of the Isogo.
We are also going to preserve your knowledge of this
event. You were chosen because the Council of Elders needed a
male from our clan to pair with a female from our southern clan,
there are 36 clans that are participating in this transitory event
and I am their representative. Ra-son you and the rest of the
Initiates will all have to pass through the Isogo in one light and
after your return you will face initiation.
Our time is almost up and we cannot hold your form for
too long, our shields won’t last long enough and you need to
complete your journey. Because of the blast wave of the
Megaston Bomb, when you arrive back into your future self you
will have very little memory of this event; however, as time
progresses you will fully regain your inner-standing of our
Bernapree knowledge and your task will be complete. I will
forever be with you in Begosi form and you shall hear my voice
along with all others who wish to speak with you Ra-son.
Ra-eL shall be the name given to you for your response,
your Guardian’s name will be Poulya; she is the great spirit of the
Isogo and High Chief of Anteeop, who maintains the spiritual
laws that govern our existence. She will answer to your every call;
for she has the power to fully interact with beings of your Innerverse.
We do not have such a power; however, Poulya has a seat
on the Council of Anteeop alongside me and a few others. RaThe
Lost Memories of Rozika
son, do not ever believe for one second that you are alone, we
will be watching over you as well as all our other children,
especially those with an ear to our call. May your journey be one
of great comfort and inner-standing, be our savior and resurrect
our number and until we meet again. Pass on oh great Son.”
And as my eyes closed, and I fell back into a deep sleep,
the Final sound I heard from the Isogo was a tremendous Boom
which sounded like thunder but louder, everything began to
shake violently and then I reawakened inside my apartment
confused and a bit disoriented. The TV was on and I
immediately felt thirsty for some reason or another. As I began
to drink I noticed the ice had melted and my drink was warm so I
went to the kitchen for more ice before getting up to get some
ice I felt excited for my TV show was about the air and
disappointed when it didn’t and to my amazement I had learned
that two hours was missing from my memory.
For years I had tried to remember those two hours
and I almost went to a psychologist to do the hypnosis thing, in
order to retrieve this lost memory. Fortunately, with the Aid of
my Great Guardian Poulya, I was given help my along the way.
At times I would have thoughts that I was going crazy until I
heard the words echoing in my mind “don’t go kicking and
screaming” and I remained calm. As time progressed my memory
of the event began to resurface and for the first time in many
years I heard the voice of Qavi-Bwainu speak to me.

The Mystery of the Ankh
Only The Bold will have access into the world of Anteeop…the
land of Stovolcoraie
As I lay on the ceremony table I could hear the blurred
stories of my past, one of which is the focus of this table that I
find myself resting on. If I could describe it to you in perfect
detail it would be great; however, I have only Saiemans memory’s
to go by and it’s a little difficult to adjust to the reality of this
stored information, which was implanted in my mind.
As I study the pictures of my mind and focus my thoughts
I can see a sarcophagus type of structure, around its edges is red
wood or maple, Inside of the sarcophagus i.e. operating table, is a
humanoid platform with a place for the head, shoulders, arms,
Jerry McLeaurin
spine, torso, thighs, legs and feet; with special interest towards
the back of the skull, the shoulders and the spine. The structure
itself had a machine platform that raised and lowered at the
command of the operator. It could be assumed that this
apparatus was designed for sacrificial purposes; however, this
observation could not be farther from the truth. There is a story
that can be recounted from the memories of Umuqua-Saieman.
In the memory of Umuqua-Saieman
“It was after Rejasilai made one of his rare appearances on
Pigojia and the peoples of Edonna were put under a spell of
sleep. After this mass event took place, and the Edonna people
regained their consciousness, those who would be Priests and or
High Priests learned of a special technique, through the teachings
of Rejasilai, for preserving and transporting human memory
from one host to another, these lessons were also studied within
the fore-lands of Anteeop.
Those Edeota who were Begosi on Anteeop had learned,
through their experience, a special preservation technique
mastered by the Antopeans. The first Ota to study this concept
was the High Priestess, Marinia-Qavi.
Marinia-Qavi was a Temple Priestess as well as a Scholar
Priest in the spatial art of human anatomy preferably in the areas
of the brain; we call these Ota Scholar Priest and in her case
Scholar Priestess. Marinia-Qavi discovered that within the
quantum area of the Ota brain, exist a place that is beyond the
reach of most probes and scopes, this area is called the Isoto,
which means the house of the divine spirit, the command center
of the Bernapre. Within the Isoto the spirit of the mind, i.e. the
Bernapre, is incased. Within the casing of the Isoto is a fluid
called Youl.
The Lost Memories of Rozika
Youl is in part a liquid and a mist, its nature is that of a
sponge and more or less like a catalyst for storing information.
Youl to the Bernapre is as important as water is to the external
body. The Bernapre within the Youl exist in a dormant state as
their conscious Chi energy radiates the brain and presents itself
as the conscious individual. When the individual is asleep the
Bernapre becomes enlighten and travels to the world of Anteeop
where it inhabits the body of a Bigosi, the counterpart of the
Youl when exposed to air dissipates into space. Upon the
transition of the Individual (the Death of the physical self) the
casing that surrounds the Youl becomes unstable and the
consciousness of the Bernapre is then fully awakened and leaves
the body. Since the body is no longer functional the Bernapre
can no longer inhibit that host. The hosts Bodies in which the
Bernapre inhabit are less conscious of the former host body than
the latter host body, which means that the consciousness of the
host has no recollection of its previous existence. It is unlikely
that the consciousness of the two bodies could ever relate to the
other for the Bernapre is the single entity of the two bodies and
can only express the consciousness of a single body one host at a
time. By law a living being is not supposed to have a connection
to its previous state of existence. However, in my case the
Bernapre Ojasilai is conjoined with Rezeakai; the Bernapre of
Umuqua-Saieman my father.
Rezeakai has the ability to travel from body to body
searching for future Hosts. After finding that potential host it
summons Ojasilai and the two are joined and the living
consciousness is transferred. This is all I am allowed to speak of
at this moment. However, I will continue with that which I can
speak of.
Jerry McLeaurin
The Stability of Youl is reliant upon the chi of the
Bernapre. Now, Marinia-Qavi, as master teacher, informs us that
“the Bernapre is just simply a word that describes the quantum
aspect of any living thing, in other words it’s an angelic particle
that consumes Youl for nourishment and recycles it about its
Ora. The Ora is a fine mist that is inhaled by the Bernapre as a
means of existing within the various atmospheres of our Solar
These Angelic Beings do in fact have a name; they are
called Bernapree pronounced Bur-Naa-Pree for the plural, the
singular pronunciation is Bur-Naa-Prey. We often time confuse
the Bernapree as being Angels when we see pictures within your
worldly time frame; however, Bernapree are light beings that look
like angels without wings. They exist inside of the pineal gland in
an invisible sphere of Youl.
The Bernapre, in transition form, communicate with other
Bernapree who are in spirit form and active within the human
mind, this takes place within the dream state. Now, the Youl that
exists within the Isoto can be extracted from the brain; however,
the operation must be done in complete darkness using a special
airtight extractor case. The process is extremely complicated and
delicate, for the device used to locate the Isoto can only identify
its color wave frequencies and we are not allowed to relinquish
such guarded information at this time.
Marinia-Qavi teaches us that there are schools of thought
within the Isogo or Spirit world that possess knowledge
thousands of years ahead of our time and millions of years into
the past, so it is inevitable that you shall run across this
information again within your own future. We cannot speak on
the particulars of this process because of the real life situations
The Lost Memories of Rozika
we find ourselves in with respect to our Invaders, the Council felt
that these beings have no right to this information, and
permission must be granted first before exploring the Isoto.
Any Advanced entry into the Isoto without the permission
of the High Council of Anteeop is a violation of Bernapree Law
and a high curse will be placed upon the heads of those who do
so. There is no need to worry about such things for you need the
wisdom of a Reincarnated High Priestess to perform such an
operation, for it is she alone, who knows the mixture to produce
Now we were discussing the Ankh and the mysteries
surrounding its existence. As interesting as it may seem the Ankh
was a ceremonial fixture used as a tool to assist in the ceremony
of memory transition. We have only experienced the ritual in
practice once in our life time and it is our hope that we can keep
the vagueness to a minimum. From what we can speak of, the
transition ritual can only be done between a parent and his or her
offspring, otherwise the ritual thus becomes a violation, and you
really want to avoid that.
The last historical record of someone performing the
ritual, without prior permission of the Isogo High Council, was
haunted by uncontrollable visions, for, when the youl is exposed
to light in a certain way it inhibits the practitioner’s mind feeding
it with blinding lights and horrific visions of Rejasilai, that of
which the mind is incapable of suppressing and remaining sane.
It is said that in this state Rejasilai is vocally silent but visually
Those who have the permission from the Elders of the
Isogo are allowed to perform this ritual. As stated the ritual is
performed with the aid of the Ankh. The reason why the
Jerry McLeaurin
“Ankh” is used in this ritual is; it represents the inner most
aspect of the human body as well as the outer most aspect of the
human body. With respect to the inner most aspect of the human
body, the skeleton; the Ankh is the combination of the spine, the
shoulder blades and the back of the skull.
The outer most aspect of the Ankh represents the support
mechanism for the back of the skull, the shoulder blades and the
The Ankh has instructional information engraved on its
outer edge to direct the order of the ritual as well as serve as a
guide to the Isoto with respect to the angle, direction and
distance. As stated previously, the operation must be done in
complete darkness. The lower priest of your era believe this
Ankh to be a magical symbol that represents the eternal aspect of
life, which in a sense is partially true; however, it’s a ritual tool for
the transition of information that exists within the Youl that
initiates eternal consciousness.
Another aspect of the Isoto and with respect to the Youl;
is its ability to absorb what is visually seen and experience by the
eyes and mind of the host form. Right this millisecond what you
see, hear and experience is programmed into the youl of your
Bernapre. When you are in the beginning stages of transitioning
you convert back to a Bernapre and thus reinter the Isogo, The
knowledge you have gained in your life time is stored within a
great library called the Ixosi-ijoji.
Those who carry the ritual symbol are mostly initiates and
High Priests, the common Ota would not wear or possess this
symbol, there are some though, who wear this symbol as a
decorative item with the same meaning and there are those who
The Lost Memories of Rozika
mistake it for a religious item. Those who intuit its purpose to be
of a KEY are partially correct, for it is a ritualistic key.”
In the memory of Umuqua-Saieman, Asarason was placed
upon this ritual table that took the form of an Ankh. The
Rozikan Temple Priests and Scholar Priest refer to it as the
Flueitsu, pronounced Flu-it-sue. The Flueitsu is an Item used in
the ritual of transition. During this Ritual, Umuqua-Saieman,
with the aid of his Life companion, The High Priestess, Qavi-
Ovaiesha, was placed on the Flueitsu alongside his son Asarason.
The reason behind this ritual dates back after the Edeota had the
vision of Rejasilai.
During the experience of Rejasilai, some of the Edeotas
where made to live out a great catastrophe, and in preparation of
the catastrophic event, the Scholar Priests were taught how to
preserve and transmit information with the aid of a memory
transition technique they learned during their temporal visit to
It was understood that the technique of memory transition
was a ritual that allowed information stored within the youl of
the Bernapre to be transmitted to another host body preferably
an offspring.
In Rozikan theory, there is a library of sacred thoughts
that exist within the Isogo. The Library is called the Ixosi-Ijoji,
which means the great house of transitioned thoughts. The
Thoughts that are in transition represents the experiences of the
Bernapre in human form. During the transition Ceremony, the
thoughts and experiences of the primary Bernapre host is
presented as an offering to the secondary Bernapre host, the
offspring. The offering does not represent the entire mass of the
Bernapre’s Youl, just a small portion, for the offering must not
Jerry McLeaurin
go beyond the limits of inner-standing, this is taught to the
Bernapre prior to the finalized agreement. It was said that an
extended offering could have some unforeseen consequences;
therefore an understanding must be made before the event takes
When the Youl is offered, part of the essence of the
primary Bernapre is offered as well. That is why there has to be
permission granted first and foremost, because the Bernapree
along with the Elder Councils of the Isoto; have to agree that
those who are performing the Ritual are indeed competent and
trustworthy. First a request is made to the Bernapre of both the
parent and the offspring within the Isogo. Reason being, the two
must agree to the process. Then the Bernapree must
communicate to the Council to accept the Chi-ah.
The Chi-ah is an agreement between Bernapree to
exchange a Youl offering. After the Council gives its blessings,
the Bernapree consort with the High Priestess and permission is
granted to proceed. Without the Pharawine this process is
impossible, for the Pharawine acts as an activating agent to the
Bernapre. In this ritual the Bernapree are supposed to be
conscious of the activity, so the host of the Bernapre experience
what is known as an outer body experience, this is brought upon
by the consumption of Pharawine. The Pharawine also protects
the hosts from infections during the exchange ceremony.
During the process of exchange, both parent and offspring
are put under a spell of sleep, an extractor is inserted into the
back of the skull and a portion of the Youl is OFFERED by the
Bernapre of the host. In a sense the Bernapree become the active
participants in the ritual.
The Lost Memories of Rozika
Please note that the extractor only receives the offering of
youl from the Bernapre of the Isoto, it does not take youl from
the Isoto. After the Youl offering is complete an exchange is
made by the High Priestess and then the youl is accepted by the
Bernapree hosts. The master of this ceremony must be a High
Priestess for it is she who has the nurturing inner-chi to guide the
process in a specific direction. After the Youl is accepted by the
Brnapree something interesting occurs, the consciousness of the
hosts switch bodies whereby the parent becomes the offspring
and the offspring becomes the parent, however, in the case of
Umuqua-Saieman and UmuQavi-Asarason, the essence of their
Bernapre were fixed, this means that the consciousness of the
Bernapree are forever conjoined, intelligence is increased and the
identity of the host offspring is severely altered. In addition, the
Bernapree will experience a binary reality; existing between two
realities, the reality of the Isogo and the reality of the Host at the
same time.
Usually when the host body is awake, and conscious, the
Bernapre is in an inactive state and when the host body is asleep
the Bernapre is awake and conscious that is why we are able to
experience dreams. In the case where there is a binary
relationship between Bernapree; while the host is awake the
essence of the conjoined Bernapre is awake as well. When this
happens the host has the ability to experience an alternate reality
while at the same time being conscious within the reality in which
it exists. We can call this form of existence a state of binary
After permission is granted the Council summons a
descendent of the Offspring and his or her Bernapre is given a
gift. The gifts given to the future offspring are the thoughts and
experiences of its ancestors, the bernapre of the Son, the Father
Jerry McLeaurin
and the future Offspring are conjoined and the consciousness of
the ancestral knowledge is transported to the future host then the
process is complete.
The Future host receives the totality of information
from its ancestral host and remains in complete communication
to the Isogo realm and thus becomes a High Priest, for only a
High Priest or Priestess can orchestrate this gift of conscious
immortality thus the Fluitsu is forever known.
The Mystery of De`beero
As a Mystery, Debeero is that of legends. Debeero is the
process of studying evil, the untruthful/suspect, or the otherwise
weird beyond the ordinary. The word Debeero could be
compared to the word amazing or terrifyingly interesting; which
is the best explanation overall. This expression was coined by an
Edeota, an ancient Priest with the title of Uaupefi, which is a
Divine Seer. The Uaupefi’s name was Bedona-Qavi; he was the
first known Ota to experience what could be known as a
mathematical awakening.
There isn’t anything really special about this ability outside
of the fact that there are not many who possess this talent. What
we mean is; Bedona kind of stumbled on to this special technique
like a beggar barrowing a dollar, playing and winning the lottery.
But the flip side of that meaning is far from true, for in
order to become a divine seer one must request the knowledge of
such a thing. We profess that this act was indeed stumbled upon
because of the degree of specification that had to be respected in
order to proceed at such a gift and it is not believed that Bedona-
Qavi possessed such knowledge even though it could possibly be
true that he had. There is not enough evidence to support this
It is the Philosophy of the High Priest that the ever-verse
communicates directly with the minds of Ota, humans, in a way
that would allow them the ability to see beyond the leaf. That leaf
could be any type of obstacle whether it is the obstacle of an
underdeveloped imagination, the lack of curiosity or social
Jerry McLeaurin
programming; the ever-verse has an unlimited source of
knowledge for anyone who wishes to inner-stand.
Before the appearance of Rejasilai, Bedona-Qavi
experienced an unshakable sense of urgency that of which he
could not quite explain, as a Uaupefi of the divine Council,
Bedona-Qavi was given the designation as the records keeper.
Bedona-Qavi, along with his followers, observed the changes of
nature and studied the art of forecasting weather patterns.
Bedona-Qavi, while examining the weekly reports of his
Priesthood, discovered an almost magical display of Kabetic
numbers, which seem to repeat itself and gradually mature with
every cycle.
These number forms are called the Erule. The Erule is
associated with the developments of time with respect to the
cycles of nature, the arenas of space, and the rate of growth and
decay… For a time the Erule sequence remained a bit static
which meant that it’s state of change was minimal and was
associated with the nature outside of the human experience, then
something unexpected occurred; when Bedona-Qavi applied this
Erule sequence to the people of Edonna (a task that has never
been done before in Edon history) there was an increasing
difference with respect to the growth and development of
everyday Ota along with that of our original studies of the nature
of air, sea, fire and water.
Bedona-Qavi, in his curiosity, was amazed at the discovery
which left him baffled and a bit concerned. He would chant to
his eternal Elders, for the lessons that gave a clear understanding
of the relationship between the Erule and the Ota. The Elders of
Eternity are represented by the stars we see at night. In a sense
Bedona-Qavi was chanting to the stars for the answers to his
The Lost Memories of Rozika
question. Then suddenly, an idea of conscious mathematics filled
his ancient mind. This form of Mathematics, the Erule, had
emerged within Bedona’s mind as Kabetics, and then it all
became clear to him. This concept of intuition inspired Bedona-
Qavi to see everything as a byproduct of Erule mathematics or
Although the Edeotas possessed many forms of Erule, it
was Bedona-Qavi who brought the disciplines together and
called them Kabetics. The primary focus of Kabetics was to
break down the structures of social reason and combined the
various areas of the natural world into one expression, kabetics.
One of the Kabetic concepts is called Kemyt. Kemyt, which
means the eternal way, is a matrix script that is broken down into
nine different forms which are associated with the Zero Cubed
four matrixes.
Zero Cube Four Matrix Agenda
Command Structural Matrix Group
K square is; a cooperative research based group for the
rediscovery of the kabetic science of Inner-Chi; The inner lifeforce
or the intuitive life forces of consciousness, our divine
inner power.
Jerry McLeaurin
The inner-chi is the power source of the knowledge that
dwells within the self, to be a little more specific, the power of
the inner-chi exists within the Youl of the Bernapre, the Isoto.
From the chronicles of the historical inner-standings of the
inner-self, the Ixosi-Ijoji houses the thoughts from an extradominion-
um existence.
When we say extra-dominion-um we are speaking of
domains that exist beyond our physical vision. To expand a little
deeper on the concept of our physical vision, our vision gives
sight based on the frequencies of our immediate physical Eitherverse.
We can also say that our physical vision deals primarily
The Lost Memories of Rozika
with our external view of the world and the either-verse that
surrounds it.
Within the extra-dominion-um there exists a system that
lies beyond the core of that which is our soul. Our souls exist
within an extra domain as a presence we call the Bernapre. The
Bernapre is a spirit, so the soul, which is the radiant energy of
that spirit, is called the Youl. Our Begosi feeds of the Youl Innerchi
of the Sun’s Bernapre, as our Bernapre consumes the Innerchi
of the sun; it converts that Inner-chi into chi or in other
words Youl. The Youl acts as chi and the chi acts as the Youl for
the two are one and the same; however, the inner-chi of our
Sun’s Bernapre is the byproduct of its Youl, you refer to it as Ra.
Ra’s inner-chi is Cosmosis. Cosmosis are the intelligent signals
from other star Bernapre, it’s like saying that the sun exists within
an unfathomable network system matrix that is to some extent
beyond the reach of our basic comprehension.
This cosmic network of star Bernapre, orchestrate our
reason, through the inner-chi of Ra, and the combination of the
Inner-chi’s from the Sun’s Bernapre. The Inner-chi of the Sun’s
Bernapre is feed upon by our Bernapre and that Chi radiates as
Youl; we define it as our inner-chi.
Now, our inner-standing is the structural matrix of our
inner chi and so we may now say that our thoughts are a direct
result of our conscious interaction with our inner-chi, or for
some, the soul. Our Chi gives instruction to our physical selves
through the divine structural matrix of our inner-standing;
however, there exist a problem that comes in the form of dark
Chi, which is an artificially generated frequency that disrupts the
Meta-physical connection between the chi and our physical
selves, now the disruption is not totally effective because the
Jerry McLeaurin
dynamics of the physical self, and its higher states of
consciousness, is beyond the reach of primitive beings.
Consciousness is the function of the instructional
mathematics of our divine structural matrix, now when that
function is disrupted by chaotic mathematics or Dark-chi our
level of consciousness becomes erratic and then falls into a realm
of an extreme neurotic, which causes temporal blindness. When
this occurs i.e. temporal blindness, the physical self malfunction
as a self governing entity allowing the physical self to be
controlled, mastered and or enslaved.
The difference between energy and inner-chi is quite
simple whereby energy is the capacity of a system to do work;
inner-chi is the capacity of the extra-dominion-um to project
reason in the form of instruction based on a divine matrix called
Cosmosis. Cosmosis communicates through our divine structural
matrix called inner-standing.
We can see the light of our chi when we are shift surfing
or dreaming. Our inner-standing allows us to take the thoughts
that exist within the physical and metaphysical realms and
process the information through our central matrix system and
regenerate it, as processed Thought; therefore we can use and or
be subject to speaking and understanding multiple languages but
still possess the power of original thought; projected from our
inner-chi that gives us inner-standing.
Therefore the concept of K square was to develop a
cooperative based structural matrix for the development of Our
Inner-chi systems. In establishing the structure and agenda of a
cooperative structural matrix group K square, we aimed to focus
on the particular structure of the command structural matrix
The Lost Memories of Rozika
The agenda of the command structural matrix group is to
secure all correspondence of intuition and development within
the cooperative structural matrix group, for the benefit of
cooperative structural integrity.
`The structural Matrix of Kabetics as stated is broken down
Into nine forms; one is the material form which deals with
material mechanics i.e devices, the second aspect is the active
form; this form expressed the interactivity between Ota and
Device, the third aspect is the Skilled Ota, this form deals with
the special designation of all Otas.
The forth aspect is the house of the deranged mind, this
form deals with the nature of evil and its various humanoid
forms, there are Ota who are less stable mentally, from the
affects of the demon seed, who act in ways that inspire conflict.
The fifth aspect is the Lair of destructive concepts, this form
deals with the many aspects of destructive materials and the
nature thereof. The sixth aspect is the negative state, this form
deals with dangerous places, locations and destructive agendas.
The seventh aspect calls into play the nature of life, this
form deals with the various aspects of life from biology to
peaceful communication between Ota. The eighth aspect deals
with the universal concepts, like the forms of Koris material,
liquid, dirt, air… The eighth column also deals with the nature of
the eternal plain of existence the Ever-verse. And finally the
ninth aspect, this form deals with our place of peace i.e. our
temples. This column describes homes and places of safety.
It was through Kabetics that we saw the bigger picture as
the foundation of Debeero. Bedona-Qavi had seen how the use
of kabetics open’s one’s eyes to see the developments of our
Jerry McLeaurin
future. For it was Bedona-Qavi who first began having visions of
a fantastic future filled with strange forms of technology, through
his use of kabetics, but for a while Bedona-Qavi believed he was
being contacted by Pigojia herself because within his visions he
saw death, chaos and destruction on a scale one could never
believe or remain sane enough to accept.
Bedona-Qavi began to inner-stand that his people had a
secret flaw and that was their over confidence in their ability to
solve complex problems and their inability to inner-stand the
consequence of their creation.
The Edeota had experienced many visits by beings from
other worlds who professed a lour of peace. On one occasion a
visitor appeared outside of its craft, while Bedona-Qavi was
approaching the marketplace, after the craft landed, and from
Bedona’s account, “a being appeared in a liquid gas spewed from
a point outside of the craft. I was afraid at first until the mold of
the being was complete and took on this form.
The visitor was an Orange/Green figure that took the
form of an Ota minus the facial features, its speech was similar to
our own; however, the structure of its words was extremely
confusing. It was using a series of jumbled words it must have
heard from our interaction. The one thing that stood out from
the creature was its smell, it smelled like burned insects and
spoiled milk therefore I kept my distance. The visitor made a
suggestion that it was from a world beyond our clouds and sun,
and it seemed curious of our life here on Pigojia. It had this look
as though it was searching for something particular. To some
extent I believed it was trying to read my mind; that is when
things got a bit uncomfortable.
The Lost Memories of Rozika
As intelligent as we were, we lacked the ability to directly
communicate with the Alien as it referred to itself as Crayon,
which was the sound it made pointing to itself.
The Crayon had strange but accepting features, which
reduced the alarm of its appearance, so our visitor was none
threatening to the sight of an Ota such as me. The Crayon
appeared to be communicating towards its ship about us then
our visitor evaporated back in to its ship and left our world. After
it left many of the Ota who witnessed similar visits by this
creature were scarred by a deep sense of curiosity which gave rise
to the study of space and the unique possibility of seeing what lay
beyond the clouds.
Our people, the Edeota, knew nothing about the agendas
of these outer worldly beings and there was a profound interest
in such an association and the Edeota would pay a heavy price
for not seeing the truth through the vail”. Bedona-Qavi sense
realized that; the intelligence of his sacred people was much too
great to withstand the lore of alien technology, which gave birth
to a boom of imaginative technological creativity.
The Ota, Bedona-Qavi, would travel the world in search
of evidence that supports the possibility of other cultures having
also experienced these same encounters but, just as with the
visitors of Edonna, there was a profound language barrier.
Bedona-Qavi had a hard time explaining the visitor to the other
peoples of Pigojia; however, through drawings, Bedona-Qavi was
able to find others who have had an experience with this being.
What Bedona-Qavi discovered was a treasure of knowledge
relating to that civilizations use of magnetic material.
These people were the Peaon pronounced Pai-on and they
possessed a material that produced an invisible force that was
Jerry McLeaurin
interesting to Bedona-Qavi. Bedona-Qavi assumed he had had
nothing for which to trade, for he and his followers were on a
fact finding mission and brought the only the bare necessities,
however, the Peaon were fascinated by our clothing and was
intrigued by our use of the written language, Kabetics. The Peaon
really wanted to learn our techniques for creating our form of
clothing and communicating written information, so an exchange
took place and a friendship between our people had developed.
As the years went by the Edeota and Peaon developed an
exchange system which infused our written and spoken language,
then soon after the Peaon began to communicate their cultural
concerns about their children to whom have gone missing. The
Peaon, like ourselves, were not accustom to loosing children in
such a number, one or two maybe to wild animals and or large
birds, which were rare occasions, but never in groups during the
hours of daylight, the Peaon expressed a sense of deep sorrow
because their children had just vanished and they knew of no
logical reason in which they could use to explain why these
children were missing, which was a puzzling matter to the Peaon
and the Edeota who would soon share that same experience.
Mean while back in the city of Edonna, the Edon travelers
from across the nation reported that “there were other visits by
these strange beings to our neighboring clans”, and months after,
they too had experienced the loss of children but there was not
an Ota who could draw a connection between the missing
children and the visitors but Bedona-Qavi and his followers.
Then without a trace the visitors just vanished from
Pigojia, they left behind the notion that it is a possibility that one
could travel to far off lands and civilizations outside of Pigojia.
Our encounters with the visitors were short and mystifying.
The Lost Memories of Rozika
From the many accounts brought forth by the Edeota and
Peaon, it was said that the creature’s skin had a toxic smell to
itself and no one knew what it was, one of its pilots or crew came
forth and offered its hand of peace but the seal was rejected, for
one would never touch hands with another who smelled as they
did, then the visitors left and we have no idea where they have
Bedona-Qavi, after observing the reaction of the Peaons,
believed there was something wrong and made the connection
that these beings, the Crayon, may be responsible for the
disappearance of our children. Bedona-Qavi used Kabetics as a
means of determining the agendas of these beings. Bedona-Qavi
spoke out about his findings but no one could inner-stand his
meaning, for there were not any Otean words that could give his
thoughts reason, this frustrated Bedona-Qavi a great bit,
furthermore, The Otean was not at practice with our method of
Kabetics, this did little to offer confidence in the Otean thought
process in understanding the nature of this crisis. Those who
were Priests of Bedona-Qavi understood the reality that was at
hand; however, the practice lacked farther confidence and the
message grew spoiled. As a last result Bedona-Qavi chanted
through the Kabetic script and asked for help, Bedona-Qavi new
that kabetics possessed a secret function that was unidentifiable
to the average Ota, so Bedona-Qavi took a chance and
approached the practice from a new angle and Rejasilai

The Mystery of Rejasilai
There are emotions that must be put in to perspective; I
have been asked to explain our principle deity Rejasilai. The story
of its origin is beyond the thresholds of modern explanation;
however, with the permission of the Great Council; Rejasilai will
relate this offering.
“I am Rejasilai the name I was given is a representation of
my form. I am not a being whose purpose is to be worshiped and
or admired, for the need is not of that area. You want to know
who I am; my physical self is a composition of many things,
many beings and the many functional aspects of the reality in
which you live. This Creature you call Pigojia is my point of
origin for within this creature is a cell; this cell is what is referred
to as the Isoto.
This isoto belongs to the Earth just as within your brain
there is an isoto that of which houses a Bernapre, therefore; I am
the Bernapre of Pigojia. The difference between the Bernapre of
the Earth; Rejasilai, and your Bernapre, Ojasilai, is; the Bernapre
of Pigojia which is I, is presented in this form as the Guardian of
this sacred realm Humans today call Earth.
Besides my being the Guardian of this world I am also
formless, the youl in which I breathe is the life force of all who
reside on this planet. The commands I am given come from the
elders who are the guardians of this region of inner planets. I can
take on a humanoid form in which I can manifest but in order
Jerry McLeaurin
for my physical being to take shape the majority of life on Pigojia
must be in a transitioned state.
This state is in fact temporary and transitory. The meaning
of these states could be inner-stood as the projection of mortal
consciousness, whereby the consciousness of all chosen life
forms are sent through the Isogo as Begosi, to the fore world of
Anteeop. The remaining Bernapre who are resistant to my
manifestation are unique in their physical form and strong within
their mental state.
Those who can withstand my presence will become my
students, for they possess the wisdom necessary to receive direct
communication from our order. I serve as an elder within the
Council of Anteeop, a fore world of Pigojia, there are others who
are representatives of other worlds and we are the protectors of
those worlds as well. Our council serves yet a higher order, this is
the order of what you would call the Sun and its companion the
Suun, They too have humanoid representatives or Bernapre;
however, their physical illumination cannot be seen by lower
members of our council, which are those whose purpose is to
connect with the outer Suunia systems.
My purpose for being; is to bring truth to the desired
minds in order to bring forth balance within Pigojia. Those who
seek an inner-standing of the future are given a mathematical
insight to see the developing paths in which to follow and or
There are not many who can hear my being communicate,
for their inner specialty is of a separate nature. I do have a
suggestive influence over all life forms on this planet as a
measure of protecting those who serve under me; however, as a
spiritual law I cannot interfere by directing their spiritual gaze
The Lost Memories of Rozika
towards myself. I am not allowed to impose my will upon others
less I abuse my stature and place as a council member. I
represent the mind of Pigojia that of which gives form to all the
creatures of this planet.
I am able to manifest as pure thought and or what you
would call mental elevation. I am the thought behind the concept
of Spatial Geo-matrix that of which was passed down from the
Higher Council, the Council of Suns; the Suunia to the Council
of Elders and now you are in possession of such knowledge.
Anything that can be imagined has structure, even as you
are typing, the information you receive is a gift given to you
because you asked for it and you are a student of mine. I am not
the father of life but a bringer of truth. Pigojia is a living entity
with unique capabilities. Pigojia is a Sanctioned being with
multiple dimensions of her inner-core. I represent one of those
dimensions and you another.
There are those within this world who wish to do her
harm and there are those who will be born to protect her
offspring. Her offspring are those born of her waters and to
some I am their instructor. As long as there are those who serve
as my students’ human kind is safe, but beware there is a
cleansing that shall take place and there are those like yourself
who are here to present this warning. As with any entity that is
unjustly disturbed, order must be replenished. This event has
happened many times in Pigojia’s life.
Powerful civilizations have misused their gifts and have
been destroyed by Pigojia’s raft. These civilizations have made
use of a combustion able liquid, the blood space of Pigojia, to
enrich their social needs; however this polluted the air and caused
an imbalance within Pigojia’s core. That imbalance distorted her
Jerry McLeaurin
rotational position within the planetary realm. You may notice
the signs, one of which is the acceleration of what you call time;
other signs are irregular weather patterns, and the summoning of
my name.
By Law I am not allowed to appear without an extreme
event and Pigojia beckons me. Pigojia’s inner core feeds off of
Koris material, what you call asteroids, and absorbs them within
her core and converts them into perpetual fuel.
This fuel is used to power your society’s technological
needs with respect to automobiles and is actually fuel for
Pigojia’s inner core or shall I say blood. This fuel maintains the
balance and stability of Pigojia’s core; she does have the ability to
convert more fuel to maintain her inner –stability; however, with
the over indulgence in fuel consumption Pigojia is left without a
choice but to summon Koris material to replenish her inner core.
When Pigojia calls forth the asteroid Koris matter, she summons
the largest one she can find and directs it to her inner core as a
result the event causes extinctions and global death as she sets
the stage for her replenishment.
Pigojia, with the aid of this Koris material, regenerates life
in both animal and insect. This event also attracts extra planetary
beings that are opportunist that make use of rubble from mass
extinction. These beings are colonizers who observe planetary
life from a distance. These beings are called Macrons, The
Macron are located on the planet you call Mars (Phelpai) they
have been visiting Pigojia secretly for the past 9,000 years but
have not actually settled here on her surface.
The Macrons are watchers and to some extent they
influence the direction of your leaders. It was understood by the
Council of Anteeop that the Macrons, in order to acquire land
The Lost Memories of Rozika
and or material, have caused havoc within the nations to
accelerate the extinction process just as they are doing so now.
The Council of Anteeop has known about the Macron for
quite some time, more than forty thousand years of Macron
History has been observed by the Council. The only thing that
has kept them at bay and from invading Pigojia’s human
population totally was a request made to me to direct a particular
insect to attack Macron DNA, so that whenever they show their
presence they are attacked by these insects.
When the Macron are bitten by these insects (the Flergi)
they become extremely ill, there are multiple types of these
specialized insects that exist on this world, some of which lay
dormant until they detect the presence of Macron Blood. These
planetary scavengers have been researching ways of destroying
these insects, which are a cross between a wasp and a locust. The
Macron is in fact getting close to finding a solution to their insect
To truly understand my existence one must inner-stand
the existence of the Queen of life, Pigojia. The Name Pigojia
means the Queen of the Living, her name is pronounced Pee-go-
Jee- ah. Pigojia is one of the eternal mates of the great King
Hahsid (the Sun). Hahsid also has a Bernapre whose name is
Shedah, she is queen of the High Council of planetary Bernapre
within the northern sector of the Solar Sphere, her eternal mate
is Sladosu and he is king to the high Council of planetary
Bernapre within the southern sector of the Solar Sphere.
Sladosu is Bernapre to Begosah (The two suns are called
Suunia) who is the eternal companion to Hahsid. Hahsid and
Begosah are the Law givers of this realm; their Bernapree laid
forth the commands to all planetary Bernapree to serve as the
Jerry McLeaurin
projectors of time, the protectors of balance and the
orchestrators of order. The eternal reason for the need of Time,
Balance and Order is an unsettling truth and that there are other
Suunia, “cousins” of ours, who project inner-chi from their
Bernapre throughout the Octica (“Universe”).
The projected inner-chi from other Suunia manifests
within the personality of living beings thus promoting an innerwill;
however, this inner-will is a bit chaotic and by all means
super curious.
As the Chief Bernapre of Pigojia; my task is to influence
the minds of those who are able to withstand the truth without
becoming Chaotic within their own selves. Just as the spatial laws
deal with the hierarchy of planetary relations with respect to the
Sun and Suun, the same goes for humans; there are some like
yourself who are in tuned with the inner-chi of Shedah, so my
presence to you is not alarming to the point of insanity.
I am not able to guide those whose minds are delicate,
fragile and therefore chaotic. It is through our inner-connection
that information must be passed on. If I were to interact with the
average beings of Pigojia a Suunia war would be the result that is
why I am bound by law, not to present myself to the masses in
physical form.
There is a story of a planetary Bernapre who broke the law
of spatial order; this planetary Bernapre caused billions of
Eddreeos (planetary life forms of superior conscious) to starve
themselves to death, the sight of this planetary Bernapre was so
overwhelming to the Eddreeos that it caused them to remain in a
state of eternal gaze that of which kept them preoccupied and
their civilization withered into oblivion and their world was
The Lost Memories of Rozika
overtaken by chaos which eventually led back to order but that
took over 500,000 of their years to reestablish.
That is why it’s important for us to communicate in this
way because the will of the human psyche is very delicate. There
is a limit to my powers that is why I am not allowed to be
worshiped and I neither choose to be worshiped as well. One
should be mindful that; if any being requests the need to be
worshiped, one should maintain proper distance from this
animal. In truth, not even Shedah or Sladozu our Chief
Bernapree would request such a thing. For it is not needed,
wanted nor desired.
But I will say that those who have invaded Pigojia are
causing her pain and we of the Council of Anteeop are working
to alleviate this discomfort before it gets beyond our influence,
we have orchestrated a path that will lead you to order, however,
one must be strong and capable of following the commands that
I have put forth.
You and others of your kind have been given the ability to
inner-stand the natural order of spatial geo-matrix as a means of
protecting our sacred order. I have given you all that I could at
this moment and thus our sacred order shall forever remain in
balance, embrace your inner-standing of the spatial art of Octicle
mathematics for it serves as a key to the vastness of human

The Demon Seeds of Evil
and the
Curse of the Multi Generational
Genetic Infection
Ra-el, we are not going to prolong this project beyond the
threshold of necessity; however, this truth must be said. During
the invasion of Rozika, the Rozikans and the peoples of other
civilization have been infected by a destructive gene that corrupts
the mind, body and genetic structure of the host. We understand
that not all Rozikans where infected and some have managed to
survive the attack on Rozika.
This infection, brought forth by the monsters who
invaded our world, transformed large populations of Rozikans
into mindless infectious monsters. As we observed the life span
of these infectious monsters. We noticed that, with time, the
diseased cells of infected Rozikans regressed, partially, changing
their DNA back to its previous state. The spiked hairs and horns
had receded; it is our guess that the infection had thus been
purged through generational displacement. For a while, after the
blast brought forth by the meggaston device, the killing and
destruction of our world and its people progressed; causing vast
numbers of uninfected Rozikans to flee to other parts of Pigojia,
some disappeared underground while other’s hid within the great
The infected Rozikans, after regressing back to their
somewhat original state, maintained a desire to maim murder
and, in some cases eat, other Rozikan type humanoids. For the
first five thousand years there had been a steady avoidance of
these Infectious Rozikans, however the population of uninfected
Jerry McLeaurin
Rozikans grew tremendously and thus had to acquire territories
to support the growth and rebirth of our people.
As we ventured back into our more civilized state we
realized that we had lost most of our Scholar Priest, our
Facilitators, and there were no signs of any Priests or Temple
Priests, there were rumors speculating that most of the Scholar
Priest were either captured or destroyed. There are some
remnants of our great nation scattered here and there but they
are living in strict isolation and refuse to reconnect with the lost
and scattered.
As our people made attempts to regain our nation state,
we continued to rebuild from the fragments we could
understand, that was until we ran across some infected Rozikans.
These Rozikans were mad with rage, unlike the stories we have
heard about the alien monsters, although their conscious
awareness seemed logical their ability to inner-stand their illness
eluded them progressing that diseased gene. These Rozikans
displayed a continuous aggravated state of emotion. Sadly we had
to reject them and label them as infectious outcast. Our now
primitive science knew nothing that would suggest a cure, so in
order to protect our community we hunted them and burned
them alive. This was not something we wanted to do and to
avoid further acts of violence we created a Law restricting any
interactions with them until a cure was found.
If we were to compare the infected Rozikans with the
uninfected Rozikans the difference would be found within their
facial features which, in respect to the infected, have changed
dramatically, although the monstrous features of the infected
have receded, the sores and scars still remained. Some of the
infected Rozikans still had black teeth, red eyes and sores. These
The Lost Memories of Rozika
sores would grow and explode throughout the duration of their
lives. We inner-stand that the matrix of this infectious gene has
spread genetically from one generation to another, there has been
reports of children born with these strange sores but their eyes
where no longer red which would explain the regression.
From the time of the infection, there have been rapes and
pregnancies between the infected and uninfected Rozikans,
which has led to wars and famine. Those who have been the
offspring of the infected Rozikans displayed a sense of
uncontrollable anger and something we have never experienced
within our culture, Hatred. This hatred has spawned from our
refusal to interact with the infected Rozikan offspring and our
history of hunting and murdering them. Those who have had
memories of the event have cautioned us against such an activity;
though we felt we had no choice for it was believed the infected
had become agents of our invaders.
Of those who survived the cataclysm, uninfected and
competently sane; we have had to merge into secret groups called
the watchers, and since the event, we had to reframe from
pronouncing ourselves to a world, we no longer trust. After time
those who were the infected gave birth to offspring some of
whom managed to suppress the demon seed and walk amongst
us, these children were beautiful, their hair and eyes were
different from ours. Their eyes were still a reddish color like a
reddish brown and their hair was a strange sight to look at. Some
of the children were of a different shade of skin, a complexion
never seen in these parts of Pigojia.
There have been stories of a band of people who seem
bewildered and thus animal like. From the stories of our priest,
one could guess that there is a connection between the children
Jerry McLeaurin
of the Infected Rozikans and these wondering animals. Those
who reside within our clan have been warned not to interact with
them and to just let them be.
We have managed to avoid being detected by groups of
wondering Rozikans; however, a few of us, who were chosen,
became chiefs beyond our will because we possessed the gift of
understanding ancient picture writing, which gave rise to the
reestablishment of our agriculture and government, but do to the
wars we have had with the infected Rozikans, we soon had to
leave the region of our ancestors in order to save our agenda,
which was to survive. We have not seen any of the crafts that
invaded our world in the past but we know that they still exist;
we can see the scars they have left behind through their secret
campaigns. We have also observed the primitive ways of the
infected Rozikans, while avoiding their presence. We were told to
maintain a watchful eye over their growth and development and
by all means remain invisible.
Every now and then we are approached by a sacred
member of the Council and given instructions, but they totally
refuse to exist with us, they say that we are in the midst of a
secret war between ourselves, some alien species from Serian;
who are said to have and odd desire for human blood, the
infected, and a new species of man and that they shall remain
watchers, devoid of land, property and communal relationships
until that special day arrives and they are resurrected in our
They say that there shall be a time when the watchers will
reclaim their state but the war must be won and until then they
shall remain in the shadows hidden as nomads and advisors to
shaman, witches, vagabonds and doctors. They say that in time
The Lost Memories of Rozika
the demon seed will be purged from our collective and the
Rozikan people shall once again be the rulers of their fate and
sense of direction. I’m sorry but I can speak no further on this
topic for fear of premature exposure for only time will be the
sword of our patience…The Riddle of Oex Funude.
Other developments, with respect to the infected, have
came in the form of fair skinned humanoids, they too were
rejected as well for they are said to be the children of our enemy
and are not to be trusted, our story tellers have spoke extensively
about the development of this seed of human and that if we
procreate with it the cycle of contamination will repeat itself.
This particular seed of being feeds off the life blood of humans
and loves to hide in dark places, it’s said that these beings are at
war with the infected or vice versa. Most people relate this war
with the so called war between Vampires and Wolf People, Slave
and Masters.
In reflection of history the devils creations always turn to
consume their masters just as the devils creations are consumed
by their victims. Nothing escapes the laws of Karma just as
nothing escapes the wrath of spiritual law and all will be held
accountable for what they do so be mindful of the shoes you step
In order for there to be peace the infected Rozikan must
be cleansed of this evil seed. First of all there must be an
acceptance of this gene before there can be a reacceptance back
in to our culture and they must inner-stand the necessity of this
transition. If they refuse to clean themselves, then they accept the
face in which they live. It has been said that we cannot force
them to return home, they have to return of their own free will
and taste the bitter sweet nectar of grace, the illusive Pherawine.
Jerry McLeaurin
As with all great civilizations of our past, a great lesson has
been passed down from one generation to the next; however, it is
our generation that has been handed the responsibility of
addressing this situation. As Americans by choice, chance or
force, we have been blinded by the victors of history, to believe
in this constitution of hate, hopelessness and despair. Our
generation walks blindfolded to the reflections of ourselves,
living in doubt of our inner strengths, our aesthetic concepts of
beauty and our mathematical resolve.
This generation is not just the generation of the so called
black nation or Nubians, as some would call, but a generation of
free thinkers bounded by institutionalized rhetoric and a secretive
propaganda that hides the truth and enslaves the young. This
ancient entity wants to infect our world with chaos in order to
resurrect its agenda. We have seen wars, famine and the attempt
annihilation of a sacred people oblivious to their once great and
prosperous heritage.
Today these people live in constant fear for their well
being and the well being of their children, who have been led
down a destructive road by the mass media Empire. These
people have endured poverty at the hands of a ruthless
government with a secret agenda, but what is this secret agenda
anyway? Why are there, layers of blind hatred of peoples who
exist as a different kind and why is there this covert notion that
America has to constantly lie about the things we are not
supposed to have any knowledge of?
These are the questions that have a few vague answers that
come in the form of conspiracy theories, that of which the media
does its best to discredit. There is a belief that one day this entity
The Lost Memories of Rozika
will meet its match, and it will no longer be able to hide deep
within the bowels of these secret societies, that of which it
created. For it is known that this entity wants to reestablish its
ability to travel to other worlds, while maintaining its grip on the
world we live in today. The funny thing is, on the surface, its
science is a bit backwards and full of holes and that which it
knows as the truth, beneath its surface, it’s secretly hiding from
the Scholarly public.
As a matter of fact this entity wears a cloak and pretends
to be a divine figure as a means of controlling its puppet species
for the prospect of serving its will. The truth of the matter is, we
are not just dealing with one entity of divine frauds but a species
of fraudulent entities who have managed to survive here on this
planet for many thousands of years, and it could be assumed that
this species is incapable of reproducing on a grand scale.
These beings are the puppet masters of the so called
chosen people; however, these entities are not of a superior
intellect although their wits make them cunning and predator like
as a species resembling the lower life forms of reptiles. Their
superiority is at best an illusion to the masses still asleep from the
initial blast which caused a generational state of amnesia that of
which is slowly withering away.
As we observe our conscious selves of today, we are
reckless in our dealings with this illusive entity, those of which;
are the same invaders of our past. It is my hope that the lessons
taught within this saga are inner-stood by the lay reader.
Unfortunately, it is my inner standing that this message will go
unchallenged. For we are still the same humble peoples of Rozika
and as a separated folk, we are both Afon and Serido of the 21st
century, the difference between us lays in our compliance to the
Jerry McLeaurin
laws which, in on itself, has an alien presence and therefore an
intrinsic agenda all its own.
As earlier stated, Earth is in fact a jewel of the Stars as well
as our sacred mother and we are allowing these beings to do with
her whichever way they feel, and as reckless as they are, we may
again be faced with a more fiendish and unstoppable foe from
another world. Their use of technology will draw the attention of
creatures that are much bigger and crueler then they themselves
are. Funny thing is they may already know about these beings or
even perhaps been at war with them at some time but are hiding
this information from us. You could say that this is just
speculation and if we took a closer look at the developments of
this reality we may see it from a different perspective. We must
ask ourselves, why are we here and why are we in this state of
We must ask ourselves; where did this race of beings come
from and what is their agenda? Most of us claim we understand
the truth through the history books we studied while in college
doing research but how reliable is that information. Some
philosophical groups believe that these beings are a creation
brought forth by our ancient scientist. It has gotten to a point
where most of what we believed is true about this reality could
easily be challenged, even the concept of European dominance
has its weak points with respect to the physical truth.
We know that we have been lied to about the history of
this world because for time and time again they have denied our
people the right to the self education necessary to see beyond
their so called truths. They would have us believe that those who
had the knowledge to refute them are all dead and gone therefore
we must rely on their truths to set us free but there is a hole that
The Lost Memories of Rozika
passes through the very fabric of this truth that they present to us
and our children.
Just think about what our “captors” say is true, with
respect to the Moon landings, photos of the Earth and the
composition of space; can we actually say that what is projected
at us is completely fact? Or do these concepts like Pangea,
Darwinism and Christianity, which all have a sinister reality
hidden in front of our eyes, represent a secret agenda unkown to
the masses still asleep? And what if there really is an alien species
governing this world and orchestrating wars between the native
peoples of this world and in their plans is the total annihilation of
all folks who are originally from this planet? Maybe it is
absolutely true that they created the European for the prospect
of ruling this planet and their ultimate weapon is religion. That is
why I never advocated the blind hatred of Europeans because
they always seem like puppets to me. In my opinion hating them
is like; hating a particular car because I was hit by one when in
fact it was not the car that hit me it was its driver.
I will leave this theory up to you to interpret but
understand that we live within a secretive government that
intentionally hides the truth from the people and most of us
accept it blindly.
There are those like myself who wish to explore these
realities of space independently; however, it would seem
impossible to investigate these interests without the external
permissions of this “government” and if asked, they will say, no,
in the name of “national security”, and the most challenging of
all questions will be; to whom do we ask and why must we have
to ask in the first place and why is it considered a threat to
national security? It’s like living within a dream world unaware of
Jerry McLeaurin
our conscious dictators controlling our every move while
orchestrating our initial doubt.
Could it be true that space is a restricted domain like area
fifty one and only NASA has access to it? If it is not so, than
there should not be any restrictions on who gets to leave and or
explore the outer arenas of our planet but there is. There is a
movie about a back yard astronaut who builds his own space ship
and the folks at NASA do everything in their power to stop him
from achieving his goal. This Either-verse is a domain of
immense potential that is available for us all to see and witness
for ourselves. Each individual has a divine right to leave this
planet if he or she has the desire and the capability to do so.
Maybe these Entities by whatever name they call themselves have
an inner-standing that if they loss control over the inhabitance of
this world they may be faced with a galactic war that of which
would wreck havoc on their cosmic agendas.
Without our divine right to free access of space, our world
becomes our prison with illusions that keep us at bay. We all
have the potential to create crafts capable of leaving earth giving
us a somewhat unlimited access to the universe, the moon and all
other planets in our solar system, so why should we be restricted
to earth.
Is it right that only the wealthy corporate elites and NASA
have access to the solar sphere, the Suns and the Universe at
large? In addition, is it true that only the elites of the United
States of America owns the rights to the planet Earth and the
moon, if so then who gave them these rights? How is it possible
for the United States of America to sell land on the moon unless
they owned it?
The Lost Memories of Rozika
This epic journey you are about to embark on, could be
perceived as incomprehensible to the lay reader, who wishes to
remain asleep but I implore you to activate your creative mind to
inner-stand that mathematical work that has been brought before
This summarized version is from a single family’s point of
view, meant to convey the last 88 days of planetary defense
between the Afon and Serido peoples of Rozika and the
unknown invaders of Pigojia. But who were these invaders who
wished to possess our planet, there lays the mystery that
continues till this very day. They say that history is written by the
victors and the mystery lays in the truth behind its savagery.
Therefore it is our quest to inner-stand the mathematics of our
captor for the prospect of examining the origin and nature of this
cosmic evil.
There are some areas of this story that has not yet been
explored because of the time frame in which the information had
to be presented. However, the advanced version is still under
construction. So what I ask of you is to eternalize what is written
and give it some thought, you never know; it may trigger a lost
memory of your own, for it is said that the Rozikans have the
mental power to read beyond the Leaf.
Jerry McLeaurin
The Lost Memories of Rozika
Jerry D. Mcleaurin AKA Ra-el Sangodare is a
graduate of Morgan State University where he majored in
philosophy. He is a passionate writer who has
maintained an interest in the study of sacred
“My father once told me that; Life is a whisper that
echoes to the ends of time as it intercepts the past, the present and
the future existence of the divine soul.”
~ Jerry McLeaurin
Jerry McLeaurin

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